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Edfilho said:
I'd rather trust my own imagination... Try to picture, a world without PCs or even TVs!!!

You can live in that World, just don't watch TV and get off the PC. There are still jobs that require little computer interaction. :)

Edfilho said:
And just to clear the record, I'm not stating that the picture cannot be the Hakaga ever. I'm just saying that it is not the definitive depiction of the carrier. You might consider it the Hakaga's likeness, but in this particular case, I believe people are free to imagine it to be however they want it to be. Unlike ships that appear INGAME, those are pretty accounted and spoken for.

I don't think there really is such a thing as a "definitive deceptions" for a WC ship. The fighters from SWC don’t look like their WC1 correspondents, nor does the movie Tiger Claw. If someone makes a Hakaga that doesn't look exactly like the cover of FA I don't think it would be such a problem.

Jason_Ryock said:
but that you are the jackasses for accepting it.

Perhaps if you presented your opinion on a more civilized way you wouldn't be called a jackass.
Jason_Ryock said:
As for being a jackass, well, I find it rather ironic that asking about someone elses obvious mistake makes me a jackass when the person who made the mistake's argument says he's right because he compares himself to someone like Stalin and Fidel, which I personally don't find very funny.
I'm at a loss here as to which mistake I've made - if naming the CVEs "Wake-class" was a mistake, I would first like to say that:

a) I had to name them something, and Wake is one of the acceptable names, so you can't prove it's wrong, exactly like I can't prove it's right.

b) I didn't compare myself to Fidel to say I'm right, I did that to say that in my mod, things work my way, and I don't care what you or the pope have to say about it.

As you might recall, your original post was "why is everyone calling CVEs Wake-class?", and my reply was "because even though the CVEs don't have a official name, I had to give them one in my mod - most people seem to just go with this, although it's not canon." You then managed to ignore ALL the relevant parts of my post, and post a reply that was TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the subject which was being discussed, and whose whole purpose seemed to be flaming me based on a MIS-INTERPRETATION of the most irrelevant sentence in my entire post.

I didn't flame you at all in my original post, and I was offended by your subsequent post, given how you just decided to let go of the whole CVE-naming subject and flame me (presumably because I have no intention of doing things your way, or something - I really can't see what I've done to you besides naming the carriers, which it seems you would rather have remain unnamed, EXCLUSIVELY IN THE FAN PROJECT WHICH BELONGS TO ME).

Jason_Ryock said:
I used to imagine that WC Fan Projects held themselves to a higherlevel of excellancy, instead, just like fan sites who can't find a name, they simply pick a name of the class and slap it on there for lack of any concrete, to be better then the fan sites they're imitating, simply by using a differant name.
I don't hold myself to any level of excellency at all. I do what I want to do with my work, and I'll whore myself out for whatever reason I want to whenever I feel like it, if that's what you're implying. However, I see no connection between my project and any fan sites, and I see ABSOLUTELY no attempt made by me to "imitate" a fan site with my project, because that doesn't even begin to make any sense.

As for slapping a name on the class, I slapped one of the 4 or 5 possible names. What would you rather have me do? E-mail Mr. Forstchen and ask him for his personal pick instead? (Just for the record, for whoever still wants to discuss this subject, and not just flame me: Forstchen's personal opinion on anything isn't canon unless it's written down on official WC material, AFAIK... so even if I could email him and ask, I'd still stick with my personal favorite instead of his, since Standoff is my work).

Jason_Ryock said:
Frankly, I don't understand why you see it necessary to debase me by calling me a jackass, and discounting my opinion simply because I am a "non-member" of this place.
I called you a jackass on account of you ignoring all relevant parts of my post (probably seeing how you'd have no basis to keep arguing your point), singling out a totally irrelevant sentence, taking it out of context, and then posting a reply which contained nothing but insults to my intelligence. For that, sir, you are indeed one of the most pathetical assholes I've ever met, no matter which organizations you are a non-member or member of.

The way I see it, YOU tried to debase ME by calling me an ignorant in the events of history, possibly because that's all your intelect seemed to allow for after my very clear explanation of why I chose the "Wake" name (seeing as how you've made some brillitant statements, such as how Wake island "was" an island, etc, you're probably not that bright).

Jason_Ryock said:
Your opinions have circulated amoung your elitist group so tightly for so long that they need some re-interpretation from objective sources, as opposed to from each of you, who have heard them all so many times you simply accept the things people say as being factual simply because the person saying them has many many many posts.
Ok, so let's see your re-interpretation. Which of the following do you prefer:

See? It's a random choice, you have no way of ruling out any of those names. So in the end it'd be your random pick against mine... and I'm pretty sure my random pick has more value to me, since I made it strictly clear all along that I don't make the canon, and Wake is simply the name I'm using on MY project.

Also notice that the reason my random pick has more value than yours to most of the people who post on these forums is not because I have more posts than you, but because I have contributed more to the community than you have. Not with endless posting, but with actual work in trying to revive the WC series, if only in a strictly non-canon way. I don't see you waving around any CVEs in your fan projects, so how do you expect people to agree with you instead of me on this subject?

Jason_Ryock said:
I would submit that I am not the jackass for challenging an unsupport opinion, but that you are the jackasses for accepting it.
No, I'm pretty sure you're the jackass alright.

Bandit LOAF said:
I'm mixed up - I'm thinking of the Sheffield-type discussions. My claim regarding the CVEs was that they were one of five possible classes: Crete, Gallipoli, Iwo Jima, Saipan and Wake. In the absense of any other information - and the desire to have a specified class name for a project - Wake-class is certainly acceptable.
Now that's more like the conversation I remember having with you :p For anyone who's still interested in the subject, and not just in flaming me for not having understood irrelevant parts of my posts, I picked Wake among the available choices just because I think it sounds better than the rest.

Edfilho said:
Pois é indeed... eloquent words from a fellow Ed :p
The nerve...
You don't have to lick the boots of the fan projcts people, but you can at least be a little thankfull. Even if someone has something to criticize about such projects, you can surely dissent without debasing everyone and their mothers.

For instance, I still think we should ignore the WCM new stuff and I don't consider priv2 to be in the WCU. I spent MONTHS argueing that with LOAF and KrisV. And we still pretty much disagree on those matters up to the present. That doesn't mean I'm gonna visit their forum and start calling them names. Inteligent people know how to debate without being jackasses and pissing everyone else off.

BTW, you must be a pain in your techers' asses.
Slightly off topic

To support one of my [post=197275]earlier contentions[/post], I thought I'd mention that the Xbox's case is bulletproof. (I found the link at Blue's a few days back)

As for the whole Wake-class whatever thing, I personally kinda like Tarawa-class/type/whatever just on the theory that "normal" people will know WTF I'm talking about, kinda like how NATO gave a bunch of BS designations like Alfa and Golf to Russian subs because they weren't sure what the Russian names were (or maybe just because they couldn't pronounce them). However, for things like ships (www.wcnews.com) databases (www.uranium238.com) and stuff (www.wc-aces.com), relative obscurity probably isn't a big problem (heck, it's probably an advantage... you always sound more knowledgable when you talk about ships being of a class based on a ship that nobody else has ever heard of). :)

P.S. I'm not commenting on the relative accuracies of various ship databases, since they've been compiled over different times for different purposes (I tend to regard the CIC one as most authoritative, on the theory that the CIC operators spend all their time arguing over the most trivial details of such matters)... just wanted to have an interesting variety of links. :)
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