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Oh for crying out loud! Quit being a bunch of pussies! If you can't hack it in a bearcat, then there's something wrong with you! If you're so bad at flying that missing with a couple of guns is a life or death matter, then you don't need to be flying. You need to be pushing a broom in a grocery store.
Gawd... I don't really care.

All I was saying is that the Bearcat's autotracking wasn't as good as that of the Dragon or Excalibur.
Mostly due to the gun placement.

If you think that the Bearcat is the best thing since the invention of sliced bread and the TV-show about the invention of sliced bread, MORE POWER TO YOU.
I LIKE sliced bread. Whoever came up with the idea for it should have received the Nobel Prize. :D

I can't believe you don't like sliced bread. What do you want, sit around like a caveman tearing chunks of it off? How uncivilized. No wonder you can't fly a Bearcat. :(
The HF-66 was fun because it required skill and it had that satisfying stopping power. It was my personal choice throughout all of WC3. It was a shame you couldn't fly the new model in WC4.
Bearcats were easy as hell to fly. I could easily slice bread and fly a bearcat at the same time. And then eat both!
If you put the game on Rookie and flew the Bearcat, you could make ramen and then eat it at the same time (assuming you have a hot water thermos).
I was talking about on nightmare. The challenge is getting an evenly sliced piece of bread while dodging missiles. It can be done, however. Now, if you manage to actually spread something ON your sliced bread (Jelly, for example) while flying a bearcat on nightmare, THAT'S the move of a true master. I've only pulled it off once without dying.
But you have to admit that none of that would be possible without the sliced bread.
All fighters with autotracking are for babies! You can pay almost no attention to the game (slice bread or whatever) and still live.

Personal favorite from WC3 was the T-Bolt, I enjoyed tearing apart Dralthis with the tail turret.

WC4 is a little harder, all BW craft are basically garbage, but I'd have to go with the Vindicator if I had to choose one.
The Vindicator . . not bad. You earn my "Not a Pussy" award. . . until you prove yourself to be a pussy. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Of course, my favorite tactic is the good ol' ram. Nothing like splitting a Vaktoth or Bearcat apart with afterburners going. Too bad such kills didn't count on the kill board, especially when the victim was an ace.
Ramming is the result of lacklustre flying/combat skills, for two reasons. Either

a) you couldn't shoot the broad side of a barn, and thus had to ram your target to kill it, or

b) you lack the flying skills to avoid planting yourself up your opponent's ass.

Either way, you are now a pussy. Congrats.
Be quiet, you. Ramming happens all the time in Privateer, if only because I'm too lazy to avoid hitting paper-thin Talons.

Sycorax said:
Personal favorite from WC3 was the T-Bolt, I enjoyed tearing apart Dralthis with the tail turret.
Interesting. I found WC2 gun turrets the most useful, and even then I seldom used the turrets.
Hooray, a whole 2 hours...

1.) I routinely kill 2 or more enemies in the same head-on pass (with guns, duh), plus I routinely take out turrets before they can hit me even once, so my gunnery/flying skills are at least average.

2.) Ramming stuff is much harder in WC3/4 than 1/2 and Prophecy, so actually it takes quite a bit of precise maneuvering to plant myself up an opponent's ass. I never "have" to ram an opponent, I just happen to have a lot more fun doing so, but I usually save the ass-plant for bandits that REALLY piss me off.
Yes, WC2 turrets are far superior, albiet a bit slow firing and short ranger.

I also think it's past overmortal's bettime, mommy and daddy wouldn't want him too tired for 2nd grade tomorrow.

Has anyone ready my Lifesaver joke thread?
Slow firing? Slow firing?! Why you... the gun turrets in WC2 were neutron guns specially modified to have a greater re-fire rate, albeit at the expense of effective range.