WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

From: Union of Border Worlds Office of Naval Intelligence
To: All Militia Captains

  • Vesuvius

Tactical Analysis:
  • Yup, we're screwed.


Well, I just lived the bad end of Wing Commander III in that multi. Got my Confed ass kicked by the Cats. XD
OTOH, those Tallahassee are selling themselves hard against the Cats:


I'll post within the hour a balance update to fix some stuff making the Kilrathi unecessarly OP... Confed fighters will be slightly buffed and Darket/Dralthi nerfed because they were spammed waaaaaay too easily. Fixed an issue with Paktahn balancing in the new bomber system and I'm live-testing a code that should make missiles priority targets for capships.

Edit: done, the code works just as required, and all Confed/Kilrathi warships will disregard all targets to fire at enemy missiles and torpedoes with their laser, missile and tachyon turrets while AMG batteries will keep firing on other targets. To compensate, the accuracy of anti-missile fire has been reduced to 20%.
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On a roll now! Man, I have to brush up on my spacial awareness, I've always found HW a bit challenging.
Good luck, then!

As for the work on the mod, I'm getting progress on the AI but there's still some compatibility problems with the fuel system.
looks really good darker... and a Smart Kil always has a bit of fear of Sivar ;)

good .... GOOOOD :D lol Who's fearing gods now?

seriously tho really cool shit man!
As indicated, the missile swarm of doom has been a tad nerfed today. In addition, I just uploaded a basic AI for the Confed, Border Worlders and Kilrathi. The Black Lance are still not behaving as planned. Also, I reduced the collision sphere for the Confederation HQ to limit the issues with collectors and stuff around it.
Question for you, people: I've just had a chat with another dev and that made me realized there could be a pretty nifty speciality we could give to the Border Worlds. Right now, we have the Confed and Cats who are two different kind of steamrollers, the Black Lance will need some more units but are planned to be cloak and dagger masters, with some very, very nasty tricks being planned. But for our favourite underdogs, I was just thinking of capture tricks and stuff until something that might be more interesting, so tell me if you think that could fit the canon:

Border Worlds starships being able to entirely customize their weapon load.

All turrets have to be built as each ship starts with a standard turret load but you could sell them and build (for a price, of course) almost anything you want. You want your cruiser to be loaded with torpedo launchers for massive broadsides? Doable. You want to replace all base lasers with flak turrets? Or maybe missile launchers for massive area defence capabilities? A BW player in multi would be nigh-unpredictable. I don't think I would be able to make an AI that could use this to the full range of capabilities, but that problem would be partially solved by a decent standard load.

IMO, it would fit pretty well the theme of the UBW and could make everyone else way of them in MP.

Edit: here is an example of one of the new turrets that could be added.



The size of the turret would probably be bigger in a final version.



Here, this carrier would be for example capable of firing heavy torpedoes on close range and long range interceptor missiles to defend itself and its fleet against Kilrathi cruise missiles.


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That's the idea. Less dedicated ships but multipurpose ones. A cruiser with a lot of VLS batteries (I made a subsystem with 36 vertical tubes too) could for example be a long-ranged missile defence support ship no-selling a Kilrathi raiding party's long-range missiles in a way no other ship in the game could hope to achieve. It opens the path for a decent number of strategies.