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Neutrons always took a while to recycle and didn't last all that long while constantly fired, at least when I played. WC3 turrets were like machine guns, though you needed to pummel the hell out of your target.

I always thought it funny when the WC3 AI broke off after taking a few turret rounds. It's like, were they not expecting you to fight back?
I loved the turrets on a broadsword. They saved my ass plenty of times, because that thing handled like a shitpig.
They do the same in WC2. The neutrons fire incredibly fast while the capacitor still has some energy in it. They're great for taking out Dorkathis on your exit vector.
I dunno . . . it just came to me. I got tired of using "shitbird" tonight. ShitPIG was the next one on my list.
I personally found cleaning off dralthi and other such WC2 kat fighters a better use for the turrets, I was always more concerned from getting away from the ridiculous (unavoidable) flak the capships laid down.

I don't think I've ever been threatened by fighter presence in a Broadsword, 3 turrets + 3 mass drivers = a bunch of dead Kilrathi
I thought for a minute you might've had a mullet, or some inbred family members, or a rusted El Camino up on cinder blocks in the driveway, or a slurred Southern drawl. (You should get it by now)
Dralthis weren't in WC2. :( And Dorkathis don't lay down much flak, even under the cover of a supply depot.
I thought Dralthis were in WC2, they looked more like a disk and had 3 lasers and were much easier to destroy. They were one up from the Sartha, right?. Whatever they were, turrets could shred them like nobody's business.
You're thinking about Drakhri. They were suckers for neutron turrets.

No, even though I live in the south, I'm not redneck. I even spent a lot of time getting rid of the southern accent, just because I hated it so much. I drive a dodge ram 1500 (good for hauling amplifiers and crap), and my family is upper/middle class, which is why I even have a computer in the first place.

And, if you can't handle the Dorkathi, you have no business in any confed fighter.
Upon consultation with the database...

They're listed as Drakhri in WC2, which I hope is not to be confused with Drakhai...as in "You cannot defeat the Drakhai!" taunt you occasionally get while killing them. You even can find Drakhai Dralthi in the CCG. So, I guess the real issue here is whether or not a Drakhri is really a Dralthi :).
The Dorkathi is NOT a real capship, and neither is the corvette class, since they can't even take a torpedo and come apart easily under guns.

I'll try to make more generic references to avoid getting torn a new one by all you wingnuts out there.
Yes. Drakhri. Then, the Drakhai, which are the royal elite pilots. A Dorkathi is a tanker, with shields thin enough to be attacked with guns. If you can't take on any of these, there's no hope for you. And you'd better pray to whatever deity you believe in that you never meet up with me in a Ferret!

And, with that, I'm going to bed for tonight. Before one of the admin come in here and ban the lot of us . . or, me, really.
I guess the naming tradition skipped WC2, at least for the Kilrathi. It makes me wonder why the Rapier wasn't rechristened the Reaper or Rapper or some other homonym, while retaining pretty much the same offensive ability. I guess then you guys would be giving me crap about that too! Besides, the Dralthi appears in every other WC, so my confusion is only natural given that I actually do other things besided play WC and bitch on message boards.

The Ferret is actually pretty good, maybe I'll have to ram you in my Vindicator! :)
Oh boy, the Arrow... it was so great buzzing arround and blasting away ships that couldn't even touch you. Annoying and deadly, like a fly crossed with an atomic bomb.
Spien said:
Oh boy, the Arrow... it was so great buzzing arround and blasting away ships that couldn't even touch you. Annoying and deadly, like a fly crossed with an atomic bomb.

Yes, the Arrow is quite powerful for a light fighter in WC3. It has sheilds, armor, and weapons nearly as good as the Rapier II, with more speed. Except for the armor, the Arrow is still an equal to the Piranha, the permier light fighter of the WCP era.