Open Beta

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
Since the core game mechanics of the mod are mostly down pat (although there still are a few ships models that need to be added), I'm going to conduct an open beta - which basically means if you want to try the mod, email me and I'll email you - with the URL!

I don't actually like betas all that much, but there are a few very good reasons for this. First, I'd like a bit of playtesting and tweaking before this goes out to the general (Freelancer) public, and second, there's a HUGE ASS FREAKING BUG THAT CRASHES THE GAME if you go into the New York (Sol) System. I have absolutely no idea why this happens, and I can't isolate the bug on my own. So I'll need your help.

If you're up to the challenge, go to [redacted] and put "I Want to be FreeLanced!" in the title for no reason other than it sounds amusing. I haven't actually given TC the file yet, but I will, very soon, and I'll notify you when that happens.

If your PC is screwed because Winanmp3...probably you aren´t the Beta Tester that he wants :confused:
Oh, if it was my computer I'd do it. But my Mom says its to much of a hassle. Give me the CD and have her back up the stuff and I'll fricken do it
But c'mon now, seriously ... surely there's someone other than Ghost interested in this and capable of playing it?

Or does nobody here have Freelancer?
Bug Finding for dummies:

Step 1) Play game
Step 2) Game does odd thing it shouldn't

Hey! You found a bug!

There are, of course, more advanced bug finding strategies... but this will tend to work for random fan projects.
Yeah, just fly around and play until it crashes or something. Then tell me what happened so I can fix it. This is much more helpful than it sounds.
Ok, i think that i found a bug:

when i clicked the direct acces iconit says: '' Please, insert Freelancer CD''