WC:U intro movie

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Cyb, I'm probably not the only one. I download the files, I click on them...my player loads, and...nothing happens.
BradMick said:
the WC2 strakha is the one that was used or was going to be used in Privaeteer.

i'll render it out for you. Its remodeled and has a nice Priv-esque texture. To bad they never used it :(

better PM me the model ;) I would preffer to use wc2 version rather than wc3 ;) So far changed to wc3 version and rendering that small part.
i cant send the model, i can get you renders though. it'll be a bit, sorry for the delay. a little back logged and very late for class. have them for you when i get back.
I can do a half decent wc2 strakha, but I honestly like the wc3 one better... the very angular asymmetric shape reminds me of a F117 which is, afterall, the only stealth fighter we know anything at all about :)
it won't take me long to do up an accurate priv-version of the WC2 Strakha. For a frontier system, if there are strakha at all, i'd imagine them being the older non-frontline versions. No worries, within a day or two there'll be a brand shiny new Strakha model for the project. Also, i've got a new Priv Drayman, just need to finish its textures.

edit: also, it'll be better if we have finalized versions of the art to put in, instead of a continuous stream of placeholders. no fears, this is my project from here on out. i don't have time to put into my other personal projects, and this is kind of one of those 'takes precedent' things anyway. my abilities are better put to use here.
Sweet! This all said, the WC3 strakha stays in (what the hey, we have two versions of the Dralthi, too), I just need to figure out how to make each show up in the proper place... I really ought to do that with everything, so that say, in a backwater Confed sector Confed flies WC1 era stuff and on the frontlines they fly hellcats and thunderbolts.
Cool! I just got done punching in that shuttle, too.

For the record: If you daisy-chain two of them, they make for a great militia "prison bus" which could be used at their dockable unit. *waits for the canon police to take her away on mentioned bus*
you know...if you'd stop doing things which you know will get you 'yelled at' as you like to say, you'd really have no problems....but that would mean you'd have to listen first, which you don't.
Well we were discussing what cap ship (defined in code as : ship with which you can dock) the Militia could reasonably have, in another thread... You or LOAF gotta tell me whether this makes more sense than a drayman or a paradigm or a corvette. (Right now every faction needs at least one capship type or the VS engine complains, mainly by giving you impossible to complete missions)

This said, the WC3 shuttle was going to go in units.csv either way because it makes for a good generic shuttle as an objective for escort missions, so might as well do it today :)

This said, in WCU (not remake) it would be appropriate for the militia to have some kind of capship guarding New Constantinople and New Detroit for the simple reason that we can safely bet that the people who live there can afford to buy a decommissioned capship from confed and mantain it in operation...
Whats wrong with Including the WC3 shuttle? or making variations of them? its a fairly low priority unit, that modding might not be cannon, but its not like some uber death ship. Its the small white box truck of space.

It can be used a civilian unit, cause right now there is a severe lack of civilian units.
Agreed with. Right now it's the default ship for escort missions given by militia (say it's a prisoner transport or something) and border worlds. (confed is drayman)

Uber ships is also why I don't want to put in the Dragon :p
spiritplumber said:
(Right now every faction needs at least one capship type or the VS engine complains, mainly by giving you impossible to complete missions)
Wouldn't it make more sense to fix that rather than to assign factions random capships? I'm pretty sure a handful of the factions mentioned in the WC universe wouldn't ever have capships.

I mean, isn't the whole "design the engine to suit your needs!" thing the motto of you open source people? :p

Just leave these factions with placeholders until someone fixes the mission generator so that it knows which factions have no capships.
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