Open Beta

Reckoning v0.3

What's New Pussycat:
* Game no longer crashes when entering Sol (thanks to Aka & Unforgiven)! This means the mod is now compatible with single-player games (like OpenSP, not Campaign).
* Difficulty level retooled, for what should be a smoother curve.
* Mission payment redone - caps at 30,000.
* Weapon stats - all guns are faster and have uniform speed, Meson and Neutron retooled to better reflect Privateer.
* Speed for all fighters and cargo ships multipled by five.
* Tweaks to ship HP and cargo.
* Shields redone - various levels now provide more protection and recharge quicker.
* Missile ammo now takes up space in the cargo hold.
* Certain ships are capable of carrying only certain weapons, shields and power - see the readordie file for more info.
* Thruster drains power.
* Cruise speed quadrupled - cruise time doubled.

Installation should be fairly straightforward - you can extract it to your root directory, then move the Freelancer folder into C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games (or whatever the folder above your FL directory is). The mod is designed to work with FL Mod Manager, which, if you don't have it, is available at (download OpenSP as well, if it doesn't already come with it.. Once you've installed it, drag the Freelancer Mod Manager folder to C:\Program Files.
time to see if my grandma will let me use her computer to play it while I'm here!

Btw did you ever figure out what screwie in the Omega 7 sector? Another Arrow problem I take it?
Okay, after putzing around, not only do I not like the new 5x speeds but they messed up so much that just flying around was dangerous. So, just to make things easier on myself I made all the speeds 2x (guns and engines). However the cruise engines still only clock at 300, at 5x and 2x. I never really use them anyway, but I figured I'd give a heads up.

Now, aside from my hacking of the mod, there is a CTD when fighting, or just around, Martina Nostra (sp) ships. I had a few random CTD's that I didn't know what caused them, but I think all the crashing has something to do with the ships of that faction. Also, the ferret's model sits low, just like the Scim's in the last version. It actualy doesn't show at all on landing pads. Also, why do I have to wait to level 20 to get a decrepit Scimitar, but I can get a Thunderbolt around level 14? That doesn't make any sense, but I'm noticing that's becoming a trend with this mod.
Oh hell, I'll do it. You don't start in Sol, do you? Because, I've found that the only way I can get a mod to work is to restart my game, and if you Start in New York/Sol and it crashes, then what am I supposed to do? Or do we start somewhere else?
t.c.cgi said:
Okay, after putzing around, not only do I not like the new 5x speeds but they messed up so much that just flying around was dangerous. So, just to make things easier on myself I made all the speeds 2x (guns and engines).

Yes, the scale distances used in Freelancer don't work too well with 5 speed because enemy fighters do not present a decent target until the range closes to about 2000. I would suggest going with something like 150 for freighters, 175 for heavy fighter/bombers, and 200 for light fighters.

However the cruise engines still only clock at 300, at 5x and 2x. I never really use them anyway, but I figured I'd give a heads up.

This is a known bug with the way Freelancer displays the speed--no matter what speed you mod the cruise engines to, it will always read 300 on the screen. However, if you watch the distances on your radar, you can see that you are in fact going faster.
Follow up to the Nostra CTD. Whenever a Martina Nostra ship explodes, by player fire or NPC fire, it causea CTD. The instant the ship should go "boom" the game instead crashes out. Also, another thing on the Ferret... it handles a bit like a brick IMO. Not quite the nimble midget I remember it to be.
Re: Ship Levels and Prices ... this is probably one of my biggest concerns. I mean, combat balancing is fairly straightforward ... it either works or it doesn't ... but game balancing is a whole different can of worms.

To make it short, I'm editing the speeds now, but in the meantime, you can distribute your version of the mod around, if you want, and I'll see what the consensis is. Feel free to make any suggestions about prices and leveling up, I need that the most.
Here is my idea of how the ship levels should be set. This is to have the player go through (or not) all of the ships. The idea is that they aren't going to sell the best gear to someone with no reputation. Gotta climb the tree, so to speak. However, I rewrote ptough.ini (file that defines level-up requirements) so it shouldn't be too difficult for the player to get the first 5 or 10 levels.
Level - What you can get.
0 --- WC1 Light/Privateer Light
5 --- WC1 Medium/WC2 Light
10 --- WC1 Heavy/WC2 Medium/WC3 Light/Privateer Medium
15 --- WC2 Heavy/WC3 Medium
20 --- WC3 Heavy/WC4/Privateer Heavy
25 --- Light Cargo Ships (Free Trader, etc)
30 --- Std. Cargo Ships (Drayman, etc)
35 --- Super Cargo Ships (WC3/4 Transport, etc)
38 --- Capital Ships (Exeter, etc)

Also I think weapons shouldn't all be instantly available, and should be set to even number levels, alternating gun/missile. EX:
0 --- Lasers
2 --- Dumbfire
4 --- Mass Driver
6 --- Heat Seaker
Etc etc etc.

This would force the player to actualy play through the weapons instead of fighting with low level weapons and then decking out with tachyons and FoF. Also I'm thinking you should just scrap the stormfire. You just want an uberweapon. :D :p

I made a more progressive level file ( ptough.ini ) and will experiment with it this week when the relatives go home. However I'll be stuck entertaining them until thursday or so. I'll e-mail you the files and you can find a host and link them here.
Actually the Stormfire could work if you made the player pay for the ammo. The easiest way I could think of to do this is to classify the Stormfire as a missile launcher and make it possible to carry several hundred rounds of Stormfire ammo. The Stormfire rounds would then act like tiny high speed, rapid fire missiles (sort of like Mosquito pods in Secret Ops, only more so).
This is how they work now, but if you saw the stats Bob keeps giving them, they'll be the only viable weapon by final. They just keep getting more and more powerful...
I would suggest that players have a choice of two types of guns throughout the game: a longer range, lower-damage gun and a shorter range, higher-damage gun. So at the start, players would choose between Lasers and Mass Drivers, then between Meson Blasters and Neutron Cannons, then between Particle Cannons and Tachyon Cannons, and finally between Ion Cannons and Plasma Cannons. Each "generation" of gun would inflict more damage but consume more power than the preceeding generation.

As for the Stormfire problem, perhaps it would work better to have two levels of Stormfire, one that is available early on and inflicts lower damage, and one that is not available until around level 30 and inflicts higher damage. That way the Stormfire will not be overwhelmingly strong when it is first available, nor will it be uselessly weak at the highest levels.

I would imagine a progression something like this:

Game Start:
--Mass Driver

Level 5
--Stormfire Mk. 1
--Proton Torpedo

Level 10
--Meson Blaster
--Neutron Gun

Level 20
--Particle Cannon
--Tachyon Gun

Level 30
--Ion Cannon
--Plasma Cannon

Level 35
--Stormfire Mk. 2
--Antimatter Torpedo (heavy torpedo about 4X-6X as strong as Proton Torpedo and costing 6X-8X as much)
--other guns?
That could work too, but I was going with the idea of getting new gear between ship levels so that way we have an excuse for keeping the 38 levels. Maybe have the Massdriver and Dumbfire initialy available w/laser and then have the rest gained in the method I gave? As for other guns, I think Bob might be putting in turrets because it is possible to buy capital ships.
Yeah, that can work too. Basically you get to start off with Lasers, Mass Drivers, and Dumbfires available, and other weapons become available as you advance. There should probably be a turret for each gun type too--you could mount all guns on the turrets on the Orion, Centurion, and Galaxy in Privateer after all.
I have a problem with the beta. Whenever I launch to space, the game crashes. I think part of the problem might be because several files would not extract. Here's a list of them.

I had the same problem with extracting files, I think that the zip on that website is corrupted. I asked Bob to send me it directly, and it worked fine.

As for the CTD when launching, it's caused by a missing file that Bob forgot to put in. I believe it was this file. It goes in your freelancer\data\missions folder.
Thanks, I'll try that out and see if it helps. I got some replacements for those ships too by DLing the ship pack on another thread.
Sorry to say it didn't help. I'll contact Bob and see if he can e-mail me the version he gave you guys amd maybe that will work.
FYI if you're trying to play in single player mode you need the OpenSP mod. I would post the link right away, but the Lancer's Reactor site isn't loading for me. I'll try and post it tomorrow.