Privateer: Ascii Sector v0.6.6.1 released!

Max Gene

Wasn't sure how compatible saves were, but it'll make it a lot less painful if I they're all backwards-compatible.
Yeah, updating is just a matter of downloading the latest version and unzipping the archive (and just overwriting your current game directory). The saves aren't touched and work in the updated version. :)
v0.6.2 released!

v0.6.2 released!

- Fixed a bunch of crashing bugs with grenade throwing.
- Fixed bug with combat messages.
- Fixed bug with being able to throw grenades into the outer walls on board a spaceship.
- Fixed minor bug with fixer mission descriptions.
- Fixed bug with drugs not affecting the time used for throwing grenades.
- Fixed bug with reappearing stuff from a destroyed boarded ship.
- Fixed bug with missing fixer when returning for payment.
- Another attempt at fixing the music crash bug.
- Various code improvements and optimizations.
- Guild computers now warn you if there is less than 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 hours or 30, 20, 10 minutes left to complete the mission.
- You can now capture/kill bounty hunting targets on board their ship (the chance of a target ejecting when his/her ship is destroyed has also been decreased, so you will have to board to be 100% sure to capture him/her).
- You can now scoop up as many ejected pilots as can fit on your ship.
- Scooped hostile pilots are no longer automatically converted into 1 unit of Slaves.
- When walking into a stunned or captive character, you'll now get asked if you want to attack/talk to him or manage him (which lets you see his inventory, as well as capture, release, transfer and enslave him).
- When firing a gun/rifle at a target right next to you, the target will try to knock it out of your hand. You will likewise automatically try to knock a gun/rifle away from a character shooting at you.
- Hitting a character in the head (without using a melee weapon) will increase the character's stunned value.
v0.6.2.2 released!

v0.6.2.2 released!

- Fixed some bugs with crippled limbs and critical wounds.
- Fixed bug with characters spawning on top of each other... oh, yeah!
- Fixed bug with scooped hostiles disembarking ship when landing.
- Fixed bug with ship kills not being registered.
- Fixed bug with some ejected pilot kills not completing missions.
- Bounty hunting capture alive missions now pay more.
- If you try to capture a character but don't have any ElectroCuffs, the game will now tell you that you don't have any. Likewise, if you try to enslave a character but haven't got any free space in your cargo hold or the character is needed for a mission, the game will now tell you.

Red Baron

Rear Admiral
Yeah i play it once in a while, then i go check this thread and its like "WTF 5 updates?!". And each one almost a complete sequel.
Thanks for the encouragement, guys! :)

I'm currently working on implementing the sector's casino on board a retrofitted Drayman floating around in an asteroid field. Already got video poker programmed in and making good progress with blackjack.
v0.6.2.3 released!

The bugfixes keep on coming...

v0.6.2.3 released!

- Fixed bug with theft added to criminal record when taking stuff on board a ship.
- Fixed bug with being able to melee attack in a smoke cloud.
- Fixed bug with stunned, captured or blinded characters knocking guns away and blocking attacks.
- Fixed bug with combat mode kicking in on board a ship even if you've captured all hostiles.
- Fixed bug with weapons not using ammo if knocked out of your hand.
- Fixed bug with captured ejected pilots being removed from the manifest when landing.
- The game now ships with SDL_mixer 1.2.11 which will hopefully fix the music crashes.
v0.6.2.4 released!

I hope to have the casino done soon so I can release a new version again that isn't just bugfixes. In the meantime...

v0.6.2.4 released!

- Fixed bug that wouldn't allow you to take off because of a non-existent passenger.
- Fixed bug that sometimes made corpses on your ship not show up on the cargo terminal.
- Fixed bug with tile walkability when buying a capital ship.
Aaaaand there was yet another bug in one of the bugfixes included in v0.6.2.4. I've re-re-uploaded this version.

Boy do I fail at game development today...

Max Gene

Same here. I'm on another hiatus as I get other things done (finals are coming up, distracted by other things, etc), but it's good to know that when I do come back there's already another, better build!