[2020-02] Some novel character portraits

This is an absolutely stately looking Melek! It's kind of funny that I always think of Melek as groveling. Melek here looks like he could pull together a fragmented feudal empire, kind of like King Richard in the animated Disney Robin Hood.
Thank you!

I also posted colored versions:



I think Melek is a very good politician.
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Xilerks Ki'ra


"Speaking of which, how dare you humans have such long mane... ok, long hair in the workshop operations? You have no claw, after all."
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Marbak nar Kiranka


"There are still so many people who are not willing to accept human beings and whose claims need to be respected."
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Col. Wilhelm Schwarzmont


"This novel is a companion piece to my yet to be completed study of the beginning of the war."
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Talmak nar Sutaghi


"Yes, at that time, I suggested that the Imperial fleets should have the frontier abandoned and all defenses pulled into the center..."
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A Four-yearly Special Christmas Gift


"Another ball of yarn? ... oh? It is a ... soccer!"


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He just made the save

He just made the save.png

"In the last minute of extra time, the goalkeeper made the save!"

P.S. Congratulations to Emiliano "Dibu" Martínez for winning the Best men's goalkeeper!

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"In the last minute of extra time, the goalkeeper made the save!"
Du esh'inthrak erg eshmaksga, drak'manglan'drishkmang. = "In [the] final minute about extra time, [the] guardian of [the] quantity place stopped quantity."

(Mang can also mean "point (abstract measurement)", but a "bad" translation seemed funnier in this instance...)

I love the idea of a cockatiel Firekkan. Just saying.