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Thanks for clarifying about the fillet subject. It makes sense your assumption that, being a Polygon based modelling program, Max shouldn’t have such command. I’ve never used AutoCAD for 3D,only for 2D, but Solid Works is a great 3D program that works with geometric design just like CAD. But because it’s geometric you don’t have the modelling “freedom” that Max gives you, so I guess it’s a small price to pay not having the fillet command. Before I got into MAX I’ve tried to model a bridge and a WWII like plane (I didn’t had blueprints of it, so I invented it’s dimensions). The final result wasn’t bad for a beginner, I think, but one of the things I felt was the lack of freedom to adjust certain parts of the model, something that in Max is fairly easy.

Now changing of subject. I would like to ask you how do I make my models look like this ( The model is from the WC:T mod for Nexus by Chevieblazer. (I hope it’s not a stupid question)


Thanks for the tip.
Fillet command found, at least in Max 6, but only when using splines. You can use the fillet command in two ways, with a numeric value (like CAD) or adjusting with the mouse. I think the guys at Discreet should implement this command in the polygons as well. Maybe Max 7 has it.
Well, I tried that, as suggested by lorddarthvik, but I didn’t get the desired results because of the way my model has been done. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. That’s why after some observation and time I decided to start over again. This time I started from a spline instead of a box, like that, whenever possible, I used the fillet function to round. But as you know the Arrow is a ship with lots of rounded parts so that approach only solved a part of the problem, the rest of the rounded parts I intend to use the chamfer function.
I haven’t put images of the new model because it hasn’t reached the same point of development as the older one, but as soon as it reaches I’ll update. Although this the model already looks like an Arrow, at least that’s what my brother said. :)
Now that’s an approach I didn’t think of. I’ll try it if I get trouble with this new model. But tell me, isn’t it confusing starting from a sphere? I mean, all those vertices in a rounded shape.

It’s funny, as I think about it I’m realising that you are completely right, a sphere should be the perfect starting, at least if things work the way I’m thinking.
Thanks for the tip.

I’ve tried the sphere and the FFD 4x4x4 modifier and I’m very satisfied with the results. :D
I was very surprised how easy it can be obtained a rounded body and with so much control over its form.
When the model progress a little more I’ll put some images here.
Thanks again.
yep, i used to do cocpit windows froma spherre, and booleaned a smaller sphere out of it,so it had two sides Then i tired useing soft seeletion and scaleing to get the shape right, but it was baaad. FFD is a great tool you is if possible!( 2sided material is NOT like 2sided geometry! Never ever use 2sided material if you by any means can create 2sided geometry)

@zorath: in Max the chamfer only divides an edge, it doesn't creat an arc. So its mostly useless for creating anything rounded, except if you use MeshSmooth too, but that would only make things comlicated on a modell like this (with so many sharp edges and no really rounded parts)
This post is just to keep the thread alive and because I have finally managed to work a little in my new model. I’ve started all over again using the suggestions that were given to me.
Great! Looks like clean modelling to me! Keep up, do some detailing. You can do "details" as you imagine them, be creative :D
(no one ever seen those really, cause the original artwork/renderings are quiet small like 640*480..)
And another small update.


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Bob McDob said:
A good reference is Zohrath's super-hi detail (for this forum) model, as seen in the sticky.

Hmm.. do you see any trace of it there? It looks like all the links to the model files and pictures are gone, and there's no sign of it at Zohrath's site. We don't really have much on it in the CIC archives either.
lorddarthvik said:
nice! whats the poly count so far?
Poly count, uh, well it’s about 9935 so far. Is it much? I mean, I know that poly count doesn’t matter in wallpapers, but imagine I would like to do an animation with this model. Would it be excessive?

P.S. – Great, we’re on the news. :cool:
Nope, iits allright till you reach about 30000 or so :D It depends on how many of em you wish to have in one scene. Mostly it depends on your RAM and processor though. Whats a render time now? It should be below 10 seconds, thats what seems fast enough :) Start to think about textureing yet?