New Capship

Oops, I mis wrote that! I meant 250 Meters.

Here's my update on my carrier

My Fleet Carrier, a bit scaled down.

Essex Class CV
Length: 1000 meters
Mass: 95,000 tons
Max Speed: 190 Kps
Acceleration: 45 kps^2
Y/P/R 5/5/5
Armament: Dual Tackyon Cannon Turrets (12) Dual Laser Turrets (4) 3x2 IR Missiles 2x1 Torpedo Tubes
Bridge Armor: 3000 Cm
Engine Armor: 3000 Cm
Turret Armor: 900 Cm
Hanger Armor: 2500 Cm
Launcher Armor: 2500 Cm
Core Strenght: 4000 Cm
Crew: 1,500
Fighter Complement: 130
Shuttle Complement: 10
Marine LC Complement: 3
Jump Capable: Yes
Please tell me your reasons why this will supplement/replace the 2669-era Lexington-class heavy carriers when they already are doing a good job in service. Or why one would outfit a fleet carrier with tachyon turrets when the entire purpose of a carrier is not to engage in battle but stand to the side and let the fighters do the job.

Your designs are repetitive and their purpose already filled in. Go look for another design which you can infect :mad:
Since I am somewhat young (a tender young 21), and "enthusiastic" about WC and some of its fan-based projects, I think I'll come up with my own stupid ship design.

"Blitz" Class Super Transport (a.k.a. "Drayman II")

210872323 meters long, with enough cargo space to carry 289723890230982 tons of cargo. Also a launch bay to deploy and recieve its own escort fighters. Armed with 527 gattling, quad-barrelled AMG turrets, and 47 missile turrets that fire cloaking IFF Torpedos at a rate of seven per second. Top speed of 1000 kps, scoops closed, and turns around fast enough to bite its own burst signal transmitter. Armor is 2000 m on each side (yes, 'm', not 'cm') and shields that are as thick as the McAuliffe shields. A jump point generator, for when you can't find a jump point quickly enough. And, the entire cargo ship can cloak . . . and it carries full electronic warfare equipment mounted on the front. And everyone in the crew gets to wear secret decoder rings. And, the pilots for the fighters are hybrid human-kilrathi, so that they have the "warrior spirit" without the tendancy to be assholes about it. Confed is currently planning to build 7,000 of these, and is going to use them to haul garbage from this thread to hell, where it belongs, and kick the ass of anyone who gets in the way while they're at it.

There, that's my new capship design. All because I'm "young and enthusiastic".

(Take this for the joke that its meant to be, honestly. This whole thread has become redundant . . . and, don't ban me, please)

yes, it's surprising how long this thread has lasted. Makes me feel bad that I haven't contributed anything thus far.....

(sarcasm drips)
Okay, my carrier does fill a useless niche so i'm dropping it now. However, I think my Perry Class Frigate is a good design and I've also designed a light cruiser after comparing it to a Plunkett Class Heavy Crusier

Arliegh Burke Class
Class: Light Crusier
Lenght: 600 Meters
Mass: 20,000
Max Speed: 220 Kps
Acceleration: 58 Kps^2
Y/P/R: 6/6/6
Armament: Dual Laser Turrets (18), Triple Heavy Particle Cannon Turrets (2) Dual Heavy Plasma Cannon (1) 2x1 Torpedo Tubes
Bridge Armor:2500 Cm
Engine Armor: 2800 Cm
Launcher Armor: 2000 Cm
Hangar Armor: 2000 Cm
Turret Armor: 800 Cm
Core Strenght: 2000 Cm
Shields: Phase
Fighter Complement: Light (20)
Crew: 550
Jump Capable: Yes
Okay, all I want is three people to give me feedback on my frigate and light crusier and maybe ask me to design one more ship and then it's done. Iv'e also done draeings of the frigate and crusier that someone can model but I need 12 more posts before I can show then so you can expect them preety soon.
Here is a paint drawing of my essex class. I'll post the Perry and Arliegh Burke drawings as soon as i'm done with them :)

Edit: Damn, the file wont post :(
Oh well, I might as well throw something in here in the midst of the storm of ship designs. Here's something: A battlecruiser. IIRC the idea of a BC is to be faster than a normal/heavy cruiser, with lighter defensive (IE anti-fighter) weapons allotment and armor closer to that of a destroyer, or even lighter than. I believe the intent of such ships when they were thought up was for anti-shipping: they weren't quite as expensive as a normal cruiser IIRC, but were faster and thus able to make quick attack runs and then run away, and have the firepower to cause a lot of havok before doing so. And you already have a shift to faster ships that seems to be happening (Hades Quick-Strike Carrier, for example). Why not a cruiser to match?

Abaddon-Class Battlecruiser
Length: 800 meters (shorter, not much longer than a Hades)
Max Velocity: 350 kps (faster, able to keep up with Hades-class)
Acceleration: 55 kps^2
Y/P/R: 5/5/5 deg/s
Guns: Dual Laser Turrets (6), Double Heavy Particle Cannons (2), Double Heavy Plasma Cannons (2)
Turret Strength: 600 cm (200cm lighter than all other capship turrets)
Missiles: Torpedo Tubes (2 fore, 2 aft), Quad Tube FoF Turrets (2)
Front Shield: Phase Shields
Rear Shield: Phase Shields
Bridge Armor: 2500 cm (armored like a destroyer)
Engine Armor: 2000 cm
Fighters: 4 light fighters 2 interceptors (as scouts and point defense)

More of an in-game stats instead of fully detailed novel-esque stats.

History and info: Has anti-fighter weapons (laser/missile turrets) only slightly better than that of a Murphy. However it is meant more to operate with the fighters of a Hades-class, allowing the two ships to work as a two-pronged anti-shipping/fleet force. The Hades' fighters would attack first, weakening up the targets' escorts and then move it's fighters back to provide escort for the Abaddon until it has completed its mission. As a last minute design change two of the double heavy particle turrets (pre-Nephilim design concept had 4) were replaced with double heavy plasma turrets, making it more expensive to produce but also more effective against the new Nephilim threat. However to compensate for the added mass of the heavier guns, 1/4 of the armor had to be removed from all gun turrets and the engines (originally 800/2500) so it could still maintain the speed required.
I like it, here;s a history on my Arliegh Burke Class

Designed to be a direct complement to Hades and Plunkett class ships, the Arliegh Burke class has the same types of weapons as a Plunkett but in lesser quanties. Rather well armed and armored for a Light Crusier, the added protection came at the cost of limiting the max speed to 280 kps. With enough weaponry to counter the Nephilum Destroyer and Crusier, it makes an excellent addition to all battlegroup types or can be used as a patro/interdiction ship. It carries 20 light and medium fighters for scouting and defens. Can also be used as an convoy escort ship.
I don't know enough about Prophecy cruisers to make a judgement but I like the detail you went into tc cgi. BTW, the Hades is a cruiser.
Given that Confed's still recovering from the expenditures of the Kilrathi War and its aftermath (a war-based economy for 40 years does NOT shift out of war production overnight), and how they're apparently still having enough problems with their budgets by WCP time that the senators are talking about a 'Peace dividend'... how the heck is Confed going to afford all these ships? They're still using a mix of older designs and a few newer ones which were probably developed near or just after the end of the Kilrathi War like Plunketts and Murphys along with special craft designed for specific functions, like the Hades-class strike cruisers.

Besides which, one has to remember what the designations mean:

Frigates are cheap warships, meant to be light, fast, and expendable - they're the one of lightest class of capship you have outside of corvettes. They're patrollers, and escorts - in some navies they were larger than destroyers, while they were fast craft in more traditional ones. But they're meant to be cheap and quick, and not nearly as heavily armed, cap-ship combat wise, as cruisers or even destroyers.

Destroyers are very cheap, small warships designed expressly for the purpose of killing other warships in packs. They're also quite disposable, at least compared to other fleet units. They don't have the best armor, but they're definitely speedy and loaded with enough guns and torpedoes to make life interesting for larger craft.

Cruisers are heavier than frigates and destroyers, meant to be fairly fast patrollers who can operate independently of larger capships. They're the backbone of a fleet, and a 'jack of all trades' unit. Heavy cruisers are meant to be mini-battleships in armor and guns, though they're supposed to be optimized more for range combat and less for close-in, which is where destroyers excel.

Battleships are the heavy guns of a fleet action - they're slow, armored, and ungainly, but they're meant to kill other capships by overbearing them through brute force. They can duke it out at close range, and bear enough guns to take on anything else short of another battleship.

Carriers are faster than battleships, but more lightly armored. Most of their mass is taken up by the support equipment and the strike craft they carry; they're light on guns as well, due to this, and probably with less anticapship power than anything short of a frigate. They're meant to deliver faster, smaller strike craft to targets, supporting them in the field.

Dreadnoughts are the bad-ass capships: they're meant to be uglier than battleships, if only due to the larger guns. Slow, ponderous, expensive, and horribly inefficient compared to the other craft above, they're meant to be one of those psychological weapons as much as a gun-heavy tug. :D

Strike cruisers are light carriers with more speed to bring off hit-and-run raids. Light carriers are just that - smaller carriers which cost less, carry fewer craft, but which can cover more area due to the increased numbers of these vessels which can be produced.

Now keep this in mind when building ships - though it'll probably be ignored like the last one.

Especially since the Arleigh Burke class is the current Aegis-carrying cruiser of the US Navy, is it not? Can't you be more original in naming? Zheng-class, or maybe Turner-class? I mean, if you're going to name a cruiser after a dead guy, why not pick a current hero instead of wanting to repeat an American designation for a craft which fell out of service 700 years ago?
I thought the Arleigh Burke class were Aegis carrying destroyers, while the Aegis cruisers were Ticonderoga class? Still, it's been ages since I read up on this stuff.

Best, Raptor
Okay, the name of the Crusier is now the Chien Class (After Bossman)

And here is my frigate which should have the right specs to fit in.

Raynor Class
Class: Frigate
Length: 275 Meters
Mass: 8,830 M Tons
Max Speed: 345 Kps
Acceleration: 78 Kps^2
Armament: 3 DLT, 3 LT and 2x1 Ir Missile
Shields: Phase
B. Armor: 1800 cm
E. Armor: 1800 cm
Turret Strength: 700 cm
Core Strength: 2000 cm
Fighters: None
Jump Capable: Yes
ok, i HAD to get into this one :D

right, the only reason the concordia would be any good in a modern (prophecy) battle would be for the phase transit cannon, however, the behemoths gun is more recent, and un-deniably more powerful.

that said, the behemoths gun needs an entire ship and its reactor leaving virtually no room for engines or armour (see wc3) and so obviously isnt really a practical design for anything short of a ship twice the size of the midway.

so the other weapon option is the hades class' plasma cannon (i believe its one of those) whats the PTC got to beat that?

and finally the cruise speed, ok so the carrier cruises at the speed of a shrike, now dont get me wrong, i liked the shrike, but i sure as hell wouldnt put a carrier around it!

what the hell kind of engines have you got to push something that big, with that much armour?! the power of the engines would have to be greater than the momentum of the ship (basic physics here) (give or take a factor or 2 ;)) and simply put, any engines capable of pushing a ship that big, are gonna require a shitload of reactors, meaning, unless u want to make the ship even bigger to house enough reactors to also fire the guns, then more likely than not, youre gonna be left with a ship that cant fire when its moving, or vice-versa, after all you have also insisted upon carrier space for 360 ships, and the vesuivius with about that many ships is pretty much all carrier space (runways, workshops, crew areas etc) result, the ship is feasibly impractical, and anyway, the huge crystal thing attached to the midway can take the dreadnaught

u have to understand, that most wc ships are going to be the best that the days tech can build, they will most of the time, get the best compromise between speed, fighters and weaponry. plus, throughout all of the WC saga confed are suffering from a major monetary shortage, during the war, theyre pumping everything theyve got into keeping the ships they have alive, and producing missiles and fighters (hence the victory's age and respective power compared to other fighters)
post war, they have to reduce the cost of the fleet, ships capable of doing all the tasks an entire fleet would do, in prophecy era, theres no desire for a ship that can do what yours could do, the midway is teh best ship around, and by the time that confed really get to grips with the idea of the nephilim, they would almost certainly start building specific ships again, like the vesuvius and the plunkett etc, to make a battlegroup that works, the midway is a one off "all-rounder"

and anyway, just out of interest, why did you post it here and not on the WC-Aces Tech board?
Sylvester said:
Raynor Class
Class: Frigate
Length: 275 Meters
Mass: 8,830 M Tons
Armament: 3 DLT, 3 LT and 2x1 Ir Missile

A general question to the community. It might be stupid, sorry if so.

A regular 15m fighter has at least 4 hard points for energy weapons, say 2 laser canons and 2 photon cannons. How come a 275 meter long capital ship is equipped with only 6 turrets? I mean, do the turrets have a longer range than the regular fighter mounted guns? Are they consuming too much power? If they are so powerful, how come the fighter shields can withstand them?

I mean, take a regular carrier from WW2. They were having 10s of flak guns and point defense weapons. I bet you saw the footages from WW2 when these carriers are engaged by enemy aircrafts. The sky was literally full with flak.

Is there a specific reason why there are so little number of defense turrets in WC capital ships?
look at the flak in wc2 etc, theres a shit load of coverage, flak isnt represantative of the flak guns, the ammo splits into thousands of bits (ok maybe not that many ;)

besides, theyre not that few, the vesuvius has about 50 i think? (not sure exactly)
Murray said:
A general question to the community. It might be stupid, sorry if so.

A regular 15m fighter has at least 4 hard points for energy weapons, say 2 laser canons and 2 photon cannons. How come a 275 meter long capital ship is equipped with only 6 turrets? I mean, do the turrets have a longer range than the regular fighter mounted guns? Are they consuming too much power? If they are so powerful, how come the fighter shields can withstand them?

I mean, take a regular carrier from WW2. They were having 10s of flak guns and point defense weapons. I bet you saw the footages from WW2 when these carriers are engaged by enemy aircrafts. The sky was literally full with flak.

Is there a specific reason why there are so little number of defense turrets in WC capital ships?

The simple reason is power plant distribution. Capital ships are much more complex then fighters, and has a lot more essential needs. Capital ships has to be able to distribute their power to maintain not only shields, engines, weapons, radar, jamming systems, communications, redundant backup systems, and damage control systems, but also necessities to maintain 200 to 300 people such as electricity, logistics, recycling system, sleeping facilities, hygeine facilities, food, artificial gravity, etc etc etc. Basically, you can see that a capship needs a lot more resources to run then your average fighter. You can't sleep, eat, shit, work out, make love inside a fighter, but you can do so on a capital ship.

Putting too much weaponry on a capital ship will only suck power from the power plant that is needed to run all of these other things. It would be really dumb if there was enough energy to power over 100 dual laser turrets, when the entire crew is already dead because there wasn't enough power to run the oxygen recycling system.

In addition, there are facilities which need electrical power and targeting systems to point and fire these turrets. All a fighter pilot needs to do is line up his fighter on the target, press a button on his joystick and his guns and missiles will fire. But capital ships have multiple batteries in which each one has to be able to operate independently of itself, turn by itself, and fire at a target. In addition, they have to have targeting systems that can individually target an attack a fighter/capital ship, or link it with the main gunnery officer in command. All of this stuff, plus the backup resources incase the ship gets crippled in combat (no capital ship is designed without some sort of backup or redundant system), requires energy from the power plant.

This is why many people just don't get it. It's the same reason why we don't mount hundreds of gun and missile mounts on our current warships of today.

But for all its worth, in the WC novels there's mention of, in addition to the dual laser turrets and Anti-Matter Guns, other weaponry that complements it and helps in point defense. They exist, but due to game engine limitations, they are not there.

The warships in the Terran Confederation Navy carry two types of weapon systems: guns and warheads. All capital ships carry guns, but not all of them carry warheads.

The guns are classified into four categories:

Main Battery – these are the largest guns on a capital ship. These usually include multiple anti-matter guns for cruisers, a single one (or two) for destroyers, turreted lasers for fleet carriers, frigates, and corvettes. It should be noted that turreted lasers are main battery for fleet carriers, since they do not carry any larger energy weapons. The Vesuvius-class is however, an exception.

Secondary Battery – These are the second-to-largest batteries carried on fighting ships, for cruisers and destroyers these are turreted dual lasers. These are general purpose weapons that can fight both fighters and capital ships.

Tierary Weapons – Some capital ships carry a third level of energy weapons. Basically capship mounted versions of fighter based laser cannons, these automated weapons (similiar to the 20mm cannons or .50 cal machine guns of WW2 fleet carriers) are programmed to engage any fighter or warship within 5000 kilometers. Tierary guns are considered point defense weaponry because they are normally too light to prove to be any offensive threat. Why? Because they just comprise of fighter-size laser cannons, the same mounted on fighters. And we all know that pinpricking a large capital ship to death with just a pair of laser cannon . . . well . . . sucks.

Close-In Weapons – Gatling mass driver miniguns are considered a capship’s last ditch defense. If all else fails, they have to run the gauntlet.

Many of ConFleet’s fighting warships, such as cruisers and destroyers, carry these four types of weaponry. However, other ships such as fleet carriers, frigates, and corvettes employ turreted lasers as main battery, there are no secondary battery.

That was my theory on capital ship design. You newbies can take this advice into heart, or you can just write it off as "generic hateful statements". It's up to you.

Just an "idiot"