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Dear Wingnuts,

first, I'd like to introduce my self. I am Maslas I am permanent citizen of Greece(with all the pros and cons that this fact concludes), me and my family are running a small company witch provides IT and Network solutions here in Greece and I grew up waiting from Santa the upcoming Wing Commander game.​
Although I became a member of this forum in 2005(because of standoffs kill board), I've been following "wcnews" very closely since 1999. However, I have never shown any activity on the forums because I am not a chatting kind of guy (never was).​
What I'd like to announce is that on some spare time that I am stealing from my everyday life (work, family, etc...), I have started to build a game that the main idea is to recreate Wing Commander I (for start) as a 2D Top Down shoot em up game (I loved ASCII sector) but with sprites, animations, opengl particles etc.​
When hopefully this project is finished, it must fulfil the following goals:​
a. Exact recreation of the Wing Commander I. Same ships, guns, missions, characters, story, dialogues, music even colours.​
b. Top down 2D gameplay, with animations, physics, lights, particles.​
c. Multiplatform support. Windows, Linux and Debians and Mac OS (mobile phones and pads will be considered in the future).​
d. Multiplayer support and 2 Player support on the same PC. With VS mode on the Simulator and cooperative mode on the main Campaign.​
What I request is the help of any fellow wingnut who is willing to help and provide me with high detailed sprites of space ships for start and general help with graphics on the interior of Tiger's Claw.​
Any new, crazy or old fashioned idea is accepted and anyone who is willing to help with my request about graphics can contact me through this forum or email me to provide him or her with more details.​
I am very thankful that there was some interest for my project by the wingnuts although my post was full of promises without any proof (screenshots, webpage etc.) from my part.​
However, the project is alive, moves forward with small but stable steps if you consider that we are working for it only the two of us (me and my brother) . Still there is a long road until we reach our destination.​
Soon we will upload a few screenshots, from the early stage of the project, showing off a bit of the game engine flying model.
Considering the two links that you have posted for me. First of all thank you very much for the feedback. Second, I have already downloaded the sprites and already implemented them but for experimental reasons only because of the following two reasons:

a. low resolution the game will be based on HD graphics​
b. not enough frames per object in order make nice moving animations​
The best choices for 3D space ship models, with respect to any fellow wingnut 3d modeler, are those of Howard Days and Klavs. What we actually do, with the 3D models, is to create a 12x12 grid with sprite images.​
To close up, as I promised soon I will feed you with screenshots and additional information about our progress.

And remember that any help and opinion is happily accepted.​
I've always enjoyed top-down shooters, since the days of 1942 on the old Nintendo. Looking forward to see how this turns out!
Captains log supplemental...

Project: Wing Commander Flat Universe
A.K.A. : FlatCommander
Topic : Update on development of the project.

- Works on the "Destiny Shipyard" seems to go well on this weeks schedule. General Kyrgiannis is supervising the progress of the development by himself and of course he is the expecting the best of the team, as always.
He, personally, ordered me to congratulate Elend for lending us his vector logos and Howard Day for uploading pictures of his models to the WCIC database. Both of them played a key role for the creation of the following sneak pics of our work in progress.


- As of yesterday, the engineering re ported that the projects flying model is at 90% complete with a few glitches on the fly by wire system (animation).
-The electronics comes up with some very promising news. They report that the initial design of the cockpits (Yes, every ship will have different HUD giving the feeling of WC I) is 100% complete and soon they will start working on their implementation with the rest of the flying model.


- Cartography together with electronics is doing very interesting steps in the implementation of the latest charts from Vega Sector on to the navigation systems of the flying model.


- HQ has a special interest in the blue prints of Howard Days ships in order to help out the progress of the engineering department (we love his work on the WCI & II era ships and we would like to know how we could be provided, if we are permitted, with his 3d models except the hornet and dralthi which are all ready uploaded on WC CIC site).

- Finally...
[Voice from speakers: "Red Alert... Red Alert...This is not a drill..."]
I don't check the forums nearly as often as I ought to.. but this is absolutely stellar... keep it up, and I am very excited to see how it turns out! :D
I definitely like the visuals here, especially your "parody" of the original Wing Commander box art. I, too, enjoyed ASCII sector and think that a game like you propose would be fun to play.
Dear WingNuts,

yesterday my brother "Kyrgiannis" introduced himself to this forum by uploading the first teaser trailer of WCFU. I hope that everyone likes these first scenes and I am pretty sure that each of you might want to know more about the progress of this project. Believe us when we say: "There is more to come!".
For start, I announce you that soon enough a WCFU webpage will be online with more screens, videos and off course information about this project.
Meanwhile, we would like to ask the webmaster, a favour. Is it possible to move or change the name of this thread to "WC Flat Universe"?
Everyone have fun and wings high.

For start, I announce you that soon enough a WCFU webpage will be online with more screens, videos and off course information about this project.
Meanwhile, we would like to ask the webmaster, a favour. Is it possible to move or change the name of this thread to "WC Flat Universe"?

Looks great, looking forward to the next update! Thread has been renamed. You might also look into hosting for the project if you don't already have a site.
Dear WingNuts,

we (MaslasBros) are pleased to announce you that Daedalus Center Information Service is online.
Every wingnut with proper authorization codes (that is everyone) may use this service by visiting the following address:
To close up, we'd like to thank WC CIC for all their effort and support in order for this page to become a reality.

AND NEVER forget to visit this site, if you want to catch up with WC Flat Universe PROGRESS!

see you at CIC Birthday and Wings High!