I can't say that I agree with their conclusion


Ripper said:
He explained it, he didn't *prove* it.

Prove it. :D
To explain how speed has an effect on time:
Let's say a ship is traveling from Earth and someone on earth shines the light at the ship every thirty seconds and the ship does the same to the Earth. Imagine the lights as concentric circles that expand from the center each object. As the ship flies away, the circles are thirty seconds apart, but after tthe ship turns around and comes back, the lights are not thirty seconds apart. They are closer, of course.

Earth ) (----(----(----( (Ship> going away

Earth ) (----(---(--(- ((<Ship) coming back

It is hard to explain. I saw a video in science class that TOTALLY made sense, but I think I just cause more confusion. I have no business explaining lightspeed or time.
In short, you don't have to be going lightspeed to have an effect on time, it is just that the effect is only noticable when you are moving at lightspeed.
So. If you want to stay young, while everyone else gets old, go REALLY REALLY FAST.

Also, pineapples are like grenades (best fruit ever).


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You're talking about the Doppler effect.

And once again, you're explaining, not proving. Best get started on the ol' warp drive to prove it. ;)

And grenades are not like fruit. They're a hand delivered anti-personnel munition. :D


Some grenades look just like pineapple, and are nicknamed "pineapples". They explode with flavor.

But anyway, I guess you are the kind of person who won't believe anything unless you see it, so I'll go work on the 'ol warp drive and get back to you in a few decades (or maybe my future self will use a time machine and bring the technology... *note to self: use time machine to bring back warp drive or whatever it'll be called.)

*from future self: it's not the doppler effect, we're talkin about light and time here, and I can't bring anything back for fear of paradoxes.

Lord Tauk

BlackJack2064 said:
I am not even really sure that "light speed" is an appropriate term for Star Wars speed.

"No no no no, light speed's too slow, prepare ship, for LUDACRIS SPEED"

Otherhand, Im not sure who'd win. If Luke didn't use the force in anyway possible in a figher to figher combat, I'd have to say Blair could win a little more easily than Luke.


I say leave Skywalker and Blair out of this and talk about fruit.
Fruit: Hand-delivered anti-hunger munitions.
Tomatoes are fruit. Just look at them. Tricking people into thinking they are vegetables.

Go ahead and go "LUDACRIS" speed. You'll fly through the frickin' window when you try to stop.


Ah, I was wondering why he was banned. Seriously, on the topic of this thread, I have to agree with Wedge:

Wedge009 said:
I'd much rather that they'd talk about the good times over a drink or two. :)
I think he said it well.


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Holy crap the whole threads gone to plad!
Stop this thing!
We can't stop we need to slow down first!
I don't care stop this thing!

Spaceballs is great....Lonestar's RV could probably down a few fighters before being blown away....