Open Beta

The Scimitar seems a little fubar. The weapons only work when aimed at the top 1/3 of the screen, and the whole model seems to be lower than it realy is (it creates some serious clipping when docking, but no collision). Also the clip boxes for the confed capital ships (Exeter, Supercruiser, Paradigm) are just a tad small. Also, a suggestion on the stormfires. Double the damage but make them fire half as often. The way they work now could be an issue in multiplayer (projectile flooding). Finally, how do I get these stinkin heat seekers to work? :confused:

This is all aside from the obvious fact that *it's not finished*, but I would think are more pressing.
I think I can do a patch for the heat seekers and Scimitar ... the other stuff could be problematic, because to my knowledge we don't have any information on how to make *.sur (collision) files. Of course, things have changed a lot since my last time, so maybe it's been cracked.
I should be getting Freelancer Soon. I'll beat the Single Player Campaign and then Test this out. Do you have a Vindicator availible to fly?
Okay, two days of non-stop playing, and I've come to this concusion about gameplay issues. Everything seemed unbalacned until I took a gander at the sheild stats after noticing my level 3 shields charged at a very unhealthy rate compared to what I remember Level 1 and 2 recharging at. The level 3 shields charge at 40 CM/sec. Level 1 charges at 88, level 2 charges at 80. I figured this could have been a misunderstanding of how the regeneration_rate variable worked. I played around with the settings for regeneration_rate and max_capacity, and found a much more fun, but still challenging, set of variables for the shield generators. Here is what I plugged in:

Level --- Recharge per sec --- Maximum Charge
1 --- 75 --- 2000
2 --- 100 --- 3000
3 --- 150 --- 4000
4 --- 200 --- 5000
5 --- 250 --- 6000
6 --- 300 --- 8000
7 --- 400 --- 10000

So, I went ahead and solved the unbalanced shield problem I guess. :D Feel free to edit these into ST_equip.ini for the next version, and use your time fixing my Scimitar. :p

EDIT: Oh, and if you could, pretty please, change the energy drains on everything better than the mass driver to reflect damage ability. For example, the messon blaster only gives a 20% increase in damage output over a mass driver, but takes over 3 times the energy. :(
This all looks promising and I'd love to take a look on the beta, but I don't have the time to be a good beta-tester. May I try it anyway ?
t.c.cgi said:
EDIT: Oh, and if you could, pretty please, change the energy drains on everything better than the mass driver to reflect damage ability. For example, the messon blaster only gives a 20% increase in damage output over a mass driver, but takes over 3 times the energy. :(

Well, it is my understanding that the advantage of the Mass Drivers is that they have greater energy efficiency than any other guns in the game, at the expense of having a relatively short range. Thus, it is quite appropriate for all other guns to be noticeably less efficient.
I suppose that would be the case if the messon blaster had a longer range or faster velocity, but really the stats they have now are a 20% more powerful gun than the mass driver that use up so much energy you have to have a level 4 plant to use more than one. I just seem to remember being able to use messon blasters in Privateer, instead of having to wait until I had a maxed out ship.

EDIT: I just opened up the Privateer PDF, the messon should only take 8gj (2 more than the mass driver, not 3x). If I could figure out the guns (they aren't as organized as the shields were), I'd just modify the stats to more Privateerish numbers, using the Laser as a scaling point (for damage).

EDIT 2: Just finished modifying the file to more Privateerish stats. Mass Driver, Meson Blaster, and Neutron gun were the only ones too far off. Bob, I'll email the changes to ya.
Okay, found another new and exciting crash bug. After about 5 minutes in the Camelot system, I get the same "fatal crash" that occurs when you enter the Sol system. However, my location and status is saved on the server. So I am able to bug out of the system after I reset the server process and load the game back up.

Oh, and this is a repeatable bug. I crashed 10 times in the Camelot system with consistancy.
The "power plant" stuff comes from the stats extracted from the game - they're a somewhat confusing and obscure bunch, which is probably how I messed up the regen :) Check out for the relevent stuff.

The crash in the Camelot system ... where was it and what were you doing? I ran into one of those too, but I wasn't able to reproduce it. Knowing what you were doing when the game crashed could be an important step in isolating this nasty bug.
It happened pretty much anywhere in the system, I'm sure most of the time I was either en-route to a mission, doing a mission, or on my way back from a mission.

Oh, and compared to the in-game stats, the messon and neutron were still pretty nurfed.
you might wonna check the ship Arrow

the cmp is huge, almost 1 mb and it crashed fl when i made it available for sale ... so if you have it somewhere as npc it will almost certainly fatally crash players
First few hours

I've just gotten through playing the first few hours and I'm very impressed. I haven't had time to play all the ships and investigate everything but what I've seen is awesome. I love the textures on the broadsword, they look like they were lifted straight out of Wing Commander 2! The game is also a lot more challengeing (at least at first) than Freelancer was, which is a good thing in my opinion. I can't wait until I get my hands on that centurion!