Arrow 3D model

nice start i really like the engines :D
this is my lowpoly arrow modell. its 3100 tris. I know it ain't so nice but you may find a higy poly version in this forum forsome referene :D


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A good reference is Zohrath's super-hi detail (for this forum) model, as seen in the sticky.

Thanks for the shot. Can you make an underneath shot as well? I need it to check the markings. BTW how did you do that texture?

@Bob McDob

You are right. I have already seen it some time ago when I wasn’t searching for references, but it seems the images are no longer available. :(

BTW, good luck with the Reckoning. :)
Yep, I'v been referring to Zorath's perfect stuff :D

I think its available for download at the WC3D site. (clik on the link beside the name of Wing C. 3D forum in the main forum view)

the texture was doen with UWV Unwrap, and painted in Corell photopaint. There should be a separate bumpmap, but I simply used the same texture. BTW, for rendering I used VRay, but deffault scanline should give the same results on such a simple scene.
SRy, I don't have time to do the shot, I'm leaving to London for a week. When back I'll do it of course! Try to get the starship leaflet that came with WC3 (that had all the fighters on it with top and bottom views as well.
You were right. I have found underneath shots of the Arrow at WC3D.

As for the texture, what I would like to know is how did you paint it? I mean what were the RGB numbers you used and did you applied some kind of effects?

Nope, no effects. The RGB numbers are as follows:
BLUE: 86,100,126 (+-10 all, depending on paint under it)
GREY: 156,156,156 (+-20 all, cuase of the little wear I painted on after, mostly just very small darker spots)
RED: 175,44,44
WHITE: 188,188,188 (+-5 all. NEVER USE TOTALLY WHITE ON ANY TEXTURE! anything thats above 220,220,220 should be a glow of a light or reflection)
RIVETS DARK GREY: 108,108,108
Black around the texture is really 0,0,0 but ON the texture it should be something between 2 and 10.

Another important part is lighting. In space, its fairly easy. Just think about the background you imagine for your scene. THen if there is a nearby sun, create a light to at like that sun, and if there are other suns not too far away too, then create those too. Most of the time these suns have different colors, set these too. Then, by setting the level of the Ambient light (in the Render->Enviroment) you can define the overall feeling of the scene. For example if you leave it at very low (black) then the render will feel dark, but probabbly more realistic, as in space there is nothing to scatter light (like in the WC movie, it was damn dark, you couldn't see half of the scene) If you just wanna show off your work, then be sure to turn that ambient up, so people can even see things that would be hidden by shadows. (like in the WC games cutscenes, you can allways see eveything)

"ambient light in max: the color ambient is set to is the darkest shadows can be when rendered with deffault max renderer"
Last night I’ve finally managed to work a little in my model. I was trying to test a texture (nothing that looks as good as yours) but it seems I have a few problems to solve first. I used “mirror” to create the model which was nice at modelling but it seems that the way to texture it is different, still have to check that out. Maybe I should start the model from the beginning all over again without the “mirror” and also trying to solve the “strange” faces in the back.

I’ve also made my first test with “noise mapping” but still need to take more time with it.

Finally, thanks for the RGB numbers and tips, and good luck on your Rangers Glory Project, I hope someday I’ll be of some use in such kind of project as well (I’ve learned you’re in that project by reading your post in the Dralthi MK IV thread (fine model):)).
DO NOT START OVER!!! Use the symmetry modifier instead of mirror, that works fine. THe key to start modelling something symmetric is to start on 0,0,0 coordinates with the box or the thing you'r modelling from, then add symmetry modifier. After the modell is finished and you come to mapping, you can add an UWV map to the half of the modell your doing, or you can add it above the whole stack (above the symm modifier) so oyu can texture the two sides differently. The whole thing depends on wheter you want to make half of the thing or the whole on the texture. Going for the whole texture version is better, cause this way you can add random looking scorch marks and such on the textures to make it look more interesting :D
Ok, ok, I won’t start over. :)
After reading your post I realised that the “mirror” was in fact the symmetry modifier (I’m not entirely sure yet) I just didn’t remembered its name. But let me explain why I thought about starting over. As you can see in the first image in this thread somewhere in the top there’s a 90º angle that should be rounded, but the way I’ve done this model makes it “impossible” to convert it into a rounded form. There’s also that area underneath the wings that can be seen in the second image. When I turn on the vertices to edit it, it becomes very confusing and sometimes if I move one or more vertices I get strange results.

I’ve been at your animation’s thread. Are you still planning to do it? It looks a great idea to me. If I ever get the chance to learn enough, I intend to do one my self. But as you know I still have much to learn. :)

I like the engine glow of your Hellcats. It’s really cool, but I would put a hangar or a big runway in the planet scene instead of a platform. Anyway, it looks interesting. I hope you finish it.

P.S. – And now I know the RGB numbers for the Kilrathy’s ships. :D
Heh, thx. Well, I wanna finish it. I allready have small bits of animation ready (the hellcats meet the transport, part of a chase in an asteroid field...), but now I don't have time to go on. I like your idea about the hangar! I will probably have to do the whole takeoff scene again, to optimize it.... Man, how much I hated animating the ships takeing off by hand, frame to frame :D
BTW, there is no edge that cannot be rounded :) Show me a wireframe view of it, I'll try to help. But if you think taht the mesh is too messy to work with, you should really start over.
Well, here are some shots. I hope you can understand them. If it wasn’t made by me I wouldn’t. In case you need further explanations just ask. My English is not the best but I’ll try to clarify.

And once again thanks for the time you take with my difficulties.
jup, thats whats the forum is for. I got used to helpin out each other on the 3d forums. One learns stuff :D Your modell looks clean mostly, but I see unwelded vertices, faces just hang in the air. Try to locat and weld them. And, get rid of the totally confuseing and unnecesary triangels ("remove" (not delete, theres a button for remove)) those edges). But keep those you feel necesarry for the ships shape.
Yesterday I started to apply your suggestions and I must say that I’m quit pleased. I still have a lot to do to put it as it should but I think I’m on the right path. :D
I have also found a tutorial in the web about metal textures in Photoshop that in conjunction with you RGB numbers it should produce interesting results, at least in my first tests they were.
With a little luck next Monday I should have something interesting to show. I hope.
Change of plans. I’m going to spend the weekend away from home, so I won’t be able to make much progress.:(
Ok, things have been progressing but there’s still work to be done. I just would like to ask one thing. Assuming that everything is ok with the model, all vertices are welded and there are no confusing triangles, how do I round a 90ª corner like the one I referred early? If it was in AutoCAD or SolidWorks I would use the fillet command but it seems that there isn’t such thing in MAX, or am I wrong? (I think I’m wrong, because I don’t believe that such a powerful package would miss a command or function like that.)
No, your not wrong. I had a 3hour shouting with my father (he uses AutoCad) about that I must be wrong, because not haveing a fillet command is impossible! Well, on Max, that is the case :( There is no such thing (till version 5 at least, I never seen 6 or 7). Intead, you should select the edge and Chamfer it. Then, chamfer again so you get some detail, and continue till you feel its ddetailed enough. there is no better way of doing it in polymodelling :(
Probably fillet is missing, cause amx is a Polygon based modelling program. It's impossible to create anything thats geometrically designed (ya know, measured in length with and such), you can only pull the vertices/lines/anything in place by rough guesses :( But, this way, it's much much faster to create things that are created for just the look of it, not for actual prodution or anything in-real use.
I also only know the possibility of using the chamfer to "round" up mesh models in max. Add a smooth to it and you can have quite round looking stuff.
Thats the point where XSI is quite cool..just press + to make your entire model more round ^_^