RELEASE: Wing Commander II Campaign Demo

We will see ;) Sleeper help me with upgrading the fightertextures first. For the Capships. We need more help :/ If we won't....I think there is then only a prologue release. The difference of the hangarbays, textures, turrets, trusters etc are big. If we get the help later maybe I released then Enigma fist for the prologue and a SE for Darkest Dawn. We will see
5 am in the morning. weee. Anyway, i almost finished the Kilrathi Starbase.

Kevin mentioned, the original one had more grey colours. Especially the large hangar-arms. What do you think?


to comparise, here the old one:

FekLeyrTarg musst have the older one. I have it as a DAE.

This is the original style. But I like the one from Zohrath more :)
Sleeper send me the new textured version. Here is an Ingame screen


I love the new style. On those grids maybe capitalships of the size of a Ralatha or Ralari can dock.

Btw. I make the station already at 800m (original 550m) Last time I was critism about the Jalthi was too small. Now look why:

Otherwise the Jalthi cannot start from that base.
Now you're talking!
That base looks roughly 10.875 times better than the old one, the plating really does its job to show that the base is big and it doesn't look so blurry anymore.
Do you plan to integrate a bump map (I can't see whether it already has one) and/or a normal map as well?
No, it has only a glow, shine and the main texture. I use only these three maps on all models.
Next one : Supply Depot Kilrathi. Sleeper made it in the same way. As I say when I started my Campaigns, I want a complete same look, that all models matches together ;)
2 Updates

The Supply Depot is done. Now it needs only 13 MB for the Textures. Before 150MB.
And Sleeper uses the Bumpmap Textur from Kevins Scimitar with the decals from the Hornet:

Perhaps the pig was not too bad afterall ;)
And another :)
Sleeper changed some textures on the WC1 Kilrathi. Now take a look. Btw I changed againg the size of the Krant, Jalthi and Gratha. Now its original size :) And Sleeper make some decals on the Mark 2 Dralthi.

My problem was: Now the Jalthi cannot launch from the Starpost. But I don't try the other upper launchtubes :D

But remember that the station is over 250m larger then the original size. In this case just the Salthi can start. All others are just to wide.
While I do like the textures (good work!) I don't really like the sizes of some of the ships.
All of them except the Dralthi and the Salthi look too small. (or maybe the Dralthi and Salthi are too big) Look at the cockpits!
Could you post some (yes non-canonical) sizes that ships have in the engine or at least put some Terran ships from Saga next to them? After all the canonical sizes might look bad in the engine but I'd like to see that.

The Jalthi is HUGE. I did the math based on the Claw Marks and the length of 32m I found in the WCPedia. The Jalthi is 57.5 meters wide!
And keep in mind that even a Salthi is 24 meters long, so it is actually longer than a Hornet.

And if your hangars etc. of a starpost are still too small. I would encourage you to just go ahead and add at least another 30% to its size. This is a star post, it would feel really weird if it were that small. It looks small to me at least. What's the diameter now? You should scale the fighter hangars so that they are 60m wide.
After that none of your ships will have any problems and even small freighters could dock there.
The Dralthi is the original size of 28m, the Jalthi here is 46m wide, Salthi is too short, 12m in this pic, changed them to double size. Jalthi is now 55m width, close to your WCPedia entry.

Starpost.. well.. now we have a size of 850m in this pic. Its already longer then a Bengal.
Here a pic of the Supply Depot, Starpost and the Confederation Class:

I would say that the Starpost has no more then perhaps 30 fighters even in this size. Its just a very small base. K'titrakh Mang is big but this ...
Did you inlude docking points to the supply depot?

And I think even a small base could easily be bigger than a carrier so why not. :)
It is still a dwarf compared to the naval bases or Sector HQs.

With the 850m size, how big are the hangar doors now?
60m. But...

Only a few meters each side left. The fighter hit at the start the bay and cannot get out of the bay. For Gameplay I need to make the station bigger. Perhaps 1100m, the double size of the canon size. Here we see that the sizes of Wing Commander was some time just an idea. They never think we make later a 1:1 copy of theyr ship-and station sizes. And the Jalthi is only 52m width. Not 57m !
Regarding WC1 fighter sizes... if I was doing another mod with WC1 ships, I'd go for a different approach than Standoff (which was: if a length is given, that's exactly the length you'll see in-game). I'd recalculate their sizes based either on the cockpits or the size difference between the WC1 and WC2 Rapiers, and use smaller sizes. For gameplay, as Standoff's Raptor and Hornet proved all too conclusively, it's pretty necessary.
I agree with Quarto, canon sizes are neat but you can't get them in the way of your gameplay.
So if the fighters' sizes fit to other ones ingame (e.g. the Saga ones obviously) AND are roughly the canon size (+-10% for example which is the case with all your ships IIRC) and the only thing preventing everything from fitting is the canonical size of that base, (which still is a small base at 1200 meters compared to what else is floating around in that universe), I think you should try resizing it and see how it looks. The only smaller bases ingame are the orbital base which is ~600m I think, and the terran supply depot which is ~900m IIRC.

...or you take another approach: The base stays the size it is now and
- you model bigger hangars OR
- you don't launch Jalthis or Grathas from a base that small.

But I would try to resize the station to 1100 first and see if the texture still looks good.
Base is now bigger. Pics follow soon with (hopefully) K'titrakh Mang. Light, a Member from the HLP show me how to transfer turrets from another models. First I want to replace the pre-prologue turrets on the capship. Later I show you the models with Scooby stuff. But now here a the Gilgamesh :


after... Now with the roundstyle turrets from Kevin.

PS: Again a update:

Missilelauncher on those sidetubes.
I've never grown warm with the Gilgamesh design either. Scoobydoo has made a nice version, have you considered asking him for that model?

(Post #7)
I already ask him and he say that he overworking it when he have the time and convert more ships from the canon. Until that I working on the prologue-style and later we still can update the models with a simple VP File.

Here is another one with the turret update

Confederation-class with the roundstyle WC1+2 turrets and those blue absorbers left and right from the bay.
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Not done but first look at the Hha'ifra-class dreadnaught:

Overall it have then 6 AMG, 10 Laserturrets and 2 Capshipmissilelauncher. A good counterpart for the Confederation-class (when they don't fire the PTC ^^)
I understand you already have some great texturers, and i don't know how much re-editing already took place since the demo.
But looking at the files i saw many shipmodels still use the Saga Prologue textures, so i had the look at the Full Release Saga Kilrathi textures and tried to achieve a similar look for the kilrathi_tiles.
It's a pretty basic edit, pretty much just an overlay on the preexisting textures plus some bumpmaps, i also tried to make the ship look a little bigger by making the windows smaller. I think it looks a little closer to The Darkest Dawn, but maybe this isn't even the look you try to achieve.