RELEASE: Wing Commander II Campaign Demo

Well, as much as I'd really like to play WC2 in an updated platform, this is rather frustrating.

- Guys, isn't it possible to create a project website for your mod? Following a project in an HLP thread is not very practical.

- Also: Creating a batch installer script is not very hard too, there are even products that do it for free and with point/click GUIs.

Otherwise this could be a fan project that would make some people's dreams come true, if done right, presented right, and distributed right.
If you define "not very practical", then perhabs we'll get a better idea of what you mean.

With pleasure.
Since I'm not an active participant in HLP, it's rather tedious to go through several pages of thread postings just to look up the install guide or the current status of the project. As a casual gamer, I want to give the mod a try, and decide if I mark my calendar to check back in a couple of months to find a smoother release. To do that, I'd be happy with just a couple of stats on a webpage.

As one of the gamers out there who long to compare the nostalgia of the original with the possibilities of modern technology, I'm not really interested in poly counts and model formats, I just want to know a couple of basic things:
  • How do I get it to run? --> Install instructions
  • Where doI get it? --> Download/installer link
  • What can I expect in terms of features and content? --> Feature list
  • Why do I want to play that? --> Marketing/Stressing the strong points
  • How far is it done yet? --> Timeline, Milestones, Plans
  • Optional: Is my fav ship/model included --> Ship list

Sure, it's additional work to maintain a website like that - but from that little effort you'll get a lot more support and encouragement that will carry you through the project. And I'd really wish you'd pull it off.
If you define "not very practical", then perhabs we'll get a better idea of what you mean.

Just look at what's happening right here to get the game to run. It's a chore to wade through the different posts to find all the different files you need to run, and then the instructions to apply all those different files were convoluted/incorrect.

Maybe the one or two people intimately involved with the mod know this stuff like the back of their hand, but even the people following it are getting lost. People just won't bother with a setup like this. Like criticalmass said, a relatively small investment to simplify all this stuff would pay off very well in terms of people actually playing this thing (which is the whole point, right?).
The 'Inferno Build' link on the main page don't seem to work. Well, the original link works, but none of the links on the page the link goes to work. Am I doing something wrong? Clicking the wrong links? Is there anywhere else to get it?
WC2 Remake

Hi everyone.

I was working on 2 Mods, the WC2 Remake and The Last Line of Defence - plays in the WC3 Timeline and tells about several Battlegroups in the Frontline. But 2 Mods keep up to date and building is to much. Now LLoD is on-hold and will be finish after I release the WC2 Remake + Addons.

Now that the Remake has more focus, I look where I can get a Homepage for this project. Here a few updates from the mod (pics incl.)

1. Fighters has now the size from the WC2 Handbook. The Sabre, Broadsword, Crossbow and Morningtar needs new textures.
2. Also the Waterloo is now 503m long and some lighting in the tower and sides...
3. and has a weapon refit
4. The Bengal has now lights in the Tower, runway, side and a new runway. Also the size is now down to 700m and a door to the main hangar bay.
5. On the Gilgamesh I change the weapons to its original place. lights will be added soon. (blue = old, the green the newer :)
6. Not in this mod but I make a Concordia Class who is also more to the Original (800m long, widther and bigger. Lights are change (a few to much but i work later on it again ^^) and if you crazy enough you can take 96 planes on its deck :D
8. Concordia (Klavs Model)fire the Phase Transid Weapon

FekLeyrTarg has give me all the sound and musicfiles from the Kilrathi Saga of Wing Commander 2. Thx to him again. Kevin help me with several new models. But still i need some more:

Dorkathi Transport
Kamekh Corvette
Bloodfang MK1
K`titrakh Mang
Supply Depot (Kilrathi)
perhaps if somebody has it the Rigakh to replace the Ralatha for Prince Thrakhaths flagship ( I found these pic here :

A lot of work to do :) Let's get startet ^^

Here a pic. I double the size from the Behemoth from 4 to 8km. 79 Models i have atm. If you look closely above the Vesuvius there is a Eagle Class light carrier. Thats in the Last Line of Defence the players home carrier ^^

By alex0075 at 2011-03-09


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Kilrathi +2

Thx to Kevin we have 2 more ships:

The Kamekh Corvette and the Dorkathi Transport joins the Enigma Sector Battlegroups.

Now is only the Supply Depot, K`titrakh Mang, Bloodfang MK1 and the Rigakh left.


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Hey, the models look good and it's great to hear that you're making a website and focusing on this project. It also might be an aspect of the Freespace 2 engine, but most of these screenshots are very dark. It would help if you turned up the ambient lighting so that we could see your models better.
Thx :) I try to make better pics in the future.

Here is what I worked in the last week:

I found on the 3D Solsector site (from here?) an old model from a Snakeir. As I says before I want to add more ships in the cutscenes to show "life" in the universe :)
On the 1. Pic is the 3ds Model I found
after lots try and errors I found out how I can use a turret from the prologue to the model ^^
the bottom has 1 Heavy AMG and 4 Turrets. In the front are now 2 Capshipmisslelauncher (Pic 4)
Front view: top are 1 Heavy AMG and 6 Turrets (Pic 5)
Then I try to make a vp and run the model in FRED Editor:
On Pic 6. and 2. you can see it with a Yorktown. I try to get fighters launch from the 2 bays. In the left bay is a Thunderbolt as placeholder and right a Gothri. I want that the fighters can launch from the carrier. Prob was now that the model is with 650m lengh and 150m width to little to launch an Gothri. You can launch a chair but not a big fighter ;) So I need to change the size: L: 745m ; W:346m. I think it can carry around 80 fighters. Much less than the sources from the books :( Perhaps I called it Snakeir 2 Class. Armament is 2 Heavy Anti-Mater Turrets, 10 Dual Laser Turrets and 2 Capshipmisslelauncher. Fighting Carrier :D

The newest Version (Pic 3) has the Ground Textur of the Fralthi 2 from the prologue :) Now I worked on the Hangarbays, Runway, lights on side, bridge (front) and towertextures (was there the Commander, Prince Thrakhath, Emperor or VIP? It is very small to be the Main Bridge). A few red details will be added to the wings and overworking on the textures of the turrets. Then it should be done :)

Starman01 help me to get Truespace 5 running and show me how I can edit the model, turrets etc. I hope I can use much of the textures from the prologue Fralthi 2 to fit this models to the other ones :)


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On the Confed/Civilian side, I don't see...

The Stiletto, EITHER Drayman, Paradigm, Wraith, Phantom, Banshee, Centurion, or Gladius class!

You need to get to work!

;) ;) ;)
Oh a lot more are missing ^^

Missing Models:
Exeter, Ralari, Fralthi, Snakeir, Sivar, Drayman, Dorkir, Space Station+Supply Depot Kilrathi (WC1)
Supply Depot (Confed+ Kilrathi), K'titrakh Mang, Kamekh, Dorkathi, Hhifra (Prince Thrakhaths Flagship)Hakaga (WCNovel Fleet Actions), Mandarin Asteroid Base (WC2)
Shiraak (WC Armada Kilrathi Carrier) Confed+Kilrathi Transport (WC Armada)
Hvar'kann Dreadnought (WC3), Trooptransport Kilrathi+Confed (WC3+4 Novel)
Space Station Blacklance+Border Worlds, Black Lance Transport + Carrier, Kilrathi Space Station (WC4)
Paradigm, Drayman MK2, New Constantinople, Mining Base, Reffinery Base, Perry Naval Station, Steltek Carrier,(Privateer)
Pelican, Murphy, Plunkett, Hades, Condor, Hercules, Civilian Ship, Jupiter Confed Station, all Alien Ships (WC Prophecy)

Raptor, Rapier, Scimitar, Dralthi, Salthi, Krant, Gratha, Jalthi, Hhriss (WC1)
Bloodfang MK1 (WC2)
Shok'lar, Jrathek, Goran, Phantom, Wraith,Gladius, Banshee (WC Armada)
All Confed+Alien Ships (WC Prophecy)
Talon, Tarsus, Orion, Galaxy, Centurion, Stiletto, Dralthi III, Steltek Drohne (WC Privateer)

From that list I have the Kamekh, Dorkathi, Dreadnought, Snakeir (WIP ^^), Dukara (Kilrathi-Trooptransport) already on my hd, but not in the pic :)

Kevin has the WC1 Confed Fighters and the Exeter in his Mod. I don't know what other types of ships are in Hostile Frontiers, but we need a lot more :) I hope when Saga Final is then out the most of the models we can convert into the new engine ^^
Wow, That Behemoth is BIG I didn't get a feeling for it being that big in the game, but if it can actually destroy a planet....

Thanks for the lineup shot!
I changed the size, before it was 4km. I want them more to fit with the cutscenes, Pic1 (we didn't know the correct size of the Behemoth) my Version is 8km long

and I've show you a test ^^
In the losing cutscene of Wing Commander 4 the Vesuvius is off the scale (look at the Sheffield - it looks like a fighter in that scene. So (<- Psycho ^^) I've made the Vesuvius to fit into the scene (Pic 2) See the Destroyer? ^^ Here the Vesuvius is 16km long


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Yeah, that size is pretty crazy. But funny!

Although... well... Other pretty crazy sizes are considered canon, even regardless of the sizes ingame or in cutscenes so why not...

Nevertheless I like your approach, and it is great to see how much effort you put in that. I'm looking forward to more :)
Although... well... Other pretty crazy sizes are considered canon, even regardless of the sizes ingame or in cutscenes so why not...

For the most part, "crazy" sizes are consistent between products and supported by multiple sources. There was no attempt to scale the in-game ships before Prophecy. The Behemoth and the Kilrathi Dreadnought in WC3 are truly ginormous, and the video cutscenes, novels and printed documentation all support that. Most sources place the Vesuvius at a bit smaller than the Midway though, so the WC4 cutscene pictured here could be chalked up to perspective.

We now have a home. Its a simple Page atm but you find here :

-the Status of the Mod
-newest screenshots
-later (I hope so) a better portal where you can download the demo and later the final release
-news, FAQ etc.

take a look. Forum are still the one on HLP or this Thread :)