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Do the screenshots work? I've tried it on two machines at two places, and all I get is a black box that says "bilder."


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They weren't upload. a error in the Database. Now they work. A few are to dark :/ I try to add additional lights in that scenes. Hope the rest is clear.

Guestbook and Shoutbox are added too :)


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New upload.

Hi everyone. I worked in the last time not much on my mod, so its not much ingame made (overall a disc crash put me a few missions back :/ )

I found a new upload for my files. Now it contains all recommend files to play. A few infos and a suprise ^^ are now at the page.

Pls respond if the download workes for you :) You found the files in the new Download section.



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Looking great. It could use a little more action while the dialogue is playing (camera movements or something like that) but I like it :).
I'm hoping the lines 'a Mod'/'the Mod WC2 Remake' are separated in time for release? :) Also, I felt it was a bit unfortunate that the HQ in 'K'Tithrak Mang HQ' ended up on a new line - it made it a little unintuitive to read...
[The lines I'm talking about are shown using the training-msg SEXP. Early in the cutscene.]

But, hey, now I'm all exhuberant, and this isn't even close to being released! (... Unless I've missed something?)


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While I was looking into the STR-Files of the Kilrathi-Saga, I noticed that they include unused tracks which were supposed to be used in the Special Operations. Exept of this one: (0:28 mark)
For some reason, there's only a shorter version of the original Kilrathi Theme.

Can someone help us out with this one? Does anyone has this one in MIDI format and can someone perhabs reorchestrate it like George Oldziey did with the other WC2 tracks?

To clarify the thing about the unused tracks: These are tracks which were used in the DOS-Version but not in the KS-Version, although the latter one includes them. I'm talking about the following tracks: (0:43) (in the brig scenes)
And a variant of this one:


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Without checking those links, I'm pretty sure you're after this track. It's a recording of the MIDI on a Roland sound card that I asked Mad Hatter to do for me many, many years ago, precisely for that reason - it was absent from the Kilrathi Saga rearrangements. It's quite a different sound to Oldziey's arrangements, but it's better than nothing.


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Thank you very much for this one, Wedge009 and Mad Hatter. :)
I'm a bit late to the party I know, but I'm almost certain that that track appears in the 'suite' from the origin CD - check the music section on the main CIC page for:
'Tracks from the Origin CD Volume 1'


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Sadly, no, that's the original Kilrathi theme used in WC2. The one I posted was introduced with Special Operations.

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now better?

Much better!

I'm curious, though, is it possible to add spotlights to ships in the FS2 engine? Take a look at this Ralatha, for instance:


You can see what are clearly illuminating lights on the ship (and having worked with the original model that Origin used to generate these sprites, I know for sure that's what they are). If for whatever reason you want to keep space relatively dark (or even not!) this is a good way to go. I don't think most people are bothered by not being able to see the background or whatever - they care about the ships, because those are the cool things (and not everyone has a high-contrast monitor).
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My friends, I need feedback.

Deathsnake suggested to put textured Hangar doors on top of the central sphere. What do you think?


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Lights and spotligt add is no problem. The problem is that the old models have more then 10 textures and I need then to make for each one 2 more for lights (glow and shine -file)

But I look what I can do :)

PS: You mean spotlights like this or?

By alex0075 at 2011-06-03
It's a modified Caernavon as a counterpart for the Ralarad destroyer. See it in Last Line of Defence :) In the background is the standart Version of the Caernavon. The mod. Version has 4 more Laserturrets.

Here 2 new pics:

By alex0075 at 2011-06-04


By alex0075 at 2011-06-04

needed to chance the size a little bit that the new Broadsword (Standoff Version) fits in the Hangarbay of the Confederation. Width was over 39m, now down to 32m and it's fits but you don't steer to much in the bay when you launch from the flightdeck ^^