Original Wing Commander Artist Here.

Hey Denis, just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of those praising you for your work with Wing Commander. I did want to relate that my first experience with WC was the SNES port, and was wondering if you had anything to do with it, and if so, what technical challenges you may have been faced with.

Again, thanks for all your hard work!
-danr- You got no complaints from me! :D
Saturnyne You are very welcome!:) I worked strictly on the PC version of Wing Commander. That was during the period that it was realized that the PC claimed something like 90% of the gaming market. Suddenly the other platforms we had been catering to didn't seem so attractive. Up until then, we had been re-writing our games for the Atari, and again for the Commodore, and again for the Apple, etc. That pretty much ground to a halt, and we concentrated on the PC only.

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Found these pictures on my facebook feed. Apparently discovered by The Fat Man, who was a composer at Origin for a while. I think these are matte paintings for the Wing Commander animated series.


The paintings have a new home! And the clerk at the antiques mall also pointed me to an entire Wing Commander Academy storyboard book! I'll scan and get it online as soon as possible.


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Yay! I've only seen a few Academy storyboards in the past.

I've been looking for an excuse to get some framed WC art for my computer room... but I'm also looking for a new computer room (darned kids).
Here's a picture I'm giving away to a lucky Patron. I rolled a 77 sided die and turned up the name Sir Stile Teckel. Yeah, it's fantasy, but I will be doing some WC themed pieces too. All Patrons are eligible!

Enjoy! :)
NinjaLA: Doing art for Steve Jackson Games 8 hours a day really improves your art skills. ;)
Mekt-Hakkikt: Specificity dude! ;) The animated series backgrounds or The Space Gamer cover? :p The Star Trek Dreadnought was such a wonderfully dynamic shape that it looked good at just about any angle. Getting the proportions right, and the ellipse of the disk, were the challenges. The angles of the pylons were tough too.
The piece does have a nice sense of weightless motion to it, somehow.:cool:

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