Privateer: Ascii Sector v0.6.6.1 released!

Again, I'm not that knowledgeable about Linux, but are you doing "sudo chmod"? I'm using Ubuntu myself and I think you can set a file to be executable without using the terminal, just by setting its preferences or something. Which Linux version are you using?


I'll have to research the details on that. I have an Asus eee pc, and it's the default setup that the machine shipped with.
Oh, it's Xandros, then. I guess you should still be able to set a file to executable by altering its preferences.

EDIT: Are you running in Easy Mode?


Easy Mode? I'm running a console session and typing "sudo chmod +x asciisec" after changing to the asciisec directory.
Yeah, I have no idea why that isn't working. I just know that you can run the Xandros Eee PC OS in both an Easy Mode and a Full Desktop mode and just thought that maybe it had something to do with this. But then again, why would you be able to chmod other files then? Odd...
Here's a sneak peek of v0.6 I hope to be releasing tomorrow or Tuesday...


You won't be able to fly a boarded ship, but you can steal everything on board (if you have enough room in your cargo hold!). :D
v0.6 released!

v0.6 released!

- Fixed bug with "food stores destroyed" commodity event that would affect the price of all commodities on the base.
- Fixed bug with some commodity events causing the bartender to freeze the game when trying to tell you about them (specifically, commodity events that have a character's name in them).
- Fixed bug with calculating time left until you bleed to death (the code only took your total health into account).
- Fixed another bug with random placement of quest template ships.
- Fixed bug with quest items placed on a base using PlaceItemOnBase.
- Fixed bug with quest characters not always loading correctly.
- Fixed bug with TABs at the end of a line in a quest script causing compilation errors.
- Fixed bug with NPCs spawning inside a hotel room on New Frankfurt.
- Fixed a couple of bugs with dialogues.
- Fixed bug with selling cargo that is also used for mission.
- Wingmen are no longer spawned on pirate bases.
- Redid the NanoBots to make them more balanced.
- Corrected ship armor information in the shipyard.
- Added ship docking and boarding.
Bugfix update:

v0.6.0.1 released!

- Fixed bug with messages from an empty ship when it is close to being destroyed.
- Fixed bug with turret AIs not working.
- Fixed bug with cargo manifest computer terminal.
More bugfixes:


- Fixed bug with characters, objects, smoke and blood sometimes carrying over from one boarded ship to another.
- Fixed bug with AI ships and turrets firing at non-piloted or disabled ships.
- Fixed bug with afterburner draining energy from turret capacitors.
- Fixed bug with energy information in temp ships.
- Kilrathi weaponry can now be sold in equipment shops.
And even more:


- Fixed bug with using turrets while docked.
- Fixed more bugs with characters, objects, smoke and blood sometimes carrying over from one boarded ship to another.
- Decreased the size of the groin area on characters and increased the size of body armor to protect the groin.
v0.6.1 released!

v0.6.1 released!

- Fixed autopilot bug after having disabled and/or boarded a ship.
- Fixed drunk autopilot.
- Fixed bug that resulted in zero attacks during escort missions.
- Fixed bugs with mission nav points not always marked correctly.
- Fixed bug with non-existent nav points for scout missions.
- Fixed crash when switching positions with an NPC.
- Fixed various issues with blindness.
- Fixed line-of-sight bug (NPCs could sometimes shoot at you while you couldn't shoot back).
- Removed smpeg library dependency.
- Vibroblades now do as much damage as a knife and carry a greater chance of doing critical damage.
- Pressing 'T' in space now always switches to the target display.
- You no longer receive fines for theft on pirate bases.
- If you are banned from a base, you cannot use computer terminals on that base, and shopkeepers, guild masters, bartenders and ship dealers won't have anything to do with you.
- You can now merge used ammo clips.
- When your wingman's time has expired, a message will now tell you that he's trying to hail you when autopilot is automatically disengaged.
- The game now checks that all passengers are on board before launching from a base.
- Brilliance Ampules and Refined Ultimate now disappear when used up.
- When you have dual missile launchers, only one missile is fired at a time now (hit enter twice to fire both missiles).
- Missile launcher indicators now blink while reloading.
- Added missile lock progress indicator.
- Added "Ignore friendly contacts" option to the autopilot.

Max Gene

Loaded up ASCII Sector and played for a few minutes before class today... and as I exited, noticed that I'm still on 0.5.1. I think I'm going to wait awhile before upgrading and starting over... all the new features that keep coming out are just too awesome.
You should upgrade to the latest. Don't you want to disable and board other ships? :D

Also, a quick bugfix release:


- Fixed bug with escort missions.
- The autopilot will now always disengage if an escortee is under attack, even if you have "Ignore new contacts" enabled.

Max Gene

I do, but I don't want to get that far in the game and then discover MORE awesome features that aren't supported in my current build.... so instead I'll just get ahead on my schoolwork so I actually have time to play a later version. :)
Save games can always be carried over to an updated version of the game, if that's what you're worrying about? But, yeah, it's probably a good idea to get your school work done... ;)