Game intro poll

Which Wing Commander game introduction is your favorite?

  • Wing Commander

    Votes: 5 6.4%
  • Wing Commander II

    Votes: 12 15.4%
  • Privateer/ Righteous Fire

    Votes: 5 6.4%
  • Wing Commander III

    Votes: 16 20.5%
  • Wing Commander IV

    Votes: 30 38.5%
  • Wing Commander Prophecy

    Votes: 7 9.0%
  • Kilrathi Saga

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Privateer 2

    Votes: 2 2.6%
  • Armada

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Academy

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
Thought I saw something, somewhere, about only having a limited number of options initially.
I could be mistaken, though.

Mind you, it might be a nice way of curtailing some of the polls around here...
I think WC3 has the best intro... WC1 i found a little boring at least... i didn't get overly pumped for it... WC2 was alright but WC3's intro gives you a great feel for the game... the downed Concordia, the tension between Tolwyn and Blair and then Blair landing on the Victory... I enjoyed WC4 however I didn't like the fact that you had choices to make right away... however to make that intro good, you have to to pick "this pisses me off" and confront Seether... the best second best intro i think was the intro for Prophecy... I will the whole idea of a new pilot coming abored and so on...
In terms of story, all the intros are great (even the WC1 intro :p). But overall, I think the Privateer intro is the best, because it's the right length. The WC2, 3, and 4 intros are all wonderful pieces by themselves, but I find that they are simply way too long to be good intros. A new player is basically forced to sit there for five-ten minutes wondering when the hell he's going to actually get to play the game.
I had to vote prophecy, hell it was probably filled with all kinds of flaws but the fact is it set up the nephilim as an enemy perfectly, made them really creepy :)
Althought it obviously isn't a game, I have to note the introduction of the movie, which was great.
Originally posted by TC
Althought it obviously isn't a game, I have to note the introduction of the movie, which was great.

Quite right....the intro is the best part of the movie!

For a game, I say WC4. The WC3 intro is what actually got me stuck on WC, but when I saw the WC4 intro and I saw the Dragon's take out the Hellcat's for the first time....that was nuts! Then they blew the med transport and said they were from the Border Worlds, and I was all like "Damn Border Worlds". The intro is actually what made me stay with Confed until you absolutely had to defect the first time I played. Even though the Lexington seemed a bit fishy by that time, I still didn't want to go, remembering what the Border Worlds did.

(strangely enough though, I got the "evil Blair" ending the first run I was trying to NOT be evil the whole time...bleh....)
I believe that when the games were originally released each one had the best intro. (And I am including every other computer game.) With Wing Commander 1 you have not a story intro but simply credits. That might not seem to impressive other then the fact its 1991 and Wing Commander was one of the first to incorporate sound into a game (well for the PC). So that alone gives Wing1 the best intro for its time. Wing2 was one of the first games to incorporate speech into a game. That there made it the best of its time. Wing3 was the first major game to incorporate full motion video into a game and that made it the best for the time. Now hears my favorite. Wing4, forget all the drama witch was awesome. Dolby Surround Sound. I got my computer hooked up to a real stereo and when I heard Seether shoot down that hellcat and have the sound travel from the front speakers to the rear, it was awesome. Wing5 incorporated not only great sound but non interlaced at least 16bit video (witch kicked that 256 color interlaced stuff of the past. That’s before I found out you could add DOS commands to get rid of it). So to answer the question they were all my favorite, at there respective times. Wing4 is my favorite at the moment.
I would say Wing Commander II is ok. III/IV & V are good but remember "II" only 14Mega but III/IV & V need CDROM(s).:)
Originally posted by Shot
I believe that when the games were originally released each one had the best intro. (And I am including every other computer game.)
I agree with you on all WC related games and on some other games, but not EVERY other game :)

When WC3 was released, it was (of course) my favorite intro... and I almost would have given my vote to WC3... but then I thought of how impressed I was when I saw the WC4 Intro for the first time... right now I can think of no better game intro, so I voted for WC4
Ugh... Hard choice... I always found WCP's intro to be quite good, WC4 had ambience, WC3 as well, and Priv2 was just too damn much to be ignored. I voted Privateer 2, and judging by the results, it needed that vote. :)
Tough choice between WC1 and WC2. If it's WC2's intro with full speech then my vote goes to that, without speech WC1.
(Though all intros are really good, the one I liked least was WCP's)
Either WC4 or Kilrathi Saga for me.

WC4's intro is brilliant, both in presenting the game story, and the way it was shot. It looks like a real movie intro (a really well done movie mind you)!

As for KS, the graphics are really good and the way the Hornet turns into a Sabre, then into an Excalibur just plain rules. :cool:
I think the poll maximum is 10 choices, and it has nothing to do with rank. If an administrator wants to add Armada, that would be cool. Having never done a poll before, this was a "how to" experiment for me. While I was doing it, I remembered Righteous Fire, but it was too late to give it it's own category. It turned out better this way I think, but I totally forgot about Armada. I guess that's about the only one I don't have, besides Secret Missions & Special Ops for 1 & 2.

Glad everyone seems to like the poll.
WC4... that one actualy drew a lil emotion, watching the ship of refugees get toasted, and then Tolwin present the speech. I was ready to do some avenging!