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psych said:
Hey Haesslich, what the hell ever happened to Herr Borty anyway? :p

Don't ask me. After the SRA died the second time, I never kept in contact with him... I think he hated my guts for that last RPG session. ;)

Herr Borty does NOT like to be crossed. So when you do it and don't back down... things go kablooey.
Enterprise Class ( The Enterprise is a old American Carrier, look up CV 6)
Class: Fleet Carrier
Length: 1100 Meters
Mass: 145,000
Fighters: 150

See, again, you've created a "medium carrier" that's heavier than any *fleet* carrier.

All of these names came from US Carriers that served in WW II

Many of them, however, are already in use. There's already a TCS Saratoga, TCS Intrepid, TCS Lexington, TCS Ranger and TCS Princeton.

Class: Heavy Crusier (CCH)

Psych and I had a discussion about this yesterday. According to False Colors, a light cruiser is LCA... which means that a heavy cruiser would either be HCA or simply CA.

TCS Paladin CT 1

Nothing to do with you, but I thought it'd be neat to let everyone know that in the original script to Prophecy, the TCS Eisen is actually the TCS Paladin.

I know the Enterprise is an American Carrier, but the whole ST crossover thing doesn't sit well with me.

I actually sort of like it -- I understand why they were nervous about having a TCS Enterprise in a game... but carriers named Enterprise are a proud naval tradition, and it actually makes a heck of a lot more sense for the name to go to a WC ship.

Thats a load of carriers! That raises a few questions from me, about how many carriers are active at the height of the Confederations power (I'm guessing that this was just before the McAulffie [sp?] Confederation Day attack) and how many carriers are there usually in a fleet?

The highest I've figured is thirty fleet carriers, immediately after WCP (Mistral Sea being the 30th). The 'war era' average was between eight and sixteen at a time. Carriers were produced pretty constantly -- but they were often destroyed even more quickly. I worked out a nice chart of what was produced when, from 2634 to 2681.

Carriers, of course, weren't big at the outset of the war -- so there isn't any clear information on how many there were. Fifteen Bengals would have been built by the start of the war... although many of them may have been lost in the Pilgrim conflict.

Well, what qualities should be in a heavy crusier, destroyer and corvette. Tell me and I'll design a good ship around them. I also have some sketches of the Enterprise Class but I don't know how to post them, could you tell me?

If you e-mail the pictures to me (, I can put them online for you.

I think the key to designing a ship is to look at other ships of the same class. You want to make a destroyer? Make sure it masses similar to the Exeter and the Gilgamesh... and so forth.
Well the reason why I said that the enterprise class is a fleet carrier is because as you notice, the ranger class were originally considered fleet carriers. Then the Concordia class were fleet carriers. This class is the replacement for the concordia class. It is about half the size and displacement of the Midway so it makes it comprable if you consider the Midway a Mega Carrier ( 2x as big as my ship) and the the Vesuvius (about 50% larger than mine) is a heavy carrier then you could consider my ship a medium carrier which would be built in more numerous numbers than the Midway and Vesuvius classes and make up the bulk of confleds new carrier fleet replacing the concordia class hence it woould be the new *fleet* carrier. BTW, I thought the Lexington was destroyed by the BW and the Saratoga at the BoT.
I don't think the Ranger-class was ever considered a fleet carrier -- the first reference to them, in Action Stations, calls them light carriers.

According to the WCIV novel, the Lexington was disabled (you can actually do this in the game -- leech it instead of destroying it and you get a different cut scene)... the Saratoga was one of the carriers which survived FA, IIRC -- and then it shows up in Victory Streak.
Well I saw in the BS database that when the Ranger came out in 2579, it was considered a fleet carrier until the Concordia class came out and then it was downgraded to light carrier status. I'm also increasing the speed to 180 KPS to make it faster than the vesuvius and giving it two wings so it has 200 fighters. *(This is logical because my ship weighs a little bit more than half of the Vesuvius so it should have half as many fighters.
hahahahahahahahahahaha! :) Tell tolwyn that!

Okay, so what do you think of my speed and fighter adjsutments. :)

Edit: Also, if not a fleet carrier, what should mine be considered?
Here's the new Destroyer:

Perry Class
Class: Destroyer
Length: 530 meters
Mass: 22,000 metric tons
Max. Velocity: 220 KPS
Cruise Velocity: 170 KPS
Acceleration: 12 kps/s
Max Y/P/R
Armanment: 10 PD mass driver turrets, 2 ion cannons and 5 torpedo tubes
Shields: Phase 2400 Cm
Shield Recharge: 235 cm/s
Front Armor: 1200 Cm
Rear armor: 1200 Cm
Side Armor: 1200 Cm
Fighter Complement: 20

TCS Perry DD 540
TCS Reuben James DD 541
TCS Fletcher DD 542
TCS Marc Mitscher DD 543
TCS Douglas MacArthur DD 544
TCS Issac Hull DD 545

Consider it the next step up from the 2672 Coventry class destroyer.
Sylvester said:
hahahahahahahahahahaha! :) Tell tolwyn that!

Okay, so what do you think of my speed and fighter adjsutments. :)

Edit: Also, if not a fleet carrier, what should mine be considered?

I don't know what the BS database is, or even who 'tolwyn' is (I imagine there's about 6,398 WC fans with that /nick...). If it's not in an official source, then you shouldn't trust it (G)

I think the speed is fine, but I don't think anyone will take a new carrier with more than one wing of fighters seriously.
Tolwyn, the guy who runs Battlegroup Serpent.

Well the vesuvius has 4 wings, why can't my carrier which is half the size have 2?
I'm not really familiar with Battlegroup Serpent -- but it's certainly not canon. :)

Because from the perspective of the WC universe, multiple wings of fighters is an extravagence -- something that's wildly uncommon.
Sylvester . . . shut up . . . please. One thing you need to learn is that the only thing that is canon is the actual game and novels.

In fact, for any future reference I classify any info from any WC fan project, mod, story, webpage, or what not in three types:

1) Fan stuff that is totally undeniable. For example, The Tiger's Claw was a Bengal-class carrier, Tolwyn was the CO of the 14th Fleet, etc etc

2) Fan stuff that has was meant to fill in the gaps that the canon information leaves out. This includes renderings of ships we know exist from the canon, but we never seen them before. Or talking about Confed fleet movements that were seperate of your ship in WC, we know that they were there, but we don't know exactly. Any info that does this is in the gray area, we can't confirm nor deny it, simply because there hasn't been enough information.

3) Stuff that directly contradicts the canon stuff. This is the stuff that the WC Aces Club specializes in, and something you will too. This is stuff like having a new country/faction because you just felt like having one, or making a new carrier because you felt like making one, to having Hellcats with fusion cannons, or saying the Fralthra is a light cruiser (she's a heavy). Or saying Thrakhath's personal fighter is a Darket. Or saying that the Border Worlds have supercarriers. You get the picture.

If you are going to do any fan project, try to make your stuff in either type 1 or 2. Try to go by the official line, but when that route draws up a dead end, and you are in an area in which requires information that no one can confirm or deny, then take a liberty, and do it sparingly. It's any WC fan projects responsbility to fill in the gaps between the canon, not create a total difference to the canon.
Bandit LOAF said:
I'm not really familiar with Battlegroup Serpent -- but it's certainly not canon. :)

Because from the perspective of the WC universe, multiple wings of fighters is an extravagence -- something that's wildly uncommon.

They're also horribly expensive - especially when you lose them. :P They're better off spread out a little bit, among two or three ships than they are crammed all into one craft that (if destroyed) leaves them stranded in an area...
Bob, Bob, Bob... if you put something on the internet, no matter what it is, half the population will believe that it's true. And that's being generous.

I havent read through the whole thread, but I'v just made a new capship.about 1000 meters long, got 2 hangar decks.

Here are the pics.

She has no name yet, you should help with it, and some correct stats .


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1, your ship looks very similar to mine except mine is sleeker, has larger engines and has the bridge on the centerline.