Let's replay WC....as a community!

If you want to post about it that's fine but don't include it in the threads about WC1 when it starts next week.

Hmm. Admittedly I was pretty tempted by posting about RoT missions at the same time (since it's the "Kilrathi" version of WC1)... Thanks for mentioning it, I won't do it.

In my previous post, I was just wondering if any SM3/RoT players would be interested in doing a similar replay... It doesn't necessarily have to happen in your threads. ;)
Just to remind....The time is almost here.

The greatest replay in replay history is upon us. Somebody call Guinness.

This Sunday it's going to start with the one that started them all (amazing isn't it?) Wing Commander.

I'll start a thread Sunday when I wake up (so probably 9:30-10am EST) called "Wing Commander Replay Week 1"

Week 1 will cover 3 systems. What systems those are after Enyo are up to you. The direct winning path is Enyo, McAuliffe, Gimle. The direct losing path is Enyo, Gateway, Cheng-du. There are also multiple other paths which I won't outline here for brevity but you can check them out in the CIC Game Guides.

So my point is after you've completed 3 systems contain yourselves for the week, yes I know it is difficult, get your ass here and make your posts. The format for the posts are completely left up to the individual, so feel free to express your experience in any way you like. I'm curious to see what you guys can cook up, as I'm still thinking about how I want to do my own.

So get your copies of WC, KS, whatever format you have WC1 in make sure it's installed and ready to rock in 4 days.

That is all.
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"Contain yourselves"? C'mon, there's no way I can do that, so I think I'll just go through all 6 systems (Enyo, McAuliffe, Gimle, Gateway, Chengdu, Brimstone), if you don't mind. :D
i just did this over the past couple monhts. im up to WC4 at the moment. heh no way im going thru all that again. plus the crazy crashing of WC3 KS
Allow me express my happiness

I have just bought a copy of Wing Commander : Prophecy from Starvector (for approximately $69, shipping costs included). Only two more to go (Academy and Arena). Oh, and possibly the English version of WC4. And a joystick so I can actually play Armada. :D

I should easily be able to play through Prophecy at least once before the Prophecy replay starts (the copy should be in the mailbox in about 5 days).
You should wait. I know it's hard, but it would be great to see your first experiences play out in the replay.

You don't need a joystick to play Armada, I play with the mouse/keyboard all the time. It works fairly well.
Fine. If you think that's better, I'll try to wait. :)

(I did play through Secret Ops, so I don't think I'll actually need a very long time to understand Prophecy's engine, but you never know.)

Playing Armada with the keyboard doesn't work too well for me (translation : I suck), and I don't think it's possible to play the original version of Armada with the mouse. If there's a way, though, I'd certainly be glad to hear it.
I have just bought a copy of Wing Commander : Prophecy from Starvector (for approximately $69, shipping costs included). Only two more to go (Academy and Arena). Oh, and possibly the English version of WC4. And a joystick so I can actually play Armada. :D

That's great that you got Prophecy, but Starvector is kind of a ripoff. You should keep an eye on ebay for any other games that you're missing.
Ah, thanks, I didn't know that. I did think it was a bit expensive, but when I saw the chance to buy Prophecy, I took it without question. :)

(Come to think of it, I forgot about Privateer 2 - I'll have to save some money for that one as well.)
We are fast approaching the conclusion of what I originally set out to do and complete the main series as a community.

I've already decided to continue the replay into Armada, the Privs and the fan mods (UE, Standoff, Saga).

Chris pointed out how Armada has a co-op ability. After SO I'd like to jump into Armada with several teams of two. If you haven't joined the replay yet, or ever played Armada online, this is the time to get into it! Armada counts both kill scores and a high score format so that the winners can have bragging rights over well us :D I think this is something we could have a lot of fun with.

After Armada, we will jump into Privateer. First week will not be about campaign missions. Instead, we will use that week to get our ships campaign ready and share our methods getting to our ideal ship. Then we'll jump in like normal.

The same will go for Privateer 2.

After we'll finish off with the fan mods. By the time we get there we might even have a few more fan missions to fly. We've already replayed for almost a year and are just about done the main series. I encourage others to jump in at any point and post your mission stories.

Thanks for replaying...