The most loathed startfighter ever.

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Did anyone ever notice the "bad luck ships" in Privateer 2? Some ships, like the Freijj Mk 2 and the Faldari were straight up bad luck. Everywhere i flew around in those i would get attacked at almost every nav point, so i had to sell them immediatly.

As for the rest of Wing Commander, the worst flyable ship of all time is probably the Dralthi from Secret Missions 2. Essentially a Scimitar with worse visibility and shielding.
I liked the Dralthi - I think it was because the mass drivers were so close together. It just felt good.
You know what would be a great ship? A Krant with mass drivers. Seriously.

The problem is that the Kilrathi have a dictatorial, centralized, planned economy. So a few autocrats (authokats) decide how to allocate resources, poorly choosing to put to many on the Jalthi, which is your typical bad ship design. Even a Scimitar and the Dralthi mk 2 have mass drivers, so it's not the most expensive weapon ever. But since the Jalthi was a ship for the nobles (and this is from WC1), it gets more resources than it deserves.
I don't recall the Jalthi having mass drivers. IIRC, it's armament was 2 neutron guns and 4 lasers.

But a Krant with mass drivers would have been quite the killer.
Hehe, it isn't such a crazy jump, since it would about the same thing they did with the Dralthi.
The handbook lists a bunch of great Kilrathi ships that we never see and one that looks like it was still in animatic form for the movie (but was discarded). :(
Bandit LOAF said:
It isn't a jump - they talk about it in the Confed Handbook. I'd just like to see it in action. (G)

Wow, cool, I thought you was making that up to prove a point. :)

Yeah, that sounds very cool. :cool:

One question: Where is the Krant's cockpit? In the middle, or on the two "horns" of the ship? Sometimes on the game it looked as if it had 2 cockpits.
Judging from the Claw Marks schematics, and the targeting picture that comes up on the VDU, I'd say the Krant has two cockpits, one at the base of each horn.

True, but if there's only one, that would mean the cockpit is offset. I know it's been done at least once on a British fighter from the 50s, but having an offset cockpit strikes me as adding difficulty to both flight and gunnery. Furthermore, when you target a Krant in WC1, there are a pair of blue ovals at the base of the horns. Judging from the VDU screens of other ships, those blue ovals represent the cockpits.
The Germans had a number of aircraft with offset cockpits in World War II.

Still, even if the Krant has two cockpits (one for a pilot, one for a RIO) it's still going to be flown by someone at an offset position (G)
Bandit LOAF said:
Still, even if the Krant has two cockpits (one for a pilot, one for a RIO) it's still going to be flown by someone at an offset position (G)

Heh heh. An excellent point. :D!
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