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    My IQ is 124...

    I dunno, I've failed it after working really, really hard on it in the past and all.... But yes, I noticed that.
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    My IQ is 124... Try the first one, the Ultimate IQ test. My latest attempt netted me a 132. If you really want to hurt your head, give the exceptional intelligence one a shot.
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    More Options Now Available

    I don't know NOTHIN about no goddamned coup d'etat. :ninja:
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    Dragoncon Stories: DO NOT CHALLENGE THE TRUCK.

    The other results varied. The ginger one I found to be disappointing, but the green apple one (Chinese, I think?) was surprisingly good to me. And the british one was odd, but Hades liked it. The only one we universally agreed on was the Italian crap. Incidentally, I mentioned to Monee that...
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    Dragoncon Stories: DO NOT CHALLENGE THE TRUCK.

    That is exactly the stuff we had. Truly vile, and enough evidence for me that Italy needs to be nuked off the face of the planet.
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    Dragoncon Stories: DO NOT CHALLENGE THE TRUCK.

    On Thursday it was decided that we should all hit the World of Coke, a small museum dedicated to the most vile concoction mankind has ever experienced. Locally this is referred to as the Pavilion, FYI. We ventured forth and rode the halfassed subway that is the MARTA system (metro atlanta rapid...
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    Dragoncon Stories: Our good friend Eclipse

    Ah, ok. Good to have that last little tidbit of the story. Also, that's not the first time that the Klingons have recognized and admired us. :)
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    Dragoncon Stories: Our good friend Eclipse

    I was going to call this a 'great' dragoncon story, because it had a few of us in stitches as it occurred, but this is one of those situations where you might have needed to be present to understand the humor. I'll relay it anyway, because Frosty says I should. Although Dragoncon is generally...
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    Great Dragoncon Stories: The Drinkening.

    The following story happened this evening. As I was the second most sober person present, and as the completely semi-unofficial Dragoncon cool story scribe, I feel I should make sure this is recorded. To begin with, I want to post a large disclaimer. This might come across as mean, or...
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    Dragoncon Anticipation/Final Planning thredz, yo.

    Every night at DC there are massive gatherings of people in costume, sort of a sneak preview of what will be at the costume contest. Pretty much everyone in costume (aside from most of the Stormtroopers, because there would be WAY too many) will mill about in the lobby of one of the hotels. We...
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    Dragoncon Anticipation/Final Planning thredz, yo.

    I've tried to convince her, but she's got her heart set on not doing so. But she still intends to meet us at Teds, where I am going to force you buggers to go eat with me.
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    Dragoncon Anticipation/Final Planning thredz, yo.

    The first day there was a couple of things in the classic sci-fi track I was gonna hit on my own, then the Episode 3 preview and panel with Steve Sansweet on Saturday, which is a must for me. They're redoing it Sunday as well and all, but you know. Gotta be there first.
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    Dragoncon Anticipation/Final Planning thredz, yo.

    Well, my dear friends, it's time to do the final scrambling of packing and assembling plans for the good old DragonCon. To help all of the neophytes out, I thought I'd offer some final clothing/weathery tips. Although you can normally expect 90+ degree weather in Atlanta at this time of year...
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    Salad Fingers

    My anus is bleeding!
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    Anyone tried Hot Damn? That's some good shit right there. Also, Guiness, vodka, uhm... that's about it really.