Privateer: Ascii Sector v0.6.6.1 released!

- Fixed bug with the gems commodity event.
- Fixed bug with SHIFT+'N' that would mess up the destination MFD or even crash the game.
- Fixed a couple of graphical bugs with the Quine.
- Fixed bug that caused new missions to not always be added to the end of your mission list.
- Fixed bug that had mission status messages always tell you that the mission was completed even if it was expired or failed.
- Fixed but that made it possible to send messages to cargo containers and ejected pilots.
- Fixed bug that may have been responsible for many of the crashes related to playing the music.
- Fixed various other potential game crashing bugs.
- Time no longer passes when using the Quine or computers.
- You can now access your Quine while in Combat Mode and while walking around on a ship in space, but you won't be able to save the game.
- When you save an ejected pilot and take him/her to a base, you'll now also receive a random amount of credits (beyond having your standing with the pilot's faction increased).
- The Drayman can now carry 1350 units of cargo (2025 with cargo expansion). It can no longer use an afterburner, though.
- When you jettison cargo, you can now specify precisely how much cargo to dump.
- The various ships now carry different amounts of jump fuel.
- Added one new system and base.
- You can now walk around on your own ship, both while flying in space and landed at a base.
Thanks! I've always missed being able to walk around on your ship in most games of this type (Privateer, Elite, and so on), since your ship is pretty much your home. :)


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Cool, do you have any screenshots of walking around in the ship? (at work and won't be able to try it for a while)
On the ground in my Tarsus in my filled cargo hold:


In space in the cockpit:


Max Gene

I can't wait for the finished project.... I've been holding out on playing it while I work on other projects of my own, but this has got me more and more excited with every release.
I hope your excited for the next release, too! :) You'll be able to disable other ships, board them, kill everybody on board and run off with the loot.
v0.5.1 released!

- Fixed bug with captives reappearing on your ship if you save the game after delivering the captive to the prison base and then reload the game.
- Fixed bug with placement of characters inside the shooting range on Manurhin.
- Fixed bug with missing jump point from Cheops to Cassandra.
- Fixed bug when loading a game from the Quine while using a computer terminal.
- Fixed bug when loading a game from the Quine while in Combat Mode.
- Fixed bug with mission description lines appearing in dialogue if checking missions in your Quine during a dialogue.
- When entering your ship, the game now checks that there aren't any items lying at odd places as a leftover from a previous bug. Any odd items will be moved to the "closet" on the ship.
- Disabled the use of the MIDI music files, as they may have been responsible for a lot of random crashes (only the OGG music files work now).
- Added sound effect for taking credits.
- Added mouse wheel support for a bunch of interfaces.
- Updated manual.
v0.5.2 released!

- Fixed bug that would lock the door to your hotel room if you walked on and off your ship.
- Various code changes in my continued effort to squash crashes due to SDL music playback.
- Added anti-cheat measures.
- Added a margin of "nothingness" around the walkable area on a base so that something at the edge of the area won't be hidden beneath the boxes with various information at the edge of the screen.
- When on a base, you can now move the viewable area outside the view of your character, both while looking around and when aiming.
- If you're critically wounded, you now also lose health while flying in space, so you can bleed to death while flying your ship.
- If you have a repair droid, it will gradually clean up any blood on your ship from, uhm, "accidents".
- Confeds and militia now detect corpses on your ship, fine you and attack.
- All commodity events will now have a news item posted in your Quine5000 when they end.
- Ships will now send an apologetic message if they hit or destroy a friendly ship.
- When in Combat Mode, the game will now show you how much time you've used, as well as how much time an action takes.
- Added Brilliance and Ultimate drugs to manipulate time usage when in Combat Mode (can currently only be acquired by stunning or killing a character that is carrying Brilliance or Ultimate).
- Added quicksave (F8).
v0.5.3 released!

- The game now makes sure that you aren't standing on top of somebody when you exit your ship.
- If you are unable to exit Combat Mode, but then enter your ship and exit Combat Mode here, when you exit outside again you will automatically be back in Combat Mode.
- Gun turrets are now part of your ship's layout and you have to walk to them to use them.
- Added Turret AI Controller and Turret Energy Capacitor for purchase in the shipyard.
- F1 now toggles the AI of your current turret on/off. F2-F3 toggles the AI of the rear, starboard and port turrets on/off.
- Added a 12x12 fontset and resolution settings in the options menu.

There will also be a v0.5.4 before I start work on disabling and boarding of other ships (v0.6).
v0.5.3.2 released!

- Another attempt at getting rid of the SDL music crashing bug.
- Fixed bug with rear turret on the Nexus.
- Fixed bug when leaving the rear turret on the Drayman.
- Changed F1 to switch all turrets on/off instead of the current turret.
- Doubled the price of the Turret Energy Capacitor.
- You can no longer stun a mission character without failing the mission.
- Ramming a ship will now have the same effect on it's attitude and on your criminal record as shooting it.
- You will now automatically exit autopilot with a "PROXIMITY WARNING" if you get too close to another ship (to avoid collisions during autopilot).
- Ship messages will now be displayed even if there's another message.
- You can no longer set your game resolution higher than your current screen resolution, as that would crash the game.
Some quick bugfixes... v0.5.3.3

- Fixed bug with "rescue ejected pilot" fixer mission.
- Fixed bug with the saving of smoke information.
- Fixed bug with using the mouse scroll wheel in the commodity exchange when showing the price grahps.
- Fixed bug with turrets that could potentially crash the game.


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Good work!

I have to admit I never tried the game until a few weeks ago and I really must say I'm more than impressed. Very good work!

Only a few things need to be improved in my opinion...

- The weapons are not very close to the original Privateer. (for example the Fusion Cannon only makes 6.x damage compared to 10cm damage in the original Privateer)
- I only tested the Tarsus so far because of lacking money but I think the ships really should have more gun mount points. It would be interesting to hear if the Centurion has 4 mount points because this is not listed in the manual.

As far as I can see the Mass Driver cannon is the best cannon in the game. Slower range than the Laser but compared to Refire-Rate and Damage/energy it is even better than the laser :(

Yeah the Laser my favorite weapon in Privateer... it could use a bit more range... don't you think so? 4760 range (original range) ... perhaps you tweak it up a few 50 or 100 more range in your game?

If you improve the weapon disbalance this game would be close to perfect!!

Keep up the good work!

Glad you like the game, Rylex! :)

The fighter sized ships (those that only consist of 1 character) can only have one gun. The capital sized ships can have more than one gun, as they are wider than 1 character (except the Drayman, which can still only have one forward facing gun).

You can buy a Gun Boost to increase the range of your gun.

I've changed some of the gun stats a bit from the original Privateer for various reasons. The Fusion Cannon, for example, was faster, did more damage and used less power than the Plasma Gun, so why would you ever buy a Plasma Gun? The Fusion Cannon was a new addition in Rigtheous Fire, so it wasn't exactly balanced to the other guns, as it had to feel like a new "bonus" addition for this expansion - hence the lack of downsides to it. I've tried to make it a bit more balanced, as it is available from the start in my game.