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Unfortunatly, yes, but the Bearcat is still a joy to fly. IIRC, I took her up against the Vesuvius-- If that's not possible, then don't hold it against me, I was 7 at the time =P
I guess you decided to use the flash-pak on the Ella superbase, or opted not to use it on the big V. Otherwise, you'd have been in a Dragon on that mission.
No it's possible. If you use the Flashpak on the confed superbase, you can use the bearcat to kill the Vesuvius.
Is the Lance/Dragon the only fighter which can mount a Flash-Pak? I can't remember.

Anyway, if you use the Flash-Pak on Ella, the Vesuvius is easier to defeat - just use old-fashioned torpedoes.
That's what I said. If you use the pak at Ella, you can fly whatever ship you want since the pak's not an option, and the flashpak can only be mounted on the Dragon.
I didn't like either of those ships very much. I hate the dragon, simply because it's one of those "too powerful to require any skill" fighters. The bearcat was a little more apt to take hits, but the guns got on my nerves. The best thing to do with your auto-tracking is to . . you guessed it! Turn the goddamned thing off! I kicked to much more ass by doing my own aiming. Sheesh, you pussies. Grow some skills.
I always turned off autotracking on my Bearcat. As far as "too powerful to require any skill" fighters, well....I always played on either Crazy or Nightmare, so a few missions at the end of the game with a monster ship was somewhat a reward to me.
I always play on nightmare. I still think the Dragon makes some missions too easy. I'd like to take on Seether in a Ferret. We'd see who the real pilot was THEN!

"What's that, Mister Suck-dick? Can't cloak like a damn pussy or do your little mine-escape trick? Too bad! Eat mass-driven death, ya little cunt!"
IMO Seether's AI was perhaps the worst in WC, even on nightmare. I "hungered for a true challenge" and he left me famished...

I was like (quote)
Fight back! There is no honor is slaughter! Pah... you are hardly worth my fire! Yeah! You're nailed, pal - dump your cargo before ya blow! And yet another loser cashes in his chips...hey, what can I say? I'm a professional...let your death be an example to others...
Stealth_C^ said:
The gun placement at the edge of the wings of the bearcat hurt a bit I must say.
No more than the Centurion, IIRC. But then, I tend to favour Panther, so I don't always have an opportunity to fly a Bearcat.
Tarquinn said:
No shit, Einstein. But unlike the other auto-tracking equipped fighters, the Bearcat missed more often than it hit. :rolleyes:

Only with a weenie flying it. :eek:
Again, maybe it's because I hardly fly it, but I don't remember target tracking on the Bearcat. Maybe it's not as unrealistically accurate as the Excaliburs' in WC3.
IMO the Bearcat's tracking is not that far off from the Excal, unless you are playing on Rookie mode, which further adjusts your shots. The gun placement was very different from the Centurion, however, since on the Bearcat the L. Tachyon cannons were bunched together with two on the left and two on the right, each so close together that it looked like one beam firing from each side. At least you knew that if one particle hit the target, the other on that same was guaranteed to hit as well (with the Centurion you might get only 2 of 4 particles hitting). The two pairs of guns on the B-Cat were very far apart, but the auto-tracking ensured that a ship wouldn't be able to evade fire in the middle.
Stealth_C^ said:
The gun placement at the edge of the wings of the bearcat hurt a bit I must say.

Yeah. If the starboard guns were aimed to hit a small enemy fighter, then the portside guns would be too far over to also hit because they were too widely spaced. That is a big part of what killed the Bearcat's effectiveness against light and medium craft.