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Armando Diaz# 242 

Name Armando Diaz
Rank Major
Faction Civilian
Race Human
About Armando Diaz was head of the Landreich's top salvage team. He led the overhaul of the TCS Tarawa (rechristened FRLS Independence) and many of Kruger's other purchases. Kristine Voorhies and Mayhew were his best computer experts.

Diaz was assigned to Project Goliath and given the rank of Major for the duration of the project. This became a problem when he wanted to leave the FRLS Mjollnir before she set for Baka Kar, claiming to be a civilian. Jason Bondarevsky reminded him that he was under military discipline and that his services were still required.

Diaz, Voorhies and Mayhew set up a simalucrum of Admiral Cakg dai Nokhtak, hoping that the KIS Wexarragh which Mjollnir encountered on the way to Baka Kar would let them pass. They did a good job all things considered, but the captain of the Kilrathi picket ship was not convinced. After the Wexarragh was boarded by Bhaktadil Rai's marines Diaz, Voorhies and Mayhew were offloaded to the captured ship, much to their relief.

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Last modified Aug 8 2003


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