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Well in the Peleus missions with the jamming capship, neither you nor the AI ships have any shields (until the final navpoint of each mission that is). With no shields, the Excalibur's 110 armor makes it about as easy to blow up as the Hellcat's 120 armor. The danger when fighting Excaliburs is when they shoot you--they still have heavier guns than anything you fly.
I would have to say that the Dragon was the most dominating fighter of its era. Dominating doesn't = fun though. I personally enjoyed flying the Arrow against Kilrathi heavies the best.
Amen. The only thing I liked about the Dragon was the infinite fuel. Those Bussard intakes should be implemented on every fighter . . . though, I suppose, that might be what made 'em so expensive to begin with.
The Border Worlds' Banshee.

It outclassed the Hellcat V in everything but the firepower of its guns... which wasn't spectacular. But it packed 2 more missiles, which was good stuff in WC4. Reminded me of the first set of guns I put on my Centurion in Privateer.

Inferior Border Worlds equipment my butt. The Banshee owned.
I like the Dragon mostly because it's the first cloaked fighter we really get to fly. I mean, the Excalibur had the Shroud for the last mission; then Pliers tried his hand at modifying a BW ship for a few cloaks, but with the Dragon you had a genuine stealth fighter.

I just wish your wingmen were smart about cloaking on signal - when I cloak and autopilot they stay uncloaked. When I drop the shroud they cloak. SHEESH!

"Flying next to a guy who ain't cloaked kinda defeats the purpose"
overmortal said:
Those Bussard intakes should be implemented on every fighter . . . though, I suppose, that might be what made 'em so expensive to begin with.
I'm sure the Prophecy-era fighters have intakes of some sort, even if they don't have near-unlimited afterburner capability.
I was always a sucker for the Dragon. Massive firepower, damn good specs, awesome design, unlimited fuel, cloaking ability... it was a dream come true in the beginning of the Post-Kilrathi Empire Era. The Excalibur would be my second favorite but I like the prototype version from WC3 better than the massproduction version from WC4.
Last I checked it had the same armor in WC3 and WC4, just a little more than the Hellcat and a little less than the Thud.

Well, when I played on Ace diffulicty It took me longer to destroy a WC4 hellcat with a bashee (Just lases) than a excal.
I'm surprised there weren't more votes for the Bearcat. It was the closest thing to the Excalibur you could get in WC-4. So many Excalibur fans, not so many for the Bearcat. So sad. :( Guess I'll just go blast some Hellcats with my Dragon to cheer myself up. :D
Never saw one. But that doesn't mean too much, since I couldn't get my standard issue cloack to work on any of the fighters I flew either. :(
The Dragon became available fairly soon after the Bearcat was, so most players probably figured why go for the B-cat when you could get the auto-track with the Dragon, along with better shields, burners, weaponry, cloak technology, ...
Not to mention the fact that the auto-track of the bearcat was way off, aiming for open space and not the fighter you had targeted.