WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

audio ripping has become tiring. play each mission and ripping the audio is easy but when you are looking for a specific dialog by a specific ship then its quite difficult. ive had to practically play all missions 5 or more times to get every piece of audio out of every ship present and under all circumstances. example, escort bw troop transports to frigates: played first all the way through to get all audio for escort formations. then played again for damage reports. then played again for damage reports of all shuttles at 50% damage, then played again at 90% damage and then same over for frigate 50% damage and 90% damage. after being made traitor and asked to replay almost six seven times that can be a bit tiring. plus the vindicator doesnt have enough normal missile slots to get all damage reports in one record, and that is a long mission anyways. anyway it was fun too i suppose, or else i wouldnt have done it all though yesterday. managed to extract about ~300 lines of dialog. integrating them is going a bit slow since i have to choose and edit dialog to suit hw2 combat chatter. but its definitely adding to the feel. only a few icons and bw ship tweaks along with research and cost remains. will keep everyone posted.
Sounds like you've been making some good progress given the drawn-out process, Aaron.

I imagine selecting a Durango and having Sosa respond must be pretty cool. :D

ChrisReid said:
So what's going on now? Aaron mentioned you were starting school. What's the reason for no longer being part of the mod team?
Well, it's mostly logistical concerns. I haven't brought my PC with me to my halls in university for various reasons and between not having a dedicated workstation and all my disparate WC materials to hand, not to mention the pressures of an under-graduate degree, I felt that I would no longer be able to contribute efficiently and spend the necessary time on the mod. My university application was rather last-minute too so my planning and involvement should have ideally been smoother.

While I know many people successfully juggle work/school/college/etc with mod development or running a large website amongst many other commitments, I'm frankly not organised enough and didn't want to continue my involvement if I couldn't dedicate a lot of effort into the project.

I've had a great time and already miss not being able to play (um, I mean test :p ) the mod, but as mentioned I have a lot of faith in Aaron's excellent array of development skills and look forward to following the mod's progress. I'm sure it will be a memorable and thrilling Wing Commander experience! :D


Haven't been keeping up with the discussion here, but I am sure you can always open individual IFF files as raw sound data if GAP can't process everything. Just a suggestion, if you are feeling tired of playing the same mission over and over again - apologies if you have already tried this.
How do you go about opening the individual IFF files as RAW sound data in GAP, Wedge?

I can't recall even being able to save/convert any of the non-playable audio files in GAP. I tried TREman, but was only able to extract a single audio file (The Simpsons easter egg) in the TRE file I processed. If you could save any of the non-playable files in GAP or another utility, then it would presumably be a matter of importing the files in RAW format in an audio editor, such as Audacity or Cool Edit?


ok ppl, net will be online later tonight, had to do some re-wiring to enable the broadband at home. anyways to get the engines going here are a few images of what things look like now. the entire ui has been changed to a WC form. only the mouse/cursor graphics remain to be changed. sound conversion is at 70% and bw side is 90% complete. hope you guys like what you see. before anyone asks though, i know this is going to be a common question, hw2 doesnt have different ui for different races like other strategy games. hence i have made the ui out of a fusion of bw and confed elements, i realise it looks predominantly confed but got alot of bw touches as well. also a side note, this ui layout and icons and visual tweaks only work when the game is played at 1280x960, this will have to be replicated for other resolutions of the game.

Great work as usual, Aaron! :D

The new UI looks very slick and you've integrated the WC4 interface and gameflow imagery very well. I hadn't played HW2 before the mod and found the HW2 interface fairly streamlined (the adjustable/hideable panes are useful) and minimal. Did you increase the opacity of the right-side menu, as per the image below?


Is this the UBW Space station equivalent or their Radar facility?


Will missile turrets be available to all factions or remain exclusive to the Border Worlds?


the station is the equivalent of confed starbase, cheaper and smaller. bw is the only side with missile turrets. they work just like those seen during the planet cam and extraction mission :) the build and other menus are largely the same with just a few colour changes and button graphics.
ok everybody im online and working on all cylinders. now the net is no longer an issue for the mod. where's everybody? gone kinda quiet here, i thought those images might cause a bit of a stir after so long. anyways ppl, going to finish off the build tree of bw today and then work on the sound scripts.
Well, I know you have my full attention whenever you post.

Expect more traffic once the WCNews front page updates with your progress! :)
the game has a preset of graphics resolutions, this is independant of your windows resolution. 1280 x 960 will work fine on almost any graphics card today
It looks fantastic. :cool:

I noticed the Dragon in there too. Will we be seeing a Black Lance faction as well? They do have their own base, carrier, and transport as well. The book also mentioned they used other Confed ships as too.

Looks great though. I'll definitely be downloading this when it comes out. :D
Shades2585 said:
It looks fantastic. :cool:

I noticed the Dragon in there too. Will we be seeing a Black Lance faction as well? They do have their own base, carrier, and transport as well. The book also mentioned they used other Confed ships as too.

Looks great though. I'll definitely be downloading this when it comes out. :D
Yes unless I'm seriously mistaken we're going to have a BL faction.