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    The original Vampire fighter?

    I remember picking up a science magazine 8 years ago and seeing NASAs new design, a spacecraft concept. My jaw dropped because it was a spitting image of the Arrow. Does anyone have any info about this arrow-esque ship? Did NASA ever move on it?
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    WC4 Music

    how's the UE sequel going? is it still on?
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    Mission two - Fralthi

    I hate flying the scimitar, I didn't like it WC1 much either. Medium fighters are just average... I need an advantage somewhere, be it in speed, shields, guns or missiles. Average just doesn't cut it for me
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    Best soundtrack?

    I'm listening to WC3's soundtrack and thinking this stuff is timeless. WC1 and 2 have great pieces, but they have shown their age over the years. WC4 has awesome music as well but something about the urgency in the WC3 music gets me going a little more than the darkness and betrayal in the...
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    Not if I'm in one of those fighters
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    Iconic fighter?

    The longbow.... Cats would tremble at the sight of that thing, what a beauty
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    The Flash man

    In a sense Maniac was one hell of a pilot... doubtful that any cats or bugs could take him alone. Then again, in missions that required reliability and competence, such a escort missions, was maniac really a help? In most of the WCs he hardly responds to any command other than break and...
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    WC4 Music

    i agree, WC4 music doesn't go in with standoff, it might be better for UE.
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    Hey guys, I wanted to say that i absolutely love WC Saga. It's pure genious! The thing I don't love is the way the darn mouse operates in it. Contrary to the classic WC mouse operation, WC saga requires you to continue rolling the mouse, discombobulating space flight and making dog fighting...
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    Flight Recorder

    I'm not sure I understand, so I'll try to make my first post clearer. I was referring to the helmet wearing pilots. The helmet-wearing pilots appear to be of three different kinds - they look somewhat different from each other based on fur color or location of their features. Let's say...
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    Flight Recorder

    I don't want to sound nit picky but I've noticed something with the Kilrathi Comm Links. There are three types of cats: a cute Hobbes looking kitten with light eyes, a lion looking cat that is neither cute nor particularly ugly, and a real ugly kitten- something that would provoke a "you're one...
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    The Flash man

    How many good ConFed pilots lost their lives one way or another through Maniac's flying? Catscratch almost did, depending on how you faired in that mission.
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    Yeah but under that system, if the corvette bites it, the rest of the fighter escort is screwed
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    Defecting to the Kilrathi

    Yeah, but who left him (Melek) in charge? There were probably other nobles who weren't in Kilrah when the T-bomb hit, they would be viable contenders for the leadership of the Kilrathi. Even opponents to the Emperor or Thrakath could have turned the destruction of Kilrah around in a way that...
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    be vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits Good point McGruff. Would it make any difference in terms of notice on behalf of the enemy if one or a small number of bombers slipped in versus a full out bombing squadron with fighter escort?