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    15 Years of Wing Commander - What Was Your First Time Like?

    My first time...going to the college computer system and spending thirty minutes swapping out disks to load the Wing Commander 1 and get in ONE game before needing to run because the computer guard had to kick me off after an hour. Technically we weren't supposed to play games on them, but he...
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    Wing Commander CCG cards

    I only just heard that there was a CCG for this game. Dang...*sighs* Now I just have to see if I can find a way of GETTING them...*sighs* *Medron goes ebay checking*
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    Wing Commander Novels

    I enjoyed Dark Empire. Did I like it as much as other stories that came out later? No. I thought that the Zahn and Stackpole novels were MUCH better. But then I don't like the Star Wars stories about the Force and the people it uses. I prefer stories about people, some of whom use the...
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    Wing Commander Invasion

    I was unaware that the site was down. I only recently found out and went searching for information on the program and found this question. As a comment, I have always and still love this site. By far the BEST Wing Commander site out there and I'm glad its still around now. Now, about the...
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    Rapier IV?

    I've not seen it, but most reviews I've read say it is the best Bond film to date.... *shrugs*
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    Wing Commander 7?

    Ok....never heard that definition of mini-game....hehehe I was just noting how "one dimensional" some of those games felt to me. Privateer was a good game....up there with the main WC games in goodness....the others are (IMHO) not worth the money to buy them......*shrugs*
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    Who thinks Stiletto is hot?

    I wanted the fancy ships to help me fight better.....:D
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    Wing Commander 7?

    Ok...Privateer is a good game.... Armada and Academy seem like WC-Lite to me though.....just not much fun....regenerating afterburners kinda stank... I think Privateer had the same combat model...but I'm seriously thinking about going back and playing that game again....:)
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    Ships for UE2?

    I want to see Dragons and Excaliburs...of course...I like cloak....;) As for what the BW flies...I like what they flew in WC4...especially the Banshee...that is one of my fav fighters ever in WC games. Though it is fun flying some of the old fighters too....;)
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    Trobule running WC Prophecy

    Believe it or not, the simple and stupid things that could be wrong are very often what is wrong. One of my favs is the guy who couldn't get his computer to work and couldn't see if it was hooked up properly because the lights were out.....because the power was out..... :rolleyes:
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    Why Secret Ops my friends?

    I can deal with being optimistic.... :D
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    Wing Commander 7?

    Heylo...I've lurked here for a while....;) Anyways....I first got (ahem...note the "got") WC1 for the PC but never had a PC powerful enough to PLAY it. Later got it on CD IIRC. First got to actually PLAY WC 1 on the SNES, as well as the first special missions pack for it on the SNES...
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    Who thinks Stiletto is hot?

    To risk getting back on subject....Stilleto is most definately hot....I kept on wish for a WC3 style story..... :D