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    The silliest callsign

    I've used Baron, Nep, Iago (my favorite, actually), Vamp (too many connotations with that word), Ace, and Saint. Nowadays, I usually just use Saint, if I need to.
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    Heatseakers or ImRecs? An analysis of missiles

    All the missiles are useful, in some situations. For a massive firefight, you can't do too much better than the FoFs or the Tracker MIRV. Fire off a couple of those babies, and you'll suddenly have about three or four targets left. Very useful in Secret Ops, when the Nephilim attempt to...
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    WTLF is a Retro?

    But that's an argument against political correctness. There's always going to be that one person who gets offended, and by catering to that one person (or small group) many other's options are severly limited. Don't get me wrong...I don't want to insult a racial group. Still, in public...
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    WTLF is a Retro?

    Invoking the royal "we", are we now? Why shouldn't you trust what your teacher says? What, did you only read the title of the book Lies My Teacher Told Me? Truth is subjective, but what most teachers do is an excellent service to the community. Putting up with thintellectuals is just one...
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    New fighter concepts

    Light fighters are incapable of strapping on torps...heck, the torps in WCIII were nearly as long as the Arrow. They talk about light and medium fighters having capship killing capability in the WCIV Novel...the Flashpak would allow them to have it.
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    The Perfect Fighter?

    Meh, I'd like an upgraded Dragon (or rather, Lance) fighter. I beefed up one in Secret Ops, gave it Cloudburst and Tachyons, fiddled with the missiles, and then replaced all the Vampire and Panther variants with it. Fun, fun, fun.
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    WTLF is a Retro?

    Building off what Nemesis said, one of the taunts used by the Retros is "Die by the very weapons you adore!" ...or something like that, as I haven't played Privateer in a while and never got around to actually completing Righteous Fire. I never liked the Retros, personally. They annoyed the...
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    Do you think it was correct that Confed destroyed Kilrah?

    Good to be back, folks. It took quite a while for new nukes to be readied...really, we only had those two operational. And to get back on topic, personally, I felt Confed was justified Tembloring (hee hee! "Tembloring") Kilrah. As the Kilrathi would have done the same to us under the...
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    What's your (Call)Sign?

    Baron normally, but I've been using Iago more frequently.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Woo! We rock.
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    Kilrathi vs. Terran ship design...

    Yeah, you can only eject twice in WCP:SO. The first time, they give you a cheery greeting, and the second, you get one of those "marine-yells". I didn't eject often enough in many times must you eject?
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    OK Here's a zinger... Which is longer and by how much?

    The dreadnought is one of the ugliest damn thing's I've ever seen. Kilrathi ships are all gunbristly and ugle, and asymmetrical as hell. Ugh.
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    Most fun and most difficult mission

    We all know that the most fun mission ever involves the Ella Superbase, taking out a capital ship in a FIGHTER, and tons of enemies. That's right, "The Unwelcome" in WCPSO. It's also the most difficult, but, well, that's okay.
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    Who is this guy?

    He was drawn in, I suppose.