WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

Here are my few suggestions (all come after Wing Commander, obviously):

"View From a Bridge"
"Early Promotion"
"Ships of the Line"
"All Ahead Flank"

Congratulations on all you have achieved!
Hey I like the titles and MY BETA IS HERE NOW YAY! This one is definintly my vote for Wing Commander Mod of the year.

Title Idea: Wing Commander: Knights
Not cool! My HW2 must be screwed up, but the pre-beta for me doesn't work. I followed it step by step, but all I get is the same HW2 game that I bought! Any suggestions on what might be going on?
I like Fleet Commander, but maybe call it Fleet Commander: The Border Worlds.

Or something more original than Border Worlds, but I think having subname would be a good idea to distinguish between this and any other eras you or others would like to do.

laugh out loud Dundradal

(what is up with the abbr for laugh out loud?)
I can't get it to work either. The only thing I can think of on my/our end would be a version problem. I'm using 1.1.
sorry, but I cant get it to run or im missing something

i downloaded the file, put it in bin/release and opened it the clicked launch

wheni get to homeworld menu then and choose either singleplayer or multiplayer, normal ship models load
there have been 21 downloads and only 4 complaints of it not working. is it working for anyone or is it not working at all? btw i forgot to mention that hw2 has to be patched upto 1.1 for it to work. can i get a rough idea if the launcher worked for anyone?
the foreign error is because the file is not in the right directory:

place it in $:\homeworld2\bin\release\
it shld be inside the release folder. if your default install is c:\sierra\homeworld2 then the file shld be as follows: c:\sierra\homeworld2\bin\release\wc4.exe
Going to try the filefront version, maybe there is an issue with the one posted on the mainpage. Sucks cuase it will be 20 min before its finished now. I miss my 600k download from the mainpage.