RELEASE: Wing Commander II Campaign Demo

Looking good. I have to admit I'm more looking forward to a WC4 and WC3 remake than WC2 but this does look good. Can you change the font and the font size in the game? If so I might be able to help you with font for WC2.


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Oh a lot more are missing ^^

Like I said in the other forums, With the Privateer 3 stuff posted, I realized you were missing the ships in Privateer 3. Those would be: The Civilian Dralthi IV, the Civilian Vaktoth, the Confed Manowar, the Civilian Nemesis, the various space stations shown in priv 3, the upgrade to the Demon, the Fury, the Kilrathi/Civilian? Traket...


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I have some several updates for the WC2 Remake:

Pic 1. We have now all Confed fighters with WC2 textures. Models are from the Standoff Team converted by Kevin into the Saga Prologue

Pic 2. The Sabre has also a cockpitview

Pic 3. Still in the works: With the help of a modder in the HLP Forum we get a cloaking device running on the Strakha.

Pic 4. Confed fleet are done - not all are seen in the WC2 Remake. Some later in SO1-3. Whats the story of SO3? Still secret :) Only this: Its around year 2667 ^^

Pic 5. Intro is still not done yet. In the original WC2 Intro we see only the Fralthra, Hhifra and Ralatha but we know it is in the year 2656. In the same year the Kilrathi attacks the Firekkan system with Ralari, Fralthi and Snakeir. And in the Novel Freedom Flight are Kamekhs too in the same timeline. As well Waterloos (TCS Leningrad was destroyed by Ralgha nar Hhallas in 2650)
I want to use now several WC1 ships in the WC2 Remake too. So here is an update of models we need:

Bloodfang MK1
Targu II
Dralthi MK1/2 - Reason: Remember the old dos intro before WC2 was released? I take some lines from that intro and put it into the new one
K'titrakh Mang
Sol Sector Base
Supply Depot (Confed)
Supply Depot (Kilrathi) - in the works by FekLeyrTarg

and several civilian fighters and bases.

Perhaps some can help us and send meshes from the models to Kevin Caccamo or FekLeyrTarg. I still focus on the prologue because in Saga Final there isn't all the models we have atm for the prologue. And mix them is a bad idea because the grafic-style is too different. Later when Saga is final and some modders help us to convert the ships into the same level Scooby's ships in Saga have, we can transfer the WC2 Remake and my Last Line of Defence Mod (what is making huge progress) into Saga Darkest Dawn.


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PS: You mean spotlights like this or?

Yeah! That looks good... but I'd move them farther back, try to spread them out. The idea here is to define the hull of the ship, which having them right up front doesn't really pull off - it does illuminate the Confed roundel quite well, but in-game I'd rather see the shape and form of the ship so that I can judge its vector. Does FS2 Open support volume lights?

Malcolm Reynolds

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Kind of off topic here but I really like the new design for the Gettysburg class battleship. It's kind of evocative of the Bengal and other ships of the era, not just a carbon copy of the Exeter. It's nice to see a cool distinctive design for the ship.


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After a break my friends push me to continued on the Enigma 2666 Mod. First we have a new site with some Pics and News. Here you can found News from the project:

Next: We have some screens:

Now in the Intro the Strakha goes in stealth after launching the torpedoes. By K'titrakh Mang now a Kilrathi Fleet cruising around. The scene is still not done. A new camerarotating is now done but we need still some models: Ralari, Dorkir and K'titrakh Mang Station. The same on the Confed scene. A Bengal is flyby with a Exeter, Venture and Waterloo escort (after the loss of the Tiger's Claw the Bengals have escort ;) ), in the back a Gettysburg is docking at the Station and a Concordia Class is flyby and launch three Raptor fighter. Here the same with the Station. We need here the Sol Sector Base Model. We need someone who help us converting also a few Standoff Models into Saga. Overall we need :

Drayman, Sol Sector Base, Ralari, K'titrakh Mang, Bloodfang MK1, Targu II, Kilrathi WC1 Fighters, Sivar, Hakaga, Dorkir and new turrets (from the prologue) on the Confederation, Waterloo, Gilgamesh,, Hhifra, Supply Depot (here also needs textures) and six fighterbays (3 each side) on the Bengal.

I workover all cutscenes from the demo and new ones and some missions get new details:

You will now fly in mission one for example through the asteroid field and reset at a NAV Point the NAV Computer. Spirits dead is now in the mission itself and not in a cutscene. And in Niven you fight against cloaking Strakhas ;)

If we get the models and turrets asap a release in winter 2011 to the 20th birthday of Wing Commander 2 is possible. But we need here help. You can contact me or FekLeyrTarg over pm here or in the HLP Forums here:

Thx to all and we hope we can give you another update very soon :)



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Thx to CMDBob we now have a Drayman Transport ;) Model from him, textures by me. But the docking points are wrong :/ I hope we find the error soon and then making another point under the ship, then we have also the Dilligent :) Need a few turrets. He also send me his Ralari but here i can't work with it yet because i need in in pof or dae. He worked atm on a Dorkir ;)

When the error on the Drayman is resolved we need only the six fighterbays on the Bengal to complete the Terran Wing Commander 1 fleet ^^


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A fighter was still on my harddrive from the old files of ships from the Saga Team. Now it joins the Wing Commander 1 fleet - the Cutlass.
Armed with 2 Laser and 2 Mass Driver and 3 HS, 3 IR and 2 Torpedos it can take you enemy capitalships. 30m l, 30m w and 12m h are the dimensions of the fifth fighter in the Wing 1 Confleet. Better than the Scimitar but less then the Raptor it fits between those two and are the prequel of the Sabre and Thunderbolt. The Raptor is here armed with 4 torpedos and the Scim with 2 to take out capitalships.


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right :) And just the Contilebl textur from the prologue for it ;)

I can work with it as a pof, dae, cob and scn file


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FekLeyrTarg send me his cargutank model, I finish it in the pof file (size, dockingpoint, path), table and now its done:
The Dilligent. Only the Bengal need now the six fighterbays to launch. Then the Terran WC1 Fleet is complete. Here the Pics:
Now the Kilrathi :)


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I'm glad that I was able to help, even if the creation of the Models, the UVMap and the Textures were easy this time. :)

If you plan do build your own models, and I encourage you to do so, those excellent Tutorials are just the right ones:
Texturing: (I've used Kevin's Texture from this one to create the ones for the Tank)
Converting to POF: