WC:U intro movie

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Master of Orion
Well, i've started working on a short intro movie for WC:U. The length and style of it will be similar to my WC2 intro interpritation -> http://www.cyberionsystems.com/data/downloads-movies.htm

Of course other effects and different stuff. But mainly that will be some nice 3D text (did i say some text? heh, well of course that will be "Wing Commander: UNIVERSE") with beatiful effects. I'll post soon some screenies.
that is way sharp man, very good work! very tedious work too, more patience than i've got, heheh.....Layout and me don't get along to well. Keep it up :)
Cyberion, that second intro movie is great.

I'm not a big fan of the wavy transition of the 'universe' text but then again I don't exactly have any other ideas. Perhaps somehow use a ship?
Looks good, althought too slow IMHO. Think of how fast the WC2/WC4/WCP flying logos flew in and out the screen. You should make your animation run twice as fast... 33 secs is long for a flying logo animation.
the confed logo should be nice and clean if you wanna give it some variety, you could color it with the red/white/blue color scheme that was on on tee back of the...i think it was WC4 manual also, shouldn't universe be the final thing displayed? say move Wing Commander up into a corner? But yeah, IMO i think the confed logo should be nice and clean, and it could definately be sped up.
I didn't know that Grikaths had cloaking devices ^^; seems a little bit unbalanced for a heavy fighter, but thanks for telling me!
the WC2 strakha is the one that was used or was going to be used in Privaeteer.

i'll render it out for you. Its remodeled and has a nice Priv-esque texture. To bad they never used it :(
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