RELEASE: Wing Commander II Campaign Demo

Here a overworking of the Wake to get it Saga ready. Perhaps its in LLoD to or then you see it later in Enigma 2666
In the last pic you see the view like Jason has over the flightdeck. I was not happy with the design early and read the novel a few time again and again with the deck or the complement of fighters. Here are now all 3 Squadrons (15 each) on the deck. Some Rapier/Sabres in the bays, some in front (special the Ferrets for a quick launch) I can even put the 9 Spartan Class Marinetransporter on the deck but then its very very full. Or...dock 8 of them on top of the hangar (dockingpoints done).
Here I used Scoobys 4 barrel in bigger size as the Heavy Neutron Gun in front of the ship. The Harrier Class from Saga gives here the Tower for the Wake. Engines are also done and the turrets and turretbase. Some parts needs a overworking, the ship is still WIP.
The Concordia from Saga in WC2 style.
And some fighters:

Credits for the new textures goes to RedBaron.

Gilgamesh and Clydesdale add.
After I post already some fighters in WC2 outfit into the LLoD Threat, here is another shot. RedBaron change the Epee again and uses now the real WC2 Style :


Thanks again :)
Love the new Epees. I can see the non Wing Commander 2 colors being used for in-system security or pirates. The regular ones look so good that they could have been designed by Chris Douglas himself. Damn good job.
Can't emphasize this enough, especially if there's no word in the news: The models are made by ScoobyDoo, the original textures too. I'm merely slapping some new colors on them.
Oh that would be very helpful thanks. I'm more or less reverse-engineering your textures, desaturating the blue parts and giving them a color overlay of yellowish-grey that's roughly consistent with the surrounding.
RedBaron helps again and retexture ScoobyDoos Raptor in the Colors of the Star Slayer Squadron:

2666 armament are 2 Meson and 4 Lasers. The Stormfire is atm disable. I don't know if I use it. Maybe with only 800 rounds or so. 6 HS (Maybe change it into 2 HS and 4 IR) and 2 Lance Torpedos. Hope Scooby send me a model with another Intakes and Trusters. The rear turret has 2 Neutronguns.
There's no angle Scooby's model doesn't look good from.
Wait, let's check that again...

No, not one.


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