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Terrell# 205 

Name Terrell
Rank Admiral
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Residence Perry Naval Base
About Admiral Terrell was commander of the Confederations naval forces in the Gemini sector as of 2670.

Terrell employed Grayson Burrows to lead the drone weapon that has been following him in to a trap in 2669. Burrows accepted the mission, which had a fee of 30,000 credits and the drone is destroyed.

In 2670, Terrell meets Burrows again and offers him an 80,000 credit bounty for killing Mordecai Jones.

Terrell is impressed with Burrows, and despite offering Burrows a place in Confed, Burrows refuses preferring to stay a privateer.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 3 2003


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