Wing Commander Flat Universe

Hi, I may be missing something but registration seems to be broken on your website. I tried it on Chrome and Edge, get messages saying the email /callsign are already in use (they aren't). I found this was the case regardless of what I enter. Game looks great but I can't create an account to login and play :/

Dear prospective FlatPilot,

Thank you for letting us know and I am sorry for the incovinience! The problem has been resolved, so you may register whenever you feel ready.
Welcome to the Wing Commander universe and to our beautiful community.

The MaslasBros
Good idea Defiance,
Yes we should! How about arranging something in the mid of May? :)
If it is to everyone's convenience.
I could make a post to the Flat Universe site too.

Come on WingNuts show some love:)
The wait is over...

The first Wing Commander Multiplayer Tournament will become a reality only if...

Do you feel the heat?
23/24 June 2018
Let's find out!

The MaslasBros
'Abandoned', not 'forsaken'. I always enjoyed timing it so that the Retro's shipped popped right after he finished talking. Dork that I am used to be, I'd usually then say "Not us, just you."
Some voiceovers in Privateer were re-recorded for the CD version, with slightly different wording. I don't remember if this was one such case, but it could be that you're both remembering the line correctly :).
Hm, is there a problem? I was able to download the launcher, but it's unable to download the actual game it seems...

Hey DelMar,
Welcome aboard.
Yea the message is true since we are preparing some major updates both on server side and client side. In a couple of days, we gonna release the final version of the launcher only which is going to be smaller in size and seriously debugged (No UAC problems, no compatibility bugs on Windows 10, no download loops etc).
You will have to uninstall and reinstall it but that's one of the reasons that we haven't put down the ALPHA flag yet. :)
Keep In Mind, with the release of the new launcher aka FULG you will, at first, be able to download the previous multiplayer version of Flat Universe and during the weeks that will follow the launcher will upgrade you to the tournament release.

And since you opened this matter a little sooner, I am allowed to reveal some of the new features that the upcoming version of Flat Universe will contain:
  • Two new light fighters to fly with given by DefianceIndustries. The Banshee and the Talon (the Retro version) with LOD, damage effects and custom cockpits as always.
  • The leech guns. With the introduction of the Banshee the Leech guns are also going to be available. Enjoy disabling your opponents and then take your time with them.
  • G-effects. Yup your pilot will fadeout on persistent hi G maneuvers.
  • Updated graphics engine with marvelous new explosions and damage effects.
  • Better calibrated Quality Selector that benefits the performance of the game on boxes with lower specs and capabilities. However, from now and on Windows XP will not be supported any more guys, we are really sorry for that.
This is just a taste of what is about to come. So stay tuned with this forum and Enlist Now!
As always, thanks for the support and understanding.

the MaslasBros
Training will have to wait then... ;)

The training will have to wait no more delMar...
Go to the download section of Daedalus Station and grab a copy of the new FULG.


Uninstall the previous version and install the current. Up on launch, it will ask you to download two updates. After that, you are ready to play the old multiplayer version of Flat Universe. For the time being of course.;)


Let me point some of the basic bug fixes that have been made.
  • It is tested to install and work correctly on Windows 10 with UAC raised.
  • The Launch button activates only when all the patches are fuly installed.
  • The news slider updates correctly without caching old rss news.
  • FlatUniverse will Launch after the FULG is closed no matter what.
Everything of the above have been tested on Windows, Linux and Mac. Make your choice!
I will come back with more tasty news on the later days regarding the upcoming Tournament version.

Until then,

Have fun!:)

the MaslasBros
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Dear WingNuts,

2 Days are left before we load our fighters with dangerous arsenal and start to hit each other with guns and missiles. What you already know is the date of the event (23rd/24th of June) what you don't, however, is the hour. We are really sorry for not being able to determine the exact time sooner but we had to collect enough data from the Enlisted FlatPilots to make the best possible decision for every time zone out there.
So let me enlighten you:

Red Flag 2678 starts at 16:00 UTC


Those of you who haven't had the chance or the appetite to enlist to the event and you've changed your mind, you can still subscribe on until this Friday (22nd of June). If not you are still welcome to come around with your friends and say hi on our discord channel, chat with other FlatPilots or play against your friends with the latest features that FlatUniverse will introduce to you on the upcoming version.
Of course, you could always watch the Tournament matches as a spectator.

Furthermore, we are now in the position to announce some more of the upcoming features of the Tournament version of Flat Universe.
  • For those who will participate on the event, brace yourselves for the following type of games:
    • 1 vs 1. Flying both pilots the same ship.
    • Faction 1 vs 1 (Kilrathi vs Confed). The available vs ship pairs will be announced by the FlatUniverse staff at the time of the match.
    • team vs team. Flying both teams the same ship.
    • Faction team vs team (Kilrathi vs Confed). The available vs ship pairs will be announced by the FlatUniverse staff at the time of the match.
    • Crazy Challenges, like catch the fool with the Broadsword etc.
  • Spectator mode. As I mentioned before you will have the opportunity to watch every match you desire on the front row as a spectator.
  • Public chat will give a stop to loneliness. If you don't have anyone to play Flat Universe against, pass by and make some friends or foes.
  • Daedalus station is coming back to life again with interactive animated menus, rooms and consoles.
  • Minefields,

  • Asteroid fields,

  • and last but not least AI GUN Turrets.
We are very excited for this event and we are eager to burn to pieces some familiar faces out there this weekend.:cool:


Meet you inside our reticles,

the MaslasBros
Dear WingNuts,

After several days of coding and a lot more of debugging we come to the position to postpone the event for next week (30/06/2018). :mad:
Although, we made credible efforts to package FlatUniverse, until this very moment the version suffers from instabilities and bugs that makes it just impossible to deliver on time of the event.
We are Really, Really and of course Really sorry for the setback and we are open to change the date if next week is not good enough for the majority of you.:(

Thank you again for the understanding,

the MaslasBros