hey all

BTW, I too remembered the Escort Carriers in TIE Fighter, only those were really big, and therefore not related to the Tarawa.

And I thought the ship in ER was supposed to be the Concordia, only drawn incorrectly.
I think it is Concordia....except I don't know what kinda ship class that is...ain't Confederation or Concordia-class.
The ships on the cover of Fleet Action are Hakaga class carriers that are mentioned in the book. Of course, they don't look exactly like a typical Kilrathi ship, but who cares? That's the Tarawa on the cover of End Run. Tarawa is an escort carrier (also referred to as "jeep carriers" , if I'm not mistaken, and "Wake Class" carriers).

For Action Stations, we haven't seen any of the ships form that period. For all we know, one of those could be the first TCS Concordia. Or perhaps the mothership of the race that dropped you off here. The helmet looks like some sort of poorly done Halloween costume, and the girls . . well . . . I'm assuming they're just on the cover to attract the interest of people who judge books by the cover.

The only cover I'm not entirely sure about is Freedom Flight, because I know that isn't the Bonny Heather, and it doesn't look like any other class of ship/fighter mentioned in the games or in the book. I'm assuming it must be the Kilrathi installation that they infiltrate.
Edfilho said:
Hum. I really hate all of Wc's books' covers. Only the game -correspondent ones are ok... and the one with a Excalibur. But AS, FA and ER are reeeeeally bad. AS's one is laughable with that pathetic helmet. And those totally generic and completely unrelated cap ships on FA's cover give me the creeps.

Speaking of unrelated convers. Have you ever seen the covers of the german versions of the novels? They always have a picture of some generic person walking/running around on the cover(at least those that I know of, I prefer to read the english originals)
Those covers give them a great pulp novel feel, which is much like how Forstchen writes half the time.
That isn't Tarawa on End Run...it's too big...it's gotta be a bad rendition of the Confederation-class Dreadnoughts.
Well, I think they conclusively proved that it couldn't be the Concordia/Confederation-class, since there are apparently some important differences. I think it's plausible that it could be the Tarawa. As for the Hakagas, though, I've actually seen the same design on a lot of books published by Baen. I'm assuming it's stock cover art, at least in parts.

Yeah, and where were all the hot chicks in Action Stations that were on the cover, eh? ;)
The FA coverships were generic looking in the "massive armored dreadnaught" way that seemed to be popular to make twenty or thirty years ago... to be quite honest the first time I see that style of ships I cant help but think "where have I seen this before?". However, those are both vicious-looking enough to suit my taste and similar enough to the Ralari to indicate that someone paid at least *SOME* attention to the games, therefore I do not complain.

Twink idea of the moment: replace the hangars on the Hakaga with externally mounted Big Plasma Guns and associated powerplants.
Uh... About End Run... it is a book about a ship which looks like the Concordia - it's not a book about a ship which looks totally different from the Concordia, but happens to have a poorly drawn Concordia on the cover.
GeeBot said:
Yeah, and where were all the hot chicks in Action Stations that were on the cover, eh?

They were part of a sub-plot that got left out of the story. Apparently, Geoff and Vance started dating twins, and there was a whole love scene that got edited from the book for being "unrealistic". Eventually, the whole thing was scrapped. (Btw, if you even remotely believed any of that, then . . yikes)
LeHah said:
The last thing that picture is is poorly drawn.

I think he meant that it'd be a poorly-drawn Concordia, not a poorly-drawn Tarawa. Incidentally, I don't see why the Tarawa couldn't be a scaled down Confederation-class design. They both date from the same era, before WC3 (and presumably after WC1). Perhaps that's simply the way they designed carrier decks back then (non-covered style). Remember, the carriers from WC3-WC4 have similar protusions.
Thing is, Wake Class carriers weren't designes as carriers from scratch. They were carriers made from a modified transport design. I believe the book describes them as transports with a hangar tacked onto the bottom.
Nope. Admittedly, I don't recognize the design of the transport that got converted into Tarawa. But, we do read in the story that Thrakhath briefly mistakes Tarawa for the Concordia, so we know that Tarawa looks like a small concordia with a bay slung underneath. If you go to the Standoff ( www.standoff.solsector.net ) website, you can see some screenshots (as in, go to the screenshots section) of a Wake carrier (TCS Firekka in Standoff), which is the same design as Tarawa. You can even see the bay slung underneath (and, indeed, it is pretty small; just like the book says).
I've always thought the Tarawa/Wake class escort carrier on the cover of ER shared enough characteristics with the Clydesdale to be a conversion, mainly the green mounts for the forward and aft fins/sections (which look like the main sections of the Tarawa's structure) and the Clydesdales forward bridge (which would account for the foreward "dome" structure on the Tarawa).
Also if you look carefully in the corner, you will see a capship that resembles the Tarawa's structure, yet very basic (same "sections" look to it, forward prongs, aft bridge, etc). This could be the transport that was trafficing the marines to Vukar Tag with Tarawa in escort. If this is the case, this un-named class of transport could have been the basis for the Wake-class design. Just some thoughts.