I can't say that I agree with their conclusion


The thing about the SW characters is that they are basically stereotypes: princess, young hero waiting to prove himself, handsome rogue who gets princess, evil overlord with supernatural powers, etc. This lets them have wide appeal, but they are ultimately shallow.

WC has guys like Maniac, and such. Blair, the main hero, blows up the bad guys' planet... would Skywalker ever do that (except under the influence of the Dark Side)?

and earlier I meant to say "far more 'crunk' THAN the other," instead of the word "that".
Allow me to make my first post utilize some primely underused geekiness:

The comment about the "manuverability" of the Confed Behemoth in comparison to the Death Stars are a mute point- why bother bringing a planet sized battlestation, or even a tandem carrier sized cruiser into battle, when you can bring out the Sun Crusher (yes, it's Kevin J. Anderson BS I know, but this is what we're doing here- BSing), a fighter-sized starship that's not only capable of destroying an entire solar system (and survive the gravatomic/heat/overdensity devastation involved with a star going nova), but was utilized as a torpedo in and of itself by traversing not past, but through, a Star Destroyer from stem to stern without so much as a scratch, while fully coring it's opposition.

This is truly a case of "anything you can do I can do better".

Now, all that aside, I bring you the quandry of what I think is an even BETTER question-

Blair all but had himself killed when he went head to head with Seether according to the book form of "the Price of Freedom". It wasn't Blair's skill, but the blind luck that the GE didn't finish what he had on his plate before moving on to dessert that let him live. And a quick reading of "Dark Force Rising" shows us that, even without the Force-denying aliens in cage backpacks, Luke had a deal of difficulty in dealing with the clone soldiers Thrawn laid out for him to deal with due to the inability to differentiate one from another by their personal "echo" in the Force itself.

So, I give you the true battle between the two universes- Blair's DNA unchained (remember- the GE's double helix was based on that of Maverick), versus "the one who will restore balance"; Seether versus Skywalker.

Will Seether's ego again be his own destruction?
Will the Force abandon Skywalker in his moment of greatest need?
Will fanboys the galaxy over wet themselves at the thought of this battle for the ages?


(Skip the matter of X-Wing v. Dragon- pick one, put the other pilot in whichever you choose, and adjust for the disadvantaged getting applicable experience in that craft.)