RELEASE: Wing Commander II Campaign Demo

Of course. This looks nice. Can you send me perhaps that files? Then we re-editing the rest of the Kilrathi capships. We don't have startet on the Confeds. Only the WC1 Terran and Kilrathi WC1+2 fighters are done.
Its done. The ship every Broadsword pilot wished to destroy...wished...but reality is another one

The beast is getting lose :) 6 AMG, 10 Laserturrets, 2 Capshipmissilelauncher, 150 fighters... need more?? Always in a battlegroup with destroyers, corvettes, carriers and cruisers.
I've also thought about adding more windows without changing every UV map. I don't know much about the Freespace engine, but how about adding a few dozen flat, glowing rectangles all over the ships? As seperate meshes i mean. They'd add net to nothing to the polycount and can be easily placed. It'd be even easier if the engine supports transparency, you could add whole window groups.
Fralthi Windows.jpg
I agree. Looks better when some light added to the snakeir and the other ones. more "life" on the ships :)

PS: I've worked a little bit on the Snakeir turrets. I still used prologue turrets but the kilrathi ones. There is no tripple turret so I used another version:

Here are the Snakeir II Class. Updated with the latest weapons and technics they are a good counterpart for even the Jutland-class carrier. Its 800m long, 2 Anti Mater turrets, 10 Laserturrets, 2 Capshipmissilelauncher and 100 fighters outgunned and overpower a standart Concordia-class carrier.

PS: Update: Dorkir added. But I don't like this gray :( And no chance to add windows in the textures :/
Good to see Freespace actually *does* support coloured specular maps. I wasn't sure if it did, because all the other spec maps i've seen are black and white. Which is a shame, you can create very nice effects just by putting some colour in them.

PS: Update: Dorkir added. But I don't like this gray :( And no chance to add windows in the textures :/

I didn't mean adding lights to the textures, that tends to come out distorted sometimes due to the UV maps. What i meant was *model* a small rectangle, give it a white texture with a white glowmap, and multiply and arrange it all over the ship model, just like the turrets. That should be pretty easy, it doesn't require any UV mapping and the modelling process couldn't be simpler.
Meh, I still don't like that design after so many years. But that's not your fault of course. It looks good (for a Hha'ifra).
Meh, I still don't like that design after so many years. But that's not your fault of course. It looks good (for a Hha'ifra).
Wow, really? I've always thought that was like the awesomest design seen (and at the same time, not seen!) in WC2.
Yeah, I don't know why but I really don't like most of the WC2 designs, especially the Kilrathi capships. Everything that is too round for my taste.
I prefer the WC1 style or WC3 and later.
The Terran WC2 designs are ok, especially the Ferret and Epee, but most of the WC2 fighters I don't like very much either.

On the other side I know that there are quite some people who dislike the angular WC3 design which I think are totally awesome.
Just a matter of taste I guess. :)
What's the Saga artist's policy on reusing/altering their stuff? I know the Standoff people don't want their textures being used, and i don't want to step on anyone's toes.
I've recoloured the Saga Rapier so it has its WC2 colour theme. It isn't really a major edit, just a recolour, but it *is* altering someone else's work, so i'd like to have that cleared up first.


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There's no author in the model comments, does anyone know who to contact for the Ferret, Rapier and Sabre?


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I'm not sure but I think either Klavs or Scooby did them. Limdaepl did some textures IIRC, so one or more of them should have done all those.
I asked him for permission, still waiting for an answer. But he doesn't visit wcnews too often i reckon.
I know you already have all your ships and chose a different style, but if you're interested (and Saga/Scooby allow it) i've also recoloured some of the capships Scooby did.
Although Klav's Concordia is a closer to the original designwise, it seems to lack a visible muzzle for the PTC.


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Dorkathi and Kamekh still need another textures, Ralari is missing, the other ones : done :) The WC1+2 Kilrathi Capships :) The Dukara replace Marine shuttles, Dorkir is used as Tanker and Scout and the Dorkathi is Transport. So in some missions you see in WC2 a Dorkathi the ship is replaced by another transport type :)
The ferret and rapier were taken from the WC archive and optimized. The sabre was more of one of my designs, and since it was released for saga, i'll probably not texture it with my style. The concordia class was based off Klav's design, but since the way he designed it wasn't really compatible with the way I uvmap things I ended up redoing it (was faster that way). I used his as a template and incorperated features from my Jutland class.
I have no Lumbari Model found, but what you think about this?

Dilligent (Drayman with Fuel Pod), Dorkir, Lumbari (Dorkir with Cargo Pod) and a Drayman.