hey all


My last visit here was on 9-9-01. 9-11-01 kinda took my mind off of WC..and other things. Well, I'm kinda back, re-reading all my old WC novels and hunting down the PS1 and Super Nintendo games. Is WC III and IV good on PS1? Is WC good on Super Nintento? Did they make a WC II for any console system?

Nice to be back...things have changed!
Hey, so 'sup, Sabre?

WC3 is only good on the 3DO, as far as consoles. The PSOne versions of WC3 and WC4 are terrible. The Super NES version of WC is great! So, stick with WC3DO and SNES WC1.

As far as WC2, there was supposed to be an SNES port. I even have an EGM with the preview in it (if I can find it). It looked wicked promising... but never came to be.
hehe, 9/9/01 = my 19th birthday. odd coincidence.

Take a look at the fan projects section and try not to have a heart attack from happiness. Theres been much goodness while you were away.
what's 3DO? I obviously don't have it, and the computer games won't play on my computer...I don't know why, though.
Yah . . if you weren't around for UE, then you're in for one delicious surprise . . . as well as challenging!
3DO is an old console from the early 90s. As for you computer, what opperating system do you have? Win XP won't play DOS games.
I run Win98..I don't know why my dos has never worked with it..

overmortal said:
Yah . . if you weren't around for UE, then you're in for one delicious surprise . . . as well as challenging!

What's UE?
I have no idea what you are talking about. Mod for what? Standoff? WC Saga? what is all this stuff?

BTW, is there a pic of TCS Tarawa anywhere?
"UE" is Unknown Enemy. www.unknownenemy.solsector.net

It's a mod for Secret Ops, and is very well done, as well as very challenging. Don't expect to breeze though it as you did with prophecy. Even on the lower challenge settings, UE puts you up against some . . . less than favorable situations.

There's a picture of an escort carrier, same class as the Tarawa, on the Standoff website. www.standoff.solsector.net

I don't know a whole lot about WC Saga, but others here do.
I still picture the Tarawa as a cross between the Ranger Class Escort Carrier and the Transports from WC3/4.
I picture the Tarawa like the escort carriers from TIE Fighter. A little longer, maybe. That's because those were the space escort carriers I had in mind when I read the novel.
Nice job on the standoff models. Funny, though, the Escort Carrier is completely different form what I pictured. It looks like a small Concordia (the ship, not the class). And I can't find the runway/baydoors on it, it seems to have a Hangar parked in the middle of it.
The escort carrier was designed from the picture on the End Run cover. The hangar is on the bottom, towards the back. And it's small, just like the books say.
Hum. I really hate all of Wc's books' covers. Only the game -correspondent ones are ok... and the one with a Excalibur. But AS, FA and ER are reeeeeally bad. AS's one is laughable with that pathetic helmet. And those totally generic and completely unrelated cap ships on FA's cover give me the creeps.