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I recently saw some photos of a an AH-64 Apache that Boeing, much to their shame (sorry, Chris!) sent to a defence industries show in Poland, and it had all kinds of gunk like that. Not sure what Boeing was thinking, sending a piece of junk like that at a time when the Polish government is talking about buying new combat helicopters, but that's not at all relevant to this discussion :).

That's too bad! The ideal air show piece is one at the end of production, just before delivery to the customer. However, sometimes, it's more practical to arrange for an in-service unit to be the representative vehicle. And then you're at the mercy of whatever that particular military outfit ends up bringing...
This the first official screenshots from the Daedalus Station's refited CIC.
Have fun!

Eisen: Let's get down to business, shall we?


Blair: Yes, Sir.

A great start, especially the way you have so many different data displayed on the monitors... but I hope you don't take it the wrong way if I say it still needs a lot of work. It's extremely sterile - you've got rows of identical chairs and identical desks with identical (and rather subtle) wear-marks, and then the rest of the room seems to have no wear, dirt, anything at all. Think about WC1's infamous drip-bucket - everywhere you looked in WC1, you could see that this was a ship that had seen plenty of use, and had plenty of character. It just felt inhabited. Looking at these images, even if you had people sitting in all those chairs, I don't think I could believe that there are real people involved here.
but I hope you don't take it the wrong way if I say it still needs a lot of work.

Oh we don't mind at all. After all that is the reason we post these screenshots, to get feedback from you guys.

You are right it looks a little sterile and so we will introduce some more variation, weathering and dirt to the place.

However keep in mind that Daedalus is no Tiger's Claw. It is a base which has seen no action during the war, it is extremely well funded (as a space flight research center), run by bureaucrats and now in peace time it has just received another refit. In other words it's a place were people like Paulsen used to hang out! That is why the inspiration for the room came from Lexington's CIC, which also seemed pretty sterile compared to Victory's CIC.



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I like the new CIC! Good work!

I do think it needs a more "lived in" look to it. Coffee mugs, papers/tablets, a Mr. Kat (or a Maniac) bobblehead, stuff that makes it look like people work there. I'd also add a bit more "retro tech" panels to the CIC. The Lexington CIC has a bunch of old mixing boards and the like shoved into panels, the Daedalus CIC is all touchscreen, I think it needs some more physical controls, even as backups to stay in keeping with the universe.

On an artistic note I think the grid lines on the star maps in the first image are too bright, they wash out the colors beneath them and it makes it difficult to see the map underneath, also might vary the maps a bit since they appear identical. ( I know it's a total nitpick) :) But the brightness of the maplines draws the eye to the maps at the far side of the room, I would dim it down so the player focuses on the mission table in the center of the room.

Oh, and don't think I didn't notice the LCARS display on the side of the map table :D
Thanks Defiance

Coffee mugs, papers/tablets, a Mr. Kat (or a Maniac) bobblehead, stuff that makes it look like people work there

All these are dynamic assets which will be added at a later time. The ones shown here are the static ones. Except from the chairs that swivel all other objects are immovable.

I'd also add a bit more "retro tech" panels to the CIC

Another thing added to the todo list along with Quarto's suggestions...

On an artistic note I think the grid lines on the star maps in the first image are too bright

The images on the wall displays and on the map table are just placeholders. These displays are dynamic and will display stuff relative to the current mission/status etc.

Oh, and don't think I didn't notice the LCARS display on the side of the map table

LCARS? What LCARS?:rolleyes:

P.S. We usually leave subtle references to other real or imaginary space related objects, characters etc. Keep your eyes open ;)
Zero: Behold; the briefing room. Take a look around you Casey my man! Billions of Confed credits at work.




For this week we have something special to show off. This is the place that you, guys, are going to get your mission objectives.
Hope you like it. :)
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McAuliffe System - TCS Tiger's Claw - Briefing Room
Peter Halcyon: Just fly to the Nav Points, and make sure they're clear. Long-range scanners indicate some sort of debris near Nav 3. We have reason to believe this might be a Kilrathi mine field so be especially careful in that area.


Although it is a very rare phenomenon, if only impossible, to reach a Nav point that is populated with both Confederation and Kilrathi minefields, we have prepared one for you so that you should have a better knowledge on what you should definitely avoid when you see it on your way.
As a rule of thumb you should always know: "It is red with polygonal outline...Be Careful!"
Ejection sequences always used to be some of my favourite moments in the Wing Commander series, especially the one on WC1, although I was always trying to avoid them in campaign. This moment or better say option will be included into the world of Flat Universe. The following screenshot was taken during our development tests. In other words this is what you are about to experience after managing to eject before your ship goes into pieces.


Tip: Ejections will play their strategic role in the multiplayer part of the game, too!
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The stalker, suddenly extended the claws of his foremost paws and finished off his prey, using his fangs, with a deadly bite.


Up left: Paw DF (Dumb Fire), down left: Claw IR (Image Recognition), down right: Fang FF (Friend or Foe), up right: Stalker HS (Heat Seaker).


The menu for this week is based on Kilrathi appetite. The previous screenshots are showing the four missile types that you people could choose to use so that you can take out your prey.
The missile modeling was based on a concept that my brother found inside the WC: Kilrathi Saga Calendar that was included in the box.


Enjoy these images...
and a word of advice for you apes.

Watch your tail! :eek:
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A few weeks ago we introduced the confederation torpedoes that will be available in the world of Flatuniverse. Today we come up with the Kilrathi equivalents.


Tip: plans for the skipper torpedo are under way.

Hope you like them.
Have Fun! :)
Hey guys we know that we didn't show up for a whole week but please check out the following stuff that we have prepared for you and you will understand.

This is what your screens will show when you will actually play Flat Universe :)







This week we have reached a major milestone for FlatUniverse. Multiplayer is a reality!
For the past months we are in a very tight schedule so that we could actually make part of our deal to become true. Our first fight had to be Hornet vs Dralthi and it is dedicated to the love from first sight.
Wing Commander I !

Hopefully, in the near future, you will get your hands dirty on these birds, too.:cool:
We really are very exited!
Catch up later Wingnuts.

the MaslasBros
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Today we got back to our usual habit. The screenshot of the week.

Starting from left to the right. Dart Dumb Fire, Javelin HS, Spiculum Image Recognition, Doru Leech, Pilum Friend or Foe

As you can see these are the available missiles that you people are going to choose from when you will fly with the Confederation and the Border Worlds Militia warbirds. As a matter of fact the last days my screens are full of missiles since our development schedule instructs that we should implement the missile logic of FlatUniverse into the multiplayer mode which is, I must admit, a chapter of its own.

Oh man, that looks verrrry nice!

Did I mention before Border Worlds militia warbirds? Hey, Defiance. Guess, who's next to the party?
I am so excited seeing this project taking shape and getting better and better!

Keep up the great work!

And thanks for the updates!
I am so excited seeing this project taking shape and getting better and better!

Keep up the great work!

And thanks for the updates!

Thank you for all the kind words that you've been saying during the time of our development. The project is getting better and together with it we are getting better too.
Three years before, it started with a few pages of code and a bunch of sprites and today it is estimated that it contains more than 50Gbs of raw material and 35 thousand lines of code.
As I might have stated before, we do have experience in project management. Due to my opinion most fan projects out there are suffering from the same problem. They are starting with all the love and passion that is only needed at first. Unfortunately, they take too long to progress for various reasons and they start to mutate into a routine or worse into a full time job without the benefits of a full time job.
For the past years, however, we have witnessed the difference on this community. Many great wing commander fan projects have actually reached their goal.
My guess?

This community can make miracles.

Thanks for the support guys!
Meanwhile, on a remote Conferderation nuclear test centre.
Operation "Armageddon" is a GO!


Left: An Excalibur heavy fighter fires a light Mace nuclear missile, Right: A Morningstar heavy fighter fires a Mace nuclear missile.

Our development is on the final stage of multiplayer missile firing. After countless missile tests and arguing we have reached the desired result. Therefore, we give you a "Warning: No children allowed!" screen-shot showing off the two mace choices that you will have inside Flat Universe.

tip: Be especially careful with the use of those two. Nuclear weapons are not toys!:cool:
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Happy new year to every single Wingnut out there!

It's not unusual for myself to share with you thoughts that sometimes are bugging me. I know that this thread is all about FlatUniverse and that most of you are waiting to hear news of our progress but this week is going to be a bit different.
Today, while I was driving my way to work I got myself stuck into a traffic jam. It was a sunny day and I had my window open. The perfect timing that a teenager needs to throw a leaflet inside your car and disappear in an instant. It was striking that this time, instead of a teenager, a middle aged man dressed in his blue navy uniform knocked my window.
He smiled and gave me the following piece of paper.


Fifteen minutes later and half a kilometer away from my previous position I was shocked to see that a huge feline bipedal creature, without muck talking threw to me another leaflet that it looked like this.


After that shock I've learned my lesson and closed the window for the rest of my trip.:confused:

The closed multiplayer alpha test of FlatUniverse is going to be a reality.
If anyone of you guys, is interested in participating please feel free to contact with us. To accept your application we are going to need from you a user name, a valid email address, your time zone and an estimation of the days and the time that you will be available to play FlatUniverse. When you'll collect what's needed please send them to the following address:

I must warn you that the positions will be limited to the needs of the alpha testing, therefore forgive us if anyone of you won't be accepted for the time being. We will reply to your applications with more detailed information regarding the tests and a complete time schedule.

See you inside the cockpit.:)

the MaslasBros
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