Privateer: Ascii Sector v0.6.6.1 released!

v0.6.3 released!

- Fixed bug with passenger list carrying over if you exit a game and immediately start a new game.
- Fixed bug that allowed you to switch positions with hostile characters when on board a ship.
- Fixed bug that allowed NPCs to shoot at an adjacent enemy in a smoke cloud.
- Fixed bug with selling hidden compartments on Bellamy.
- Fixed bug with guild missions to Bellamy.
- Fixed bug with NPCs running away from you on a base if you have a hostile character on board your ship.
- Fixed bug that caused stuff on your ship to be moved around if you scooped up an ejected pilot while walking about your ship.
- Fixed bug that allowed shooting through the outer walls of a space station.
- Fixed bug that allowed you to aim through two diagonal impassable tiles.
- Fixed bug with cargo boxes not being removed from your cargo hold if you complete a "deliver to ship" mission while walking around on your ship.
- Fixed bug with tiles that had a cargo box in them not being walkable after you transfer or jetisson the cargo.
- Fixed bug with secondary objective not marked as completed after completing a "convoy" mission.
- Fixed bug with entering your ship from below by holding down the left and up arrow keys.
- Fixed bugs with missile lock status.
- Fixed various bugs with items on the ground that occured when there were more than 255 items in play.
- Fixed bug that made it impossible to send orders to your wingman.
- Fixed bug when buying large amounts of cargo for deliver cargo missions.
- Fixed bug with being unable to transfer a captive to a Dralthi.
- Fixed bug that caused the Turret AI to be a bit too "shy" when there are multiple hostiles in its line of fire.
- Fixed bug with smoke and explosion from grenades passing through walls of docking tube.
- You can now switch positions with NPCs in Combate Mode just like you can when not in Combat Mode (also, NPCs can now switch positions with each other as well).
- Added the Lucky Lady casino ship at Nav 2 in the Adavene system.
Yep, here you are:

v0.6.3.1 released

- Fixed incorrect numbering on the roulette.
- Fixed bug that wouldn't allow you to buy an Orion.
- Fixed bug that made it impossible to exit Combat Mode when engaged in combat on the Lucky Lady.
- Fixed bug that messed up the game if a ship that you're docked with is destroyed (this will now also destroy your ship).
- Added keypad support for entering bet amounts in the casino.


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I've taken a little break playing Ascii sector. Now I tried the new version and I must say I like it. However there are still lots of things to improve. I'm still missing the gun balance I noticed quite some time ago. Yeah I've written lots and lots things about that but ok... perhaps it's just my opinion.

Concerning the LuckyLady... this is a great idea but I don't understand why I can only set 5 credits on Poker? BlackJack is 300 I think... not too much but ok. But 5 credits? Well this is a bad joke... :mad:

You should be able to set much more money in each game. Otherwise it takes forever and is not really fun. I think you should be able to set at least 100 credits per game on Poker...

Concerning steering of the ship... I still think the controls of 0.5 were much better than now. The new angles that have been here for quite some time are still not my favorite way of steering. OK the / and \ shots look better like before but... well ok it's just my feedback.

Have a good time!



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Laser - 1000 credits
2 GJ - 2cm - 300ms - 2400 range
Damage per sec (max): 6.66cm
Cost per cm DMG/sec: 151
Damage per GJ: 1cm

Mass Driver - 1500 credits
2.5 GJ - 2,6cm - 350ms - 1850 range
Damage per sec (max): 7.43cm
Cost per cm DMG/sec: 202
Damage per GJ: 1.04cm

Meson Blaster - 2500 credits
4 GJ - 3.2cm - 400ms - 2200 range
Damage per sec (max): 8cm
Cost per cm DMG/sec: 313
Damage per GJ: 0.8cm

Neutron Gun - 5000 credits
8 GJ - 6.2cm - 650ms - 1650 range
Damage per sec (max): 9.54cm
Cost per cm DMG/sec: 524
Damage per GJ: 0.775cm

Particle Cannon - 10000 credits
5.5 GJ - 4.3cm - 500ms - 1700 range
Damage per sec (max): 8.6cm
Cost per cm DMG/sec: 1163
Damage per GJ: 0.781cm

Ionic Pulse Cannon - 20.000 credits (in Privateer it was 40000 credits)
7.5 GJ - 5.4cm - 600ms - 2050 range
Damage per sec (max): 9cm
Cost per cm DMG/sec: 2222
Damage per GJ: 0.72cm

Tachyon Cannon - 40.000 credits (in Privateer it was 20000 credits)
8 GJ - 5cm - 400ms - 2100 range
Damage per sec (max): 12.5cm
Cost per cm DMG/sec: 3200
Damage per GJ: 0.625cm

Plasma Gun - 80000 credits
14 GJ - 7.2cm - 720ms - 1600 range
Damage per sec (max): 10cm
Cost per cm DMG/sec: 8000
Damage per GJ: 0.514cm

Fission Cannon - 100000 credits
16 GJ - 6,6cm - 500ms - 2300 range
Damage per sec (max): 13.2cm
Cost per cm DMG/sec: 7576
Damage per GJ: 0.413cm

okay this means if you are able to hit with every shot... you have a max 6.66cm per second damage with the laser that costs 1000 credits. If you fire with the Fission Cannon you have the double damage/sec approx. for 100x the price. And you even have a higher energy drain... concerning DMG per GJ the mass driver is unbeaten. Followed by the laser... I think a little balacing could be good. I don't say it's completely bad but the price/performance/power ratio for the highter guns is not very good. Now you'll point me to the original Privateer where the Plasma had a bad price/power ratio as well... :D ... I always sticked to Laser and Tachyon there... so no problem for me :D:p


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Yeah, I have no idea how the guns compare to the orginal, or about any of the mathematical stuff really, but they never felt wrong, so I'm not complaining. :)

I've never bothered with anything bigger than the tachyon in neither Privateer nor Ascii Sector, though... energy drain didn't seem worth it.


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I've never bothered with anything bigger than the tachyon in neither Privateer ...

The only exception I think was my big green Steltek Gun. Oh boy I loved it! Especially the boosted version from the final Mission. Too bad it disappeard in Righteous Fire! :( ... such a Steltek gun... hidden somewhere... THAT would be great stuff for Ascii sector :D
Like you said I always used Tachyon for Privateer until 2 years ago. I found out that 4 Lasers (if shot accurately) are the best GJ/power/range/money combination for me :D other people really might prefer Plasma or Tachyon but 4 fast fireing Lasers (with Gun Cooler) sure gave those Retros everything they needed :D oh yeah and I love long range :p


The high efficiency and range and cheapness of the lasers is why they are still being used by the Confederation even at the turn of the century in Arena.

That said, maybe the Ion and Plasma guns should get their damaged upped by ten percent or so, because at present they hardly seem worth using over the Neutron gun.
v0.6.4 released!

v0.6.4 released!

- Fixed bug that caused a rescue ejected pilot mission to be failed if you landed in the same system as the ejected pilot before rescuing him.
- Jump Drives cannot be completely destroyed anymore.
- When jumping, the jump sequence is no longer synced to the music, so if you have a high speed setting, there'll be no more waiting for the music to finish.
- NPCs now belong to a faction, so killing a merchant on board his ship will decrease your standing with that faction, just like destroying his ship will.
- The game now keeps track of how many NPCs you've killed in person and this is shown in your Quine under Stats.
- Added a backpack for carrying more stuff.
- Added a locker on board your ship for storing your stuff.
- Stuff now has weight and the more you carry, the more time it'll take to move around (the first 20 kilos don't slow you down, though).
- The NanoComp Vest now offers the least protection of the three vests in exchange for being the lightest.

When you load your saved game in this new version, you might find that some items on the ground on board your ship can't be accessed because they're on the tile with the new locker. If that's the case, just leave your ship and re-enter. The items should now be moved.
v0.6.4.1 released!

v0.6.4.1 released!

- Fixed a serious bug when buying and selling stuff from the equipment shop

There's still a bug with the equipment shop that keeps you from selling stuff from your backpack, but this bug will take a bit longer to fix and I wanted the above fix out quickly.


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Just offering encouragement. :)

Nice to see the bugs continuing to be squashed. And not just the Nephilim from Prophecy and Secret Ops...
More Nephilim squashing!

v0.6.4.3 released

- Fixed bug with inventory weight when capturing and releasing an NPC.
- Fixed bug with a character you have to transport not being able to find a path to your ship.
- Slowed down the walking speeds of NPCs when not in combat mode.
- Commodity events no longer happen at naval, pirate and research bases.