Open Beta

I had it and it seemed to screw things up even more. I'll try it again, though. I don't think I used it after replacing those nonextracting files.
Well, I registered, but I'm having trouble with the activation code, so I'm going by a slightly differect name. I'll have to talk to the admin. Anyway, I DLed the 0.4 version, and it works just fine now. Thanks for taking the time to try and help! Just a couple of questions.

Are you guys going to make new character models and comm screens, i.e. Kilrathi?

Also, any chance you guys will be making new starbase and battleship models, too?
Awesome, love to try out the new beta!

Just gotta figure why my current computer doesn't like most modern games....

Anyway, good luck with the mod, hope to see the final version out soon, as this is a mod I've tried to follow as much as possible.
I am in Freaken awesome haha I will not be playing too much because the closed beta is close to the same as Open and Ifeel that I am good to go with the game. I will start structuring our sign ups here soon in the pre-release forums
As old as the itch.