I can't say that I agree with their conclusion

Confed makes up of about 500 star systems and during the it's height in the Kilrathi War had 15 carriers or so, probably a few thousand destroyers, cruisers and the such. At its hieght the empire composed itself at 1 million star systems with thousands of star destroyers, and hundreds of other ships per each one. Every planet worth anything was protected by sheild generators that made it nearly impossible to attack from orbit.

Coruscant has more people on it, than the entire confederation, and it's shields have been said to be able to repel the superlaser, and you won't find a fault line on the entire planet. The only part of the world that you can still see are the tips of the Manarai Mountains, the highest chain on the planet, everything else is covered by Kilometers of city. My information says Corascant could house anywhere from 60 to 600 billion people. That is just one world from a thousand thousand. There is a Star System in Star Wars that is defended by two sector fleets like 4,000 ships, which of those 50 are star destroyers.

Vader's "Death" fleet was 40 star destroyers in size centered around the Exetor a 16.4 kilometer star destroyer with over 500 cannons, each star destroyer is nearly 2k long and has a crew of 50,000 men.

Even at it's weakest, 20 years after return of the Jedi, the empire still had some 300 systems and 250 star destroyers, not counting other vessels, such as dreadnaughs, Nebulon-B Frigates, Carrack Light Cruisers, Lancer Frigates, and Strike Cruisers.
There was a reason why the Rebellion only fought one major fleet battle in the war,they would have never won.

It would be pure attrition, the Empire would steamroll over Confed like we did Iraq in desert storm.


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Fenris Ulven said:
one thing i dont like in SW is that they travel in light speed. if you do it you will also travel in time.

Let's try this again....

Prove it! ;)


In traveling at the speed of light time passes slower relatively for the traveler.

For example: If you flew off to explore the universe at the speed of light, everyone else would get older a lot faster while time seems to be passing normally for the traveler and everyone else.

I think that Einstein explains it with his theory of relativity.

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There's an old saying: People who are fans of horrible Descent cash-ins shouldn't troll Wing Commander message boards. Somehow, I think it's almost appropriate here.

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Kazan said:
I'm sure a flamewar will ensue now

The lesson to be learned here is if you think what you're going to post will provoke a flame war, don't post it. Or at least word it in a way to be a unoffensive as possible.

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That's true. I'm happy to debate movie v. games... but randomly showing up in the middle of an unrelated thread and going "hah, that'll start a flamewar" is a one-way ticket back to Stupidtown.

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Heck, this thread proves through and through why the "Something" vs "Something" threads are FORBIDDEN. Lots of people who can't spell comparing made up numbers and talking endlessly of completely unrelated fictional universes written by completely unrelated people. C'mon, there is no way to compare Star Detroyers, Behemoths, Shadow cruisers, Vogons, Enterprises, Fireflies etc. It is like comparing the exact quantity of Magical Energy (tm) in a Balrog and Harry Potter, or the destructive power of a D&D fireball and a MAgic the Gathering card.
I am not even really sure that "light speed" is an appropriate term for Star Wars speed. It is also called hyperspace, and is described sort of in a way of warp speed, an alternate sub space that ships cut through to make things faster.


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Remember: Compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. It really isn't fair or accurate to pit two totally different forces together and declare a winner on common ground.

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That chesnut has always bugged me. I think there's even a Book quote about it. It doesn't make sense - why can't you compare two different things? That's the freaking point of comparisons. "Apples are red... whereas oranges are orange!" Why in the universe should we ever not be able to make a statement like that?

The expression should be "Don't judge apples as oranges."...