Original Wing Commander Artist Here.

Mekt-Hakkikt: My turn for a question then: What's a carp? (Other than a species of fish...)

I will have to do some WC illustrations.

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Here's a physical picture on paper I did for a lucky patron! (Not science fiction.)


I like the skull helm and the suggestion of ptruges. Character fights with 2 scimitars.


Voting Starts Today!
Voting on a Patron Project for me to do starts today, and ends on May 11th at noon central time.
That gives you two weeks.

Only Patrons can vote!

Here are the 10 candidates:
1. Ultima 7 cover (Color, LB approved.)

2. Ultima 2 cover (Color, based on recent illustration.)

3. Ultima Online cover (Color, LB or Raph Koster approved)

4. Ultima Fiction illustrations (B&W, perhaps The Tale of Captain Johne, given permission.)

5. Ultima Tableau illustrations (Color, assorted scenes from Ultima, player approved.)

6. Ultima Cover as Movie Poster (Color, where I try to impersonate Drew Struzan.)

7. Generic Fantasy Character studies (Color, Dwarf, Elf, etc, you know the drill! Load them up with character.)

8. Wing Commander portraits (Color, how I envision them.)

9. Wing Commander / Ultima crossover illo (Color, qwirky Kilrathi in Britannia illustration!)

10. Ultima / Wing Commander cardboard heroes (Color, cardboard miniatures of WC characters and ships.)


1. Only Patrons can vote, so become one now!
2. Send a Patreon message to me, or reply to the voting thread on my Patreon Activity Feed, with your top 3 choices.
3. Each of the 3 choices must be different, duplicates will be ignored.
4. Voting ends May 11th at noon central time.
5. The project that shows up most often, wins!

May the coolest task win!


Mekt-Hakkikt: My turn for a question then: What's a carp? (Other than a species of fish...)

I will have to do some WC illustrations.

Sorry, I meant to type "cap" (as in: maximum to spend).

Ok, now that the voting is open, I really have to become a patron. Just need a quiet minute...
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The voting is going well, but I gotta say I need more Wing Commander fans. You guys are getting buried. :(

Blame Ultima! :eek:


The Kickstarter I began to fund the cover art project ended yesterday. Unfortunately, I came far short of the goal, so I'm sorry to say that that's the end of that idea. I would, however, still like to add a few sketches of characters to the campaign if you'll be available to do them; I'll need to think about what exactly I'd want to do and in the meantime I'd probably have to do yet another Kickstarter to fund anything (if anything my financial situation has gotten worse over the last couple of months; little capi #3 is on his/her way...).

Went ahead and joined up on Patreon yesterday. Wasn't able to pledge as much as I would've liked, but, well...I've already said why.
capi3101: Sketches I might be able to do something about. Sorry to hear of your financial woes, I hear a lot of that is going around.:( Hope things get better for you soon! Of course, now that I hear you're a patron, I have guilt! :cool:

Quarto: Quite right, Quarto! The amount is not important, it's the fact that people are willing to contribute anything at all that engenders a feeling of deep gratitude! :confused: Time was I was amazed that I actually had fans! Now I find out they're actually willing to personally fund my work! That's mind-blowing. :D

Thanks everyone for appreciating my work. You guys are the best! :)

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And We Have a Winner!

A big thank you to my Patrons for their votes! :)

Here is the breakdown:
Ultima 7 Cover: 15
Ultima 2 Cover 14
Ultima Online Cover 0
Ultima Fiction Illustrations 9
Ultima Tableau Illustrations 14
Ultima Cover as Movie Poster 11
Generic Fantasy Characters 6
Wing Commander Portraits 8
WC/Ultima Crossover 10
WC/Ultima Cardboard Heroes 7

The winner is #1! A real cover for Ultima 7!


It's interesting to note that everyone is apparently totally satisfied with the cover to Ultima Online, with 0 votes! ;-)

I will be quizzing Richard Garriott about what elements he would have wanted on the cover of The Black Gate if he had gone with an actual illustration. I'll let you know what he says!

The high counts for the U2 cover and Tableau illustrations shows a high Ultima bias in my fans so far. But the Wing Commander contingent just needs a few more voting fans to make things more interesting! Scold your friends who aren't already patrons!

I will try to sneak in something Wing Commander-ish at the same time for you guys.

I'd better get to work then!
Y'know Denis, if you ever wanted to make a quick buck - you could host a raffle here at the CIC. $5 entry and winner picked at random gets their own face sketched in a WC1 flightsuit. You'd make a killing :D

It's just a fun suggestion more than anything, but who here wouldn't want to be drawn by an original WC artist?
Y'know Denis, if you ever wanted to make a quick buck - you could host a raffle here at the CIC.

Not to be the party pooper, but raffles can actually be a touchy subject! :) We generally try to avoid fundraisers like this at the CIC. When you see a school or something trying to do a fund raising raffle, the contribution is usually a "donation" and "tickets" are free. This extends to McDonalds Monopoly and most other similar contests where there's aways a "no purchase necessary" option, because raffles are essentially gambling, which is highly regulated. They're outright illegal in some US states, and individual area laws about online raffles vary widely.

Because it's so easy for the recipient of the funds to not deliver when you're doing something like this online, we don't even report on most Kickstarter type activities unless they're tied to someone closely associated with the creation of Wing Commander. And as we all know, buyer beware at those types of places - there's no guarantee that your pledge rewards will be fulfilled. (Not to name names, but in years past we've had contests where other former Origin vets didn't deliver the thing we advertised as a winning item here at the CIC when we had money involved - I'm not just speaking hypothetically here :confused: )
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-danr- Excellent suggestion! I may have to do something like that. :D
ChrisReid You're absolutely right Chris. I would not ask for any money because this is perfect for a patreon release.:cool: Of course, I'd have to do a similar thing for the Ultima, and Shroud of the Avatar crowd... :rolleyes:These are things I could do to increase the number of patrons I have.

It's All About The Patrons! ;)

By the way, if you want to back some cool and original SF art, check out this guy!

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