Put Your Nose in a Book (August 19, 2018)


Think you own a copy of pretty much every Wing Commander book out there? The truth may shock you! LOAF is on a mission to acquire a copy of every book in existence, including all those crazy, unofficial German guides. More than eighty books have been added to the Background section, covering both novels and game guides (official and unofficial) and their translations into Czech, German and Russian. We've even included some unrealized projects (did you know that author Andrew Keith had planned to pitch a pair of follow-up novels to False Colors?) and some interesting odds and ends, like the Polish Honor Harrington novel that reuses the cover art from End Run. Please get in touch if you own something we've overlooked, or if you have a copy of that elusive Italian guide and would be able to provide us with a scan or additional information.

Original update published on August 19, 2018