The most loathed startfighter ever.

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That would be like watching two retarded kids in a slap fight over a corner of the sandbox.
Haesslich said:
The AIM-54 Phoenix is NOT a cruise missile - cruise missiles are effectively unmanned planes using turbofan engines with really long ranges. The Phoenix is a fast, long-ranged missile originally designed for engaging enemy fighters or bombers at long ranges - the outer air battle, as it were. This was an effective concept back when the missile was designed, for targets such as Soviet bombers, as you could let the radar suite target the enemy for the missiles you launched.

One interesting side note about the Pheonix missile is that it was originally designed for the SR-71 fighter modification (hence its speed mach 5+)and it was also intended to carry a nuclear warhead to destroy large formations of Soviet bombers(hence its large size.) The AIM-54 missile was also the first active homing missile in the US military arsenal and it was the only one for a long time. With the advent of the AMRAAM missile the USAF finally had an active homing misslie. The AIM-7 Sparrow was a semi-active homing missile meaning the plane had to provide the guidance information to the missile by keeping the target painted. I had to learn all about this stuff when i was in the military I worked on the HAWK III missile system.
now that's interesting. It would be a very dangerous thing to keep the target painted... You probably wouldn't be able to fire missiles at other targets. I wouldn't want to be in that position.
Edfilho: yeah, it makes you sorta predictable, but when you remember that unless your at longish range the missile is only flying for a few seconds, and when the Sparrow was designed it was semi-active homing versus IR homing, and semi-active has enough of a range advantage that you could hit your target before they had a chance of shooting at you.
Nothing is worse than the Epee. It has no redeeming value other than it was Terran Confederation. Too slow for a light fighter, crappy particle, and paper thin armor/shields.

Even the hornet had speed over this junkpile. Every other craft has something going for it but not the Epee.
overmortal said:
Amen. But, I'll kill you in your Super Ferret in a regular Ferret. Oldskool style.
Oh you're on. Old school indeed, but if I get a lock (didn't that have heat-seakers?), you're one more ace kill. :D

LeHah said:
I dunno. I think Frosty is worse than the Epee.
ptk said:
Oh you're on. Old school indeed, but if I get a lock (didn't that have heat-seakers?), you're one more ace kill. :D

Neat thing about a Ferret is that it's suited for dancing with missiles. Even your Javelin HS. Of course, you have to get behind me to get a lock, and you'll never see my pipes, unless you've ejected and I'm doing my victory fly-by and waggling my wings.

ptk said:

"Frosty" is how you'd feel floating around in the vacuum once I turned your ship into scrap. :cool:
About the AIM-54. Bad missile. Nice concept...hasn't hit anything yet..

Best thing I've flown: Longbow. Slow, great guns, and 4 torps. All I need to wipe Thrakrath outta space.
I never liked the Rapier for some reason.

Part of it was the weaker guns in WC1. Another was the missile load. I hated all the DF missiles.

I'd rather have kept the Raptor in WC1 or a Sabre/Broadsword in WC2.
Dumbfires in WC1 & 2 would have been much more fun if they'd have been the power monsters that they were in wc3 on up.
overmortal said:
Neat thing about a Ferret is that it's suited for dancing with missiles. etc etc etc
LOL. I'd actually love to do that. Damn shame there is no way to do so. :(
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